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I found this site earlier this week and have been...

I found this site earlier this week and have been avidly reading posts an reviews. Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks post op for a full tummy tuck. I couldn't be happier with my choice to have this surgery and my choice to use Dr. Steven White. I was unhappy with the sagging skin on my belly that no amount of exercise could smooth and tone. I have been wanting to find a fix and my amazing wonderful husband said ok. I worked out with a personal trainer for 8 weeks before my surgery and my weight was already good for my height. I was up the night of my surgery walking the hallway with Dr. White. I have not needed any medicine except Tylenol since leaving the hospital. I have done everything he said to do and my results are beautiful. My 17 year old daughter saw me unveiled for the first time yesterday and was shocked to see I have the stomach, abs, skin, and definition of a 25 year old. Did I mention I'm 53?

I'm so excited every day to see how I progress. Dr. White's exacting methods and attention to every detail has made this an easy recovery. I am even looking at bikinis. I can't wait to rock this body! Hmmm...what next?!

I wish I had taken before pictures but I did...

I wish I had taken before pictures but I did everything to keep away from the camera. My abs and belly are incredible. From the day I had the surgery it was evident my skin and results were going to be amazing. Tomorrow is one month. I'm in an extra small body suit and corset that I had taken in to make it smaller. My dr still wants to keep me compressed and it feels better to have the body suit on when I'm at work. I stand for five hours straight in different positions at work.

I actually found out about Dr. White at work!! I work for Homeland Security and was patting down a passenger because our machine showed something unusual around the waist area...she had on her compression suit from a tummy tuck!! She told me what it was as I patted down her waist area and when I asked if she was happy she said "YES". She said absolutely not to go to any other doctor than Steven White for any type of plastic surgery. It turns out I loved him and never went to another consultation. I've never been more excited and glad about my choice to have surgery and who I chose to walk this journey with me. My husband is a physician and has been so happy to see how happy I am. Thank you to my two favorite doctors!! I will post after pictures as soon as I can!!

As promised I'm posting pictures. 30 days out and...

As promised I'm posting pictures. 30 days out and my belly button is almost healed. The silicon tape is still over my very thin scar to keep it thin and small.

Yesterday was my 5 week anniversary! Today I went...

Yesterday was my 5 week anniversary! Today I went to the gym for the first time!! It was great to say hello to my trainer although I can't work out with him yet. He said, "Wow"!! Between his workouts before my surgery and my doctor its been a great recovery. I can't say I've felt depressed at all. (One of the frequent possibilities I heard about) I can only walk on the treadmill but it felt great. I have my compression suit and corset on under my workout clothes but felt good!

**Tip**Some people have mentioned feeling itchy under all the layers and I did too. I'm passing on something that helped me a lot. My first layer is a light tank top. Then the layer of foam padding (1st three weeks), then my sexy crotchless compression outfit, and then a corset! But, my magic discovery of the tank top under all the layers really helped my itching.

I will work on new belly pictures!

I added a few pictures for my 5 week po mark. I...

I added a few pictures for my 5 week po mark. I still have silicone tape sheeting across the scar but I took off a few pieces for the photo. When I look at the scar directly its less red than on the camera. The camera makes it look a bit raised too. It's not. But here they are!!

I added some 5 week po pictures. The scar is still...

I added some 5 week po pictures. The scar is still covered with strips of silicone tape in one and I took a couple off for my next one. I reapplied immediately though :). I think the pictures make it look worse than when I look at it directly. It's not raised at all and not that red. Same with my bb. Probably the lighting in our bathroom. So I'm still in cg's and a corset night and day. No need for meds since day two except Tylenol now and then. Every once in awhile it burns under my scar above my hips. That's when I relax and take Tylenol. My workout yesterday was simply walking on the treadmill but its a start!

Sorry about the similar double posting. I'm a spaz!!

Sorry about the similar double posting. I'm a spaz!!

5 1/2 weeks po pictures. The scar is still covered...

5 1/2 weeks po pictures. The scar is still covered with silicone bandaid tape.

9 week pic update!

I added a few 9 week po TT pictures tonight after removing my compression gear as I was getting ready for bed. I will add some more again soon. I hope all my fellow TT's are well. I'm still so happy with my results.

9 week pics.

Forgot to actually add the pictures :)

Lower scar at 9 week pics

The scar gets better ever day. When the redness is gone the scar is so thin and tiny! My corset and cg are still my friends especially at work. I bought a new black corset bc my other one was looking kind of worn. I brought it to the tailor to have it made tighter.

9 weeks

11 weeks?

If my math is correct, I am 11 weeks post op...my results are so incredible! I can't say enough good things about Dr. White. He makes you feel like you are his only patient and we are both so excited and happy with my results. What a magnificent doctor I found!

12 weeks tomorrow?

I took a few updated pictures. My scar is tiny and I'm waiting for the pink to fade away. My belly is a bit swollen from the gallons of coffee I had :). Coffee seems to make me bloated for awhile. I will try a morning picture before coffee soon! Thank you Dr White!! Love my belly!

3 1/2 months tomorrow!

I'm adding a few pictures. I'm not great with a camera so please disregard the shadows! I feel great and still wearing my one piece compression gear during the day at work and to work out. On top of that I wear my corset. In my job I am standing for five hours, bending up and down, and lifting luggage so I feel safer in my CG and corset. I'm back at the gym 3x's a week with my trainer that stays away from my core. We are working hard on my legs. They seem worse now that my torso area is gorgeous :). We are also working on strong arms and back.

I have not had any regrets or sad days since my surgery. Still love my belly and my decision!!

Updating 14 months since Tummy Tuck!

It's been 14 months and I am so happy with my tummy tuck. Thank you Dr White!! I got my groove back! I'll try and post new, updated pictures ASAP! I'd do it now but I'm hooked up to a Cool Sculpting thigh machine right now! I had my inner knees done several weeks ago and now I'm doing outer thighs. There is no pain and you can truly sit and watch tv while the fat freezes. It is not the immediate results of a tummy tuck surgery but I can't seem to find a surgery to "fix" my legs. I'd do it in a heartbeat if I could. So I'm trying Cool Sculpting! I'll keep everyone posted!

ThermiTight arm on December 2, 2015

I tried Thermitight for my underarm jiggle on Dec. 2nd. I could immediately notice a difference in the texture of the skin on the bicep side of my arms and definitely see some tightening on the underarm triceps. Since the area is expected to improve over the next few months I am excited to see how it goes. I am also doing thermi smooth on knees, backs of thighs and face. I want to do thermitight on my thighs and knees next. I am looking through real self for people that have had that done!
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