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I have been reading all posts, which did help me...

I have been reading all posts, which did help me to set expectations on how i will feel comimg home! I had my surgery on May 7th, and boy am I uncomfortable!!! I had alot of work done though, so I knew this wasn't going to be easy! I had TT, MR, lipo of the back, stomach, love handles, and inner/outer thighs. I am 5'9 and weight about 200# prior to surgery. Now I weigh about 184#!! I was very nervous going to this surgery, but the fast acting Caliam they gave me really calmed me down. When I woke up from surgery, I really didn't respond too well- I was having a hard time breathing, but I think it was because my muscles were so tight, and I think the pain block was up a little too high. I stayed overnight, which was wonderful, but now that I'm home, and all the strong meds that they used surgery has truly worn off. It is really hard to get around. They gave me a walker, so that helps, I use a fanny pack to carry my drains and pain pump, and I have an ice pad laying over my TT incision when I'm sitting or lying down. Despite all the pain, I feel it's worth it, because I can already see how flat my stomach is, and how much more comtoured I look overall. Best wishes to those with upcoming surgeries! Just remember the pain is temporary! :-)

Happy Mothers Day to my fellow TT's!! I am at day...

Happy Mothers Day to my fellow TT's!! I am at day 6 PO, and it's driving me crazy that I'm pretty much bed-ridden. I can walk around the house, pretty much upright snd straight, but I just get exhausted SO quickly. Is anyone else struggling with almost passing out? I've almost blacked out twice while doing a spong bath....kind of scary. Besides the bruises all over my body, And alot of swelling, i am really pleased with my results. I got on the scale this morning and I was down 25# from per-surgery weight. I'm supposed to go back to work on Tuesday and have major concerns about that. But I have to take all vacation time because this is elective surgery so I don't see whre I have too many other optionns. How's everyone else doing?

Happy Memorial Day! Today marks 3 weeks PO, and...

Happy Memorial Day! Today marks 3 weeks PO, and and I've been back to work for almost 2 weeks now. But my Dr did not want want me working full days, so I worked half days from home. That was really hard. I didn't want to take my pain meds before they made me tired and dizzy. I was home by myself and my boss expected me to be back to pre op cognitive abilities (yeah right). Anyway, I've had swelling, I actually hate NOT wearing my binder because it's become a safety blanket to me...I feel better with it on. The drsins didnt relly other me except i had them in for 10 days, and 13 days....the placement was what hurt, and when they startted topullnout by themselves....oh man, that was really uncomfortable. I have struggled with BM's the point that my dr told hubby to administer 3 enema's (talk about embarrassing and humbling moment all at the same time). I found out that the pain meds I was on was doing kind of a dual good/bad for me.....I had no appetite, hence the weight loss, but known for causing constipation. Right now I'm off all prescription pain meds, and taking Aleve. BM are still not regular at all.....I'm eating alotof fiber to try and force my body to do what I need it to do! I realize now just how much work I really had done to me....abdominal reconstruction first, then TT.....and my TT scar is probably 18 inches long as it stretches to almost my backside from left to right. My back still burns in the morning.....I had lipo in my back, my abdomen, flanks, inner and outer this. ALOT of work, and I suffered from some pretty good bouts of depression..... FAR worse than after having post bbabies. I have really not been a very nice person to be around, and really cannot control my emotions at all. My hubby was good for first week, but tht whole taking care of me while balancing work, 4 kids, 2 in activities and 2 toddlers has really worn on him. My parents were around for 2 weeks (God bless them), but their 76 years old and taking care of the kiddos really exhausted them. I don't regret my goal is to loose another 20 lbs, and then I'll be exactly wherei want to be. Right now I"m overing at about 175, down from 203 pre op. but OMG, I can can wear shirts and shorts with no muffin top. I can wear mediums instead of large or XL... just amazed. I go back to the dr for the first time tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how he thinks I'm looking. He told my hubby that if I' m happy now, wait until another month goes by....I am happy now and can't fathom looking even better???? I really cant wait to get back into running.....I wasn't good at it because per dr, I had no core, and my muscles were split so far apart that he was amazed I was running at all. Oh, and sneezing and coughing still hurt! I will do anything to stop seasonal allergies right now!!!! This has been a busy weekend at out house....hubby who is way more social than me planned parties (I went along with it, so I'm just as guilty!!) but,, really feeling so sore and tired. REALLY overdid it! Would love to hear from others that are 3 weeks PO out!!!

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Burns is amazing, and his staff is top notch! He spent alot of time with me, very patient, following up with questions. Completely up front on expectations, talking me through the good and the bad parts of the surgery (such as pain, drains, swellling). He also talked me through realistic time frames around milestones for recovery and when I would start seeing results. I absolutely adore his assistant Tara -she is super!! Dr Burns went out of town a week after my surgery and she was so on top of checking in with me. I would recommend him to anyone out there! He is just that good!

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