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Had my consultation with my first choice of...

Had my consultation with my first choice of doctors and scheduled my tummy tuck for January 3rd. I'm really excited, my doctor has the best personality! I'm so ready, I've needed this for 12 years. I'm 5'1.25" and I weigh around 124 pounds, less on a good day. My first baby weighed nearly 10 pounds and I got up to 180 pound with him. I got back down to my usual weight of around 155. But a few months later I was pregnant again with my daughter. At the time I had her I also had my tubes tied. So I've had two c-sections with a great scar so I'm hoping my new scar will be just as great.
About 3 years ago I decided I didn't want to be fat anymore and being short and weighing 150 was fat on me. So I lost 35 pounds and at 115 looked sickly. So I have maintained my weight at 120_125. I've recently started lifting light weights at home because I'm getting older and I don't want flabby arms.
No matter how much weight I've lost I've always had a belly. Even before kids I had a belly. So I'm so ready for this and I can't wait!

I hate the wait!

This surgery can't come quick enough. I'll finish paying the doctor tomorrow then the hospital and anesthesiologist the week after. I've already got some clothes ready to be packed. Lol! I've been cleaning my house really really good. My husband and I actually began cleaning out our spare bedroom that has been packed to the ceiling for 3 years. You can actually walk into the room now. My DH also made me two clothes racks so I can clean out my closet and just have more hanging space. We've rearranged furniture too. I'm trying really hard to keep busy for the next2 weeks. The 23rd can't come fast enough.

Post Op Pics

With 2 weeks to go I decided to add some post op pics. I really need to pay attention to what I've been eating. It seems like I'm eating mor than usual! Ugh. Starting today I'm going to cut out all candy and junk. Load up on pineapple because I heard it helps with swelling.

2 more sleeps!

Well after massive house cleaning and stocking up the cabinets I've got all my ducks in a row. I'm actually nervous, which I'm NEVER nervous about anything, which really makes me nervous. But, I'm going to do it ams be just fine. I'm so ready and I keep grabbing my "glub glub" add my son calls it, just to remind myself of why I'm doing this.
My family is very close and my Momma and Daddy are worry warts as is my ex husband. So, my husband, my mom and dad will be there to see me before I go into surgery. Is that weird? I mean is not like that big of deal right? On the other hand, you never know.
I do know my husband finally got around to asking me last night what exactly this surgery does. I don't talk about it with him because it makes him mad, lol. But I told him basically what goes on and thatit was a kind of big surgery and he was like, oh OK. I hope I haven't down played it too much to where he thinks I'll be ready to go grocery shopping the next day. We will see.

First Night

I'm feeling great. Of course, I am in the hospital in a nice suite with a pain pump! Lol! I got up to walk a couple of times and getting up is hard but once I get going I can do it fine. I'm walking stooped over, but that's to be expected. I'm really not feeling any pain, just muscle soreness. I didn't even use the pain pump until a few hours after the surgery. I'm having a little pain in my public area that I'm assuming that is where my drainage tubes are installed. I will have the pump removed at around 5am and switched to pain pills. I've eaten really yummy food. I have about the same appetite as usual. I weighed 121 before surgery. I don't know how anything looks yet. But this binder feels good on. I have little compression things on my legs for circulation. They pump up and feels like a little leg massage.
Dr. Pin also sent flowers. And this surgical suite is so nice. My Hubby Has a full size bed to sleep in. Man, I really hope I look as good as I feel. I think the surgery lasted for 2 hours or so. I'm anxious to see how far back the scar is. I felt a little stinging in that area right after surgery but I couldn't tell if it was far, far back or just nerves.
I guess I'll try to get some rest. I have dozed a little but not slept. Thank y'all for your prayers. And Prayers and happy healing to all y'all.

2nd day. Getting Ready to Go Home.

