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I have wanted a tummy tuck for years and am beside...

I have wanted a tummy tuck for years and am beside myself that it is finally going to be a reality for me. I am so ashamed of this hanging stomach and can't wait for it to be gone! I am 38 and have given birth to 2 children, 1 by c-section, and have lost 90 lbs. I work out at least 5 times a week but nothing helps this stomach...if anything, it makes it look worse. I have the best, most loving and supportive boyfriend in the world...I know he loves me no matter what but I am so ashamed of how I look, he has yet to see me completely naked, even though we have been together for almost 3 years. My surgery is scheduled for December 22 with Dr. Pin in Dallas. I am starting to get nervous now. All of these other profiles on here are so inspirational and I just hope my tummy turns out as well. I am a little overwhelmed with what I need to be doing to get ready. Any advice?
(I will post my before pics....after my surgery is complete. I'm too embarrassed to post them right now)

Dreaded before pics

I was going to wait until after my surgery to post these but thought I'd go ahead and get it over with. Surgery is just around the corner and I'm getting super nervous. I'm so afraid I still won't have a flat tummy. I don't see how it's possible for my "before" tummy to turn into the beautiful "after" tummies I've seen on here.


3 weeks from today I will be 2 hours into my surgery!!! I can't believe it is so close. Nerves are really setting in. This all seems to good to be true.


Nervous-cited is the best way to describe how I feel right now.... Nervous and excited all at the same time. 17 days left! Any advice/tips??? Thanks!!

I'm such a freaking worrier

I'm driving myself crazy. So...the doctor's office called earlier with finally instructions for my surgery. For some reason I started feeling longer excited. I have convinced myself that I have too much visceral fat and won't have good results. (I have gained like 7 lbs since my consultant over the summer, due to a week long cruise and lots of summer/fall drinking). I have googled too much and have myself worried sick. I was going to call the dr office back but now I just feel like I'm being stupid and hoping this feeling will pass and my results will be good.

How is it possible??

I don't see how it is possible to make this flabby belly into a perfectly flat one. Fingers crossed for great results. I sooooo hope I'm not going to end up disappointed.
Dr Paul Pin

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