4 weeks post op, drainless TT and lipo flanks, - Dallas, TX

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Hello ladies , I am a 38 year old mother of two...

Hello ladies , I am a 38 year old mother of two awesome boys ages 2.5 and 4.5. My boys were a whopping 10. 9 lbs and 11.3 lbs. Both c-sections. That being said I've really always have had a flabby belly... Can't blame the before on them. I am pretty curvy and have big boobs to go with my baby birthing hips. My husband is not on board for baby number three so I am tired of just looking 5 months pregnant! I really struggled with the recovery time because of my young boys and hip to hip scar but I'm over it. I'm taking the plunge September 5th. After reading and researching I think the best fit for me is the drainless TT w/MR and lipo of flanks. I had consultations with 4 PS 2 did the drainless and 2 swore by drains. I will be under will approximately 4-4.5 hrs with this quilting procedure. YIKES! That was a big shock for me....I have to come out ALIVE for my boys!!
Starting bromalein 3 days pre op & arnica day after. I plan to take pretty high doses for the first week as per suggestion of another patient. My surgeon didn't have much to say about either of these drugs other than I could take them if I wanted. I took the suggestions of other patiraise and bought a raised toilet seat, shower chair and leg
wedge. I'm ready tonight but tomorrow I will rethink this whole thing and have to run from the overwhelming thoughts of vanity and selfishness.

Less than 9 hours until my drainless TT, flank...

Less than 9 hours until my drainless TT, flank lipo and muscle repair...I'm rushing around putting sticky notes all around the house for my husband and friends to care for my kids and myself. I am feeling pretty good about all this and have more support than expected. I can take the pain but am worried I will not be able to hold my 2 year old or he will injure me in some way.
BTW-I am 5'5'' and 170 pounds. I am hoping to lose 20 pounds after I can begin exercising again. For me 150 is great!! I am not planning on much weigh loss from the procedures. I am going to add some before pics shortly....how embarrasing!!! As I uploaded to the pics to my computer my 4 year old said "look its Ann (my pregnant friend) with baby Charlie"...confirmation I need this done.
I have a raised toilet seat, wedge for legs, ice packs, maxi dresses, button up pj.s and basket full of meds. I am not planning on much drainage from the incision site and my PS actually said not to care for it at all...just the bb.
Started Bromalein a few days ago as I saw lots of other pts doing the same. Planning on a low sodium diet for the next week or two...(GROSS) , 2-3 liters of water and starting Arnica on Thursday. I need to be able to drive in less than a week to get my sweet boys to school...hope it works out. I see some driving at 5 days and soem3 weeks.

See my reply below...sorry I am updating from my...

See my reply below...sorry I am updating from my phone.

Day 1: walking every 2 hours in cul de sac......

Day 1: walking every 2 hours in cul de sac....pushing empty stroller.. what must my neighbors think? I was instructed not to stay in bed or recliner unless I am sleeping so I'm up in a chair or recliner...drinking water and peeing. I got to peak at incision looks low and nice so far. The binder is really causing swelling in legs, buttocks. Pain tolerable, no real appetite.

Day 3...moving right along...I really think...

Day 3...moving right along...I really think walking every few hours and drinking water is helping me heal. So get moving ladies!! Taking pain meds 2-3 times a day ultram and or tylenol. I am bummed I can't take ibuprofen...it would be so amazing with swelling. Today I am less swollen but oh so tight...it feels so weird to touch the tight skin. I don't see how it can ever stretch again??? Hubs said I'm walking a little straighter. I am doing dishes, and small things around the house. I made a quick microwave dinner for my boys. I only last 15 minutes before my back hurts from being hunched. I'm feeling good enough to go with a friend to take boys to park. Of course, I will be sitting but I can't stay in house any longer. Feeling like this was very well worth it. I am having trouble deciding which was a harder recovery... C-section seemed easier bc pain in one place and able to just rest all day with baby.
Today my husband cooked a spicy sausage which produced a mace like effect and had me coughing...that was extremely painful.

Day 4....um...wow...had a coughing attack in car...

Day 4....um...wow...had a coughing attack in car (passenger) with no water and nothing to brace myself....I feel like I felt every stitch move. Hope all is ok. I'm sore sore sore.
My boys are being very good with me btw...my 2 year old gets I can not lift him.

I'm day 7...everyday overall is better and better....

I'm day 7...everyday overall is better and better...pretty normal activity except lifting. Driving short distances and quick shopping...mostly bc I'm a little hunched and look abnormal!! Day 4-5 were pretty rough around 4pm. The coughing fits were awful. I'm using motrin now which is amazing for swelling and pain. I had my one week follow up with the nurse and said all looks well. Said I would start scar therapy when all glue dries up...next 2 weeks. I will say I don't feel as flat as I imagined but I was 170
At 5'4" so I KNOW I need to loose 20lb...& wait for swelling to subside. Will post pics later:)

4 weeks today. Mostly back to normal activities...

4 weeks today. Mostly back to normal activities except exercise or bending over. Even was able to have gentle sex. I have clearance to do low impact and jog but that's about it. I carried my 2 year old about 50 feet yesterday and must say that alone felt like a work out so I know I'm not ready.
Swelling.....definately diet and activity dependent. Its hard for me to drink 64 oz of water but I know that battles it. I swell a bit after 2p every day...not bad enough I can't wear stuff just a feeling of hardness and fullness. I can walk/ shop for long periods in morning but by afternoon I'm uncomfortable and sit a lot. I'm just ready for my belly to feel "normal" not soooo tight and numb.
Weight...up until last week I really only lost 1 pound. I have now been eating less carbs and fat and I'm down 5. I hope this changes when I am able to hit the gym. Frustrating!!
Follow up...i don't see my ps for 6 months. Scar healing well with silicone strips and roll on. I can't say I see a huge difference but he said I need to wear them 24/7 for 6 months. Over all I'm very very happy...worthe every penny:)
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I stumbled upon dr. Hackney by reading reviews and researching ps in Dallas that do drainless procedures. He was my last consult of four and "the one". I felt very comfortable with him and staff imediately. Even scheduling an appointment I felt like a friend and not a bother or rushed. Surgery center was amazing. I got awesome care and really felt like I was in a hotel being pampered.

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