It's around 10:15am and I'm about to be discharged from the hospital. I've had a good breakfast and the pain pump has been out since about 3am, I wasn't using it much anyway. I clicked it around 4 times all day and all night.
I finally got a peek and my drains are actually on each side of my hips like a couple of six shooters. Lol! I'm glad they aren't in my public area because that is already tender as it is. I can't tell too much about my scar other than its pretty far back. I can't tell how low it is either because of the swelling. I do know he went below my old c-section scar and that was a perfect scar. I love my binder. I can't stand to have it off, but we had to learn how to clean my drains. Hubby didn't seem to like that too much, but he's gonna have to help me because I can not reach back that far and I cannot see over my boobies. I will say my body feels tired and I even feel my eyelids are heavy, but I can't really sleep. I only got some true rest after I took my first pain pill.
I'm anxious to be able to take an after picture so I can visually compare. I still see stretch marks and my belly button looks weird and my scar is glued and raised. And I've only seen myself sitting up so I can't tell. I hope it turns out really good. I feel like it was a good thing that he went back as far as he did. I'm so anxious about the results.
Maybe when I get home I'll be able to take a pic. Will try.
Oh, mentally I feel really great. But it is difficult to get up. It scares me to feel those stomach muscles when I try to move. I'm worried I might pull something. I feel like I need to get up and pick up or junk we have around this room. But I know I'm supposed to rest rest rest. The doctor said to take Aleve 3 times a day so I'll send DH to get that when he pics up my other RX. I may not need the pain meds but I'm trying to stray on top of the pain before I get any.
Hope everyone is well. Right now all I'm worried about is how my results will be.

Couple of next day pics


Before and after

One more pic. I'm getting a little sleepy.

Starting day 3, 2 days po

My night was not too comfortable but not horrible. Morning was tough getting up out of need but, I didn't stay on top of my pain pills either. After getting up this morning and getting done good and a pain pill I went for a walk and I feel really good. Going to Go visit my Daddy for his Birthday which is tomorrow, but going today and my Hubby's birthday is Monday.
My Hubby is really helping me a lot he's doing everything for me. My drains are too far on my sides for me to get to. And this morning when he cleaned my right drain as instructed it burned really bad. It freely like the goo was going back up into my body so I hope that's no big deal. In still draining fine though. This morning I was full. Like 30 cc's on each side. But now it's getting clearer. In feeling sleepy all of a sudden, but we're about to Go to Walmart then to my mom's. I hope everyone is okay this morning.

3 days post op

I'm really bored. I didn't sleep well again last night. I can't get comfortable and it's these stupid drains. No pain pills today just aleve 3 times a day. I went on a short trip to Kroger's and that was nice to get out. It's a really pretty day today. It still hurts when I laugh. But my stomach muscles are getting better. If it just wasn't for these drains!

4 days post op

I had to encourage my Hubby to Go back to work today. I told him I would be fine. Which for the most part I am. I just felt like he was getting bored and his shop needed him anyways. He said staying home with me was giving him a break. But honestly I can't get a lot of rest when he's home. I feel like I need to be up doing something or staying awake to talk to him or go to the store with him. Which going to the store is no big deal. I went to Walmart twice 2 days post op and then Kroger at 3 days. Today is my husband's birthday so I'm going to try and go take him some cupcakes or cookies to work. I've been up since around 4:30am I'm waiting on my ex husband to bring my babies so I can take them to school. My kids live with their dad and can't be around my husband which is another Reason I needed my husband to Go to work so I could take my kids to school. Lol, yeah, that situation is stressful in itself.
I've dropped the kids off at school, glad my husband left me his truck and took my 6 speed manual. It wasn't so bad. Getting in and our of the truck was tricky but I took it really slow. Sitting here now I'm already bored.
I'm uploading some pics from this morning.

Today is 6 days post op with 5 day p.o. pics

I've been on the tired side yesterday and today. I'm getting rather bored but watching continuous episodes of Dr Who and crocheting my little boy an Afghan. I've taken the kids to school every day this week but it's not too bad. When my kids get here in the mornings my little girls gathers the chicken eggs outside then comes in and makes me scrambled eggs. My little boy let's the 3 dogs out and puts them back up for me. They've both been so helpful. And after my Hubby works 14 hour days he comes home and waits on me hand and foot.
I'm ready to have these drains out. I've added some pics, I ant wait for the final results.


Pre op thru day 5 post op

1 week post op

Going to meet my hubby for lunch. And off to buy some more yarn for the blanket I'm making. Having to tuck in my 'balls' in my pants. I'll hopefully get them removed tomorrow morning. I'm getting ready to sleep in my own bed. Hubby slept with me in the chair and a half we have. I know he's getting tired of it. Ex-hubby has been making the kids' lunches and breakfast. I just know everything will be so much better when these drains are out. My compression garment band seems to fit loser and loser. I girt it as tight as I can though. Here are 1 week pics.

