Tummy tuck with MR and lipo of flanks - Dallas, TX

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So, mentally preparing myself and obsessing of...

So, mentally preparing myself and obsessing of course. Really not sure what to expect pain wise... So many different experiences out there. I really do have a low pain tolerance so ill let you guys know how I manage! Really ready to have this belly gone. I have been asked if i were expecting which was the final straw i think. that, and this awful hernia with my guts coming through all the time. Going to my pre-op in the morning : ) Ill post a few befores to have for comparison.


My doc is so great at explaining everything and calming my fears. I feel so confident that im in good hands. My anxiety has subsided and im ready to go! I just hope i can stay well for the next three weeks. My kids make that difficult but im optimistic lol!

Rent-a-center rant

ok.... trying to get a chair from rent-a-center is making me want to pull my hair out! I have called 3 stores. Some wont call me back, one quoted me $50 for 2 weeks, another down the street quotes $125, the other wants me to get it for 3 weeks at $75. really?!! they all want my social security #, DL #, proof of income, and 4 references! What a joke. if anyone knows a better way please let me know : )


one more week and I'm having lots of headaches and migraines. : ( can't take my regular excedrine migraine so I'm taking tylenol and coffee. hope these let up soon!

Almost here!

OMG getting do excited!!! I feel like there is always something else I need to prepare, but I've done about as much prep as I can. Looks my monthly friend will be here just in time to be inconvenient, yay. Oh well. Hoping for the absolute best, healthy, happy, and flat baby!!


My whole family has a cold. Of course! I feel a little stuffy but no other symptoms. I guess I'll leave it up to the dr if we need to reschedule or not. Been taking zinc and vit c like crazy! Maybe it will take this thing out before Wednesday.

here we go! one more day : 0

it really feels like i am at the top of a huge roller coaster, about to plunge into unknown territory. The nerves are way more intense than i thought they would be. Im hoping and praying that everything turns out ok. see y'all on the flat side ; )

I'm alive!!! Yay!

At home resting ... Thanks for your support and well wishes. Can't wait to look.


Feeling pretty good, my dr gives nerve blocks in the muscle so that has helped tremendously! About to have some ice cream for my scratchy throat. I don't have tape on anything so leaking everywhere! Eeeew

Drains again...

Day 2 inbed

Laying down doesn't hurt but getting up is a bitch ! This is supposed to be today... I really hope so., also had to drive to the post op this morning but ha says it lolls great!

Haven't seen the results

I tried to peek at my post op visit but it's do hard to tell at that point. He said he took quite a bit of skin and 700cc of fat!!! No wonder this hurts! Anyone know when the pains starts to let up!

oh my goodness

yes, this stuff hurts like for real! everything you do you use your core. its most;y tolerable but sometimes when you tweak the wrong thing OUCH! totally constopated from all the meds, and my ass is sore from laying on it all day everyday. i have about 5 min in me to walk around before i start to involuntarily fall asleep. showers feel great till you have to get out and get dry. this is the hardest week right? omg!!!

Lookin good!

First time I have had the energy to get up and snap some pics really. It's 6 days PO and I'm liking what I'm seeing :). Yay!

One drain out

Was hoping for both to be gone of course but one left is better than two! Not too painful, more gross feeling. All looks good!

Frustration setting in

I just want to be up with my kids playing and functioning normally! I knew this stage would come but it sucks... Feeling guilty and helpless. Better days ahead right?

Bye bye drains

Got my second drain out today and oh my gosh I feel so much better! :) new fancy blk garmet too. Still weening off the meds... I kind of dislike pain ;)

Good day!

Feeling much better today than I have been. The swelling is going down a bit and I can walk straighter and back is feeling better. Switching to Advil and seems to be just enough to keep me comfy. Stepped on the scale... Same weight of course. Started at 5'4" 120 and I was hoping to drop a little from the lipo. Maybe in a few weeks. Looking like a hot mess all hunched over walking around the house in a girdle. I told my husband I WILL be sexy! Maybe later though... Haha

Really excited!

Wow! I'm loving the results so far. Still very stiff but I never expected I might wear a bikini again! Happy vibes to all those recovering right now!

Another cold!

OMG i am sneezing! Help!!!

Thoughts on sharing

So my mom was outside playing with my kids while I was napping, and my neighbor came by. This woman has two kids and a great body. My mom tells her I'm in bed recovering from a TT. I don't know why but I'm so not ok with that! I don't want people to look at me and say "oh she looks so great! But ya know she had PS!" Not that I'm trying to fool anyone, idk. Anyone else feel like it's nobody's business?! I love my mom and she's been amazing but I think that's not ok.

Feeling better

So this cold I have is finally going away. That was kind of a rough thing to deal with... Trying not to sneeze or cough in fear if busting a stitch! I'm a little past two weeks now. Not quite all the way straight but getting there. I'm getting out more, short trips. Still need help with the kids most of the time. I'm down 4 pounds since I came home. Everything seems to be healing well and on track! So glad there have been no complications so far.
I ordered a new mariae faja on amazon to start doing some shaping. Hope I like it! It wasn't cheap :). Kind of confused if compression at this point should be gentle or firm? I think there are all diff opinions about that...
I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping still. I'm a stomach sleeper so obviously that's not happening. Also waking up with muscle spasms in my abs. Almost feels like contractions- weird. Anyone experience this?

Three weeks!

I got my new garmet to day... mariae faja in medium. I went with the web site measurements and it is very snug, but I like the shape it gives me. I'm sleeping in a softer flexee brand shaper in lg. much more comfy!
I'm feeling better each day. The stiffness is less the more I move around and I'm sleeping a little better. On my side even.


My dr said that certain yoga positions could be detrimental to my TT results. It's really kind of a bummer because I love my yoga! Anyone have experience with this post TT?

Loving my new look!

Tummy is super flat and the scar is nicely hidden in a bikini. Swollen some still in places but I'm really happy with my results! Worth it!

1 month mark

At this point, my swelling has improved quite a bit. I'm able to walk straight, sleep much better, and take care of the kids on my own. There is still some swelling down low, and I can't feel the lipo areas. My bb is looking clean, but I'm surprised how stiff the scar is. It's not like a natural feel that's for sure. I'm using mederma 3xs a day on the scars along with bio oil on the surrounding areas to keep moisturized. My scar is coming along nicely but still has some raised areas and redness. I may switch to silicone strips soon.


So this is my first bout of PMS since the surgery. Had a craving for Thai food and I am so painfully swollen I don't know what to do! Everything hurts... Gained three pounds just today and it shows. No fun! I feel so gross I hope this us over soon. Hopefully it won't be like this every time.
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