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I turn 50 in July and have four children. 25, 22,...

I turn 50 in July and have four children. 25, 22, 16 and 13. I have gained and lost the same 80 to 100 pounds since my teen years. In 2005 I completely changed my way of eating and lost 80 pounds. Kept if off for 6 years and then after a nasty divorce and menopause I gained 30 pounds. Got everything under control and lost 25 pounds since February. I initially went to see the PS for a facelift. A friend was with me and she said, "You hate your stomach. You are here. Ask him." I did and now I having the TT with MR next week. I am so nervous eventhough I work in the medical field. I am going to go through with it even if they have to pull me kicking and screaming into the operating room!
I decided that this year is going to be MY year. I turn 50 in July and so far I have lost 25 pounds, had braces put on, scheduled my TT for next week and in October I am having a deep plane face/neck lift. I want my outside to fit my inner self. I feel great and vibrant and I am going to live out the rest of this wild ride in the best shape I can. :-)

I will post photos later tonight...

So, I went for my preop and...

I went and saw my ps for my preop yesterday. Had a lot of questions that I got off this sight and from videos I have been watching on YouTube. lol...Dr Hubbard was so patient and attentive. Spent almost an hour with me. BUT, then he says, "I could get a better result if you let me extend the scar to about three inches onto your back." We had kind of talked about it the last time but I did not want to a scar that long. Well, he went through the whole process of the TT with MR repair and how he can pull on my hip skin a little and then pull on my butt a little and then get a "phenomenal" result. Said I would be able to stand straighter quicker, pain is not as bad, etc. However, the kicker is that he wants to charge about $2000 more! His charge is only about $850 more but then being under longer and using the OR longer costs more. I have been really thinking about it. I am not sure what to do? I have the money, it's just I have really been thinking about an extended TT. He says I have a lot of muscle repair from all weight loss over my whole life and then all my children except one was over 9 pounds. Also, he is going to put in a pain/numbing medicine into the site so I won't have much pain for the first three days. It's a new treatment. It's like a Marcaine pain pump but it's placed as he is finishing up the procedure and it just "wears off". I want to also say I am so anxious that I want to back out of my

It"s almost been 6 months

Sorry, haven't posted but have been so busy trying to get the money together for my facelift, necklift and laser I am having done on 12/3 that I have been working a lot. Have to say this is the best thing I have ever done! Love it! Is it perfect? No, but is it soooo much better? Heck, yeah! I look better standing up than sitting, but I think that is due to the fact that I still have visceral fat and there is nothing to do for that but diet and exercise. I am okay with it. I went from a 31 inch waist to 27 inches. I am a size 6 now and have no muffin top. I am still numb over my hips and under by belly button but I have gotten used to it. My confidence level had gone through the roof!
Originally, I told my PS that I would never wear a bikini, haha, I wore one all summer. My scars in the back are a little high and I have trouble wearing a low cut bikini bottom and will probably have a revision in a couple of months, but I am so pleased overall this is pretty minor. Also, the scar around my belly button is hard and immobile so, it looks kinda of weird, but my PS is going to inject it with steroids during my facelift procedure, so I will find out if that helps with the "hard" appearance.
In the days following my tt, I was so unsure about my decision but 6 months later? So, glad I did it.
Will try and find more after photos, this is what I have on my computer right now.

4 mos photos

6 mos update tt

updated my post op photos

here are some updated some photos
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

He is great. Kind and professional. Understated. Doesn't try and "sell" you anything. He is there for you. Spent an hour with me on the first visit. Julie, his office manager, is the best.

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