8 days post op

I go to see Dr. Pin at 9 am. Hopefully getting the dreadful drains out. I can honestly say I don't feel like I have rested much. I mean? Aside from not cleaning house at all, I've been doing what a pretty much normally do if I'm on vacation. I did do a lot of sitting a couple of days this week. I'm testing to finish this afghan. But I went around to 4 different stores yesterday and I feel fine. I'm sore and I can't cough or sneeze, omg the sneeze! That's so painful! Bit other than that, I'm ready to go back to work. I don't do anything but sit at work anyway. I'll be so ready to have the drains out. Hopefully I can sleep my bed tonight and get some cuddles!

8 days cont'd . . .

Yay! Drains are out and belly band is in the trash! Got a spanx-like waist cincher and it feels good on. Finally in normal clothes now. Not sure if I look any different yet but one thing is for sure, if I take nothing away from this but this super cute new belly button, it is still totally worth it. Apparently I still have swelling so I hope I look different once that goes away.


The waist cinched I bought from Walmart for $15.00 and back into my jeans. I noticed no swelling in my legs or anything (knock on wood). ?

11 days post op

I was supposed to Go back to work today but I decided a couple of more days off of my feet would help with the swelling and not working a full week.
Not thrilled With scar placement but I'm really short waisted so I know it had to go where it went. If my breast augmentation scar is any indication of what my TT scar will look like I'll be pretty pleased. If not, there is always waterproof makeup cover I can use for the beach or whatever. Today is the 1ST day I've felt even a little bit bad or depressed.

2 Weeks and 1 day

Last couple days I have not been very happy. I keep taking tons of pics to compare and so forth, and I still look fat. I look like a wide waffle, square and all. I thought the boobs and tummy tuck would finally give me the pretty barbie doll shape I've always wanted. But now I just look fat with a smaller belly button. At two weeks I should not be feeling like this. Every one else is looking bikini ready and I'm over here same size same fat.

17 days post op pics

Pics of compression garment I bought from Walmart for $14 bucks. Swelling better this morning.

3 weeks 1 day

At my 3 week appointment now. I still have swelling, but that's to be expected. I hope I'm cleared to take a bath. I'm tired of showers. My first full week back at work too and I can tell because my swelling is awful in the evenings. 3 day weekend though, so I'll get to relax. I'll post pics soon. I've been taking them but not much time to post

3 Week pics

I'm almost 4 weeks but these are my 3 week pics. Not feeling it lately. Swelling must be getting the best of me. I like my new bb, but I still have no waist. Feeling like I look more like a box now. At least with the belly I had some curves. :\ happy healing y'all.

4 weeks today with pics

Can't believe it's already been 4 weeks. I think the hard part is over. Still swelling some but it's not horrible. I've been sleeping without my spanx the last 2 nights because the band is eating into me a bit. Rubs my incision and makes it itchy. I've noticed my swelling has kind of moved to the middle and not so much on my sides. Not bad. Hope everyone is healing well!!!

5 weeks update

So far so good. Swelling is really going down. Still wearing these spanx and I'm getting so tired of them. I really am not even sure of how long I'm supposed to wear them. Night and day. My results of my tummy tuck are great. I think it's just that I'm still not happy with my body. I'm short waisted and my measurements right now are 38.5- 27.5- 35. And I'm just not happy with that. I want to be small, with a small waist and I don't know what surgery I can get to do that? Lower rib removal? Corseting maybe?
I just started using bio oil and I'm using it faithfully. I'm adding closeup pics so I can compare later. I feel like I've been eating like a pig. I've decided to go cold turkey on chocolate. Since that is my favorite. I need to up my water intake too. I think my scar is going to be good one it heals and maybe then I won't be so bummed about how I look. I'm hoping it'll give me the look of a longer torso. Note I'm thinking I should have not gone so big on the boobs, although I do love them, I think they make me look fat in clothes. So, I've really got to buy new clothes now. I've put it off for a few years because first I wanted to lose weight, them I wanted to wait until after I got boobs, note that my TT is done I have no excuse. I've been trying to figure out what to buy because I don't even know how to dress this new body. I'm used to buying loose tops that cover the belly roll. I hate shipping because I'm so bad at it. My mom always doors a great job at picking me out stuff. She just turned 68, I hate dragging her from store to store. Lol, don't wanna wear her out, she's my hair dresser too!
I have been blonde for at least 13 years and I decided to go back dark. A change to go with everything else that's new! I love it really. It's a chocolate color and I had her layer it too! Love my mommy.
I've added some pics of my progress.
I hope all of y'all ate doing good and happy with your results!

6 weeks 1 day update

Things are about 90% back to normal. Still a little swelling and I can feel a sight pull if I stretch or sneeze. I'm still not quite happy with my shape. The tummy tuck was a complete success,but It's me I'm not happy with. Im going To look into some lipo by Dr Yily in the Dominican Republic. She's Very aggressive and I like her work. I just don't know if even that would help me since I'm so short waisted. Hope you all are healing well.

7 week up date.

Everything is going great. Except some excruciating lower back pain I've been experiencing. I don't know what I've done but nothing helps! ???? oh well. My tummy is good, I've not been wearing my spans so I have a little swelling still, I'm going to start wearing it again. Also, I had noticed my bb becoming a bit of a sliver, so I did some research and decided to give the old marble trick a try. I couldn't fit a marble in so I use a cap off some lip gloss tube. But! It is working, so I can now get a Chinese checker in there. I can tell a big difference in how it looks too.

8 weeks and 2 days

Pretty much back to normal. Think in ready to start exercising. I hate exercise though so maybe Not.???? I've finally figured out my body shape, inverted triangle. I always thought I was square or straight. Im hoping to lose some weight before summer. Still not happy in how I look in a bikini. I do need more support for my boobs in a bikini. Triangle tops look awful. I can pull my current bathing suit bottoms up just enough to cover almost all of my scar, but I prefer to wear them lower so I don't look so short waisted. I've bought some new pants and no muffin top, so I don't have to double layer shirts and worry about my skin flopping over my pants. I can wear different style shirts now too.

11 weeks today

11 week pics

13 weeks (I think)

All is doing good. I'm doing some about exercise here and there. I can really see a difference in my scar. I'm using scar away. I don't even take them off but to shower. Sometimes I shower with them on.

It's been a while

I've been going good, trying to do some crunches and lunges a few times a week. Trying to watch what I eat, not really trying to lose weight, just don't want to gain any after all this surgery. Scar is heading nicely, I haven't been doing anything to it really. I need to keep those silicone strips on it, but I just never remember to get any more. I do put bio oil on and cocoa butter lotion do keep out moist. I don't get on here as much add I did, but thinking about some Lipo sculpture but not any time soon.
Celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary last Tuesday. We recreated our wedding photos and I had to take IN my dress 4 inches. That was a great feeling. Still wish I had a smaller waist. Picky I guess. I'm still totally jealous of some of y'all s results. I guess I should've done Lipo with my tt. Oh well.
Bathing suit season is here but I have yet to find one I'm happy in. I need more support up top now than just a string bikini top. My figure looks awful in a swim suit like that now. I love my double d's but totally have different needs now.
I've noticed edges I over eat my stomach pooches out BAD and even looks swollen. So I try to not over eat. I hope to update again soon when I find a decent bathing suit.

5 month pics

5 months pics

Trying to upload pics

5 months pics

Quick update

So not happy with myself this week. I don't know what it is but i guess i must be gaining weight or something even though I've been watching what i eat and exercising. Ugh. Went out in public for the first time last weekend at the resort's pool and i looked horrible. I'm searching for a doctor to do some liposuction. I have one last check up appointment with Dr. Pin on September 9, so I'm going to ask him what he may can do. I just really need all this fat gone. Standing up pic looks fine because i have my arms by my side but the sitting pics make me want cry. So frustrated with myself.

ugh....looking for lipo that isn't too expensive

I've already spent over 13k collectively doing stuff to improve myself. I need to find a doctor that is aggressive but not overly expensive. After going through the tt i was so excited about bikini season well I've come to the realization that i have fat that i thought would be gone after this tt. And i shouldn't have to be sucking my stomach in for pics. That's what a tt is for right? That is what all the pain and scarring was for. Ugh. Well screw summer. Maybe next year. I'm even worried to even mention more surgery to my husband. ???? just really upset. Depressing pics to follow. Oh but one positive tip, I dabbed a bit of MUFE HD foundation over my scar and it actually covered it up a bit.

Lost 3 pounds

And got a new bathing suit.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pin is so wonderful. I knew right off he was going to be my doctor.

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