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I have been reading on this site since I had my...

I have been reading on this site since I had my consultation in late October. I did a lot of research and choose Dr Steven White out of Dallas to perform my surgery. He is meticulous with his procedures and described every single thing he would be doing to me in my preop appt. I am 8 days post op and have an amazing result so far. Here's my story. I am a 46 mom of 3, ages 22, 20 and 16. I and 5'4 and 130 pounds and wear a size 2. I have run one marathon and 10 1/2 marathons in the last 2 years, plus play tennis and weight train. Nothing that I did could help me with the saggy elephant skin in the middle of my belly. I have wanted a tt for 12 years. Had a breast lift and aug in '97, so not afraid of plastic surgery, but felt this was a bigger decision to make. And I just knew after meeting Dr White that he was just the man for the job! I just felt peace.

I had my preop on Nov and surgery on 12/11. I wasn't horribly nervous going into it. Dr White has his patients stay 2 nights in the surgery center, and for that, I was grateful!

He spent lots of time marking me up and making me and my husband comfortable. I knew I would have a small T at my incision bc there wasn't enough skin to pull down. Small trade off in my opinion, and it maybe 1 centimeter. He said I will easily be able to wear string bikinis. Haha!

Day 1 was really way more difficult than I expected. I never had a C so I didn't really have that to compare it to. Dr White promised my by 10pm on day 2, I would be so much better, and he was RIGHT! No pain meds after noon on day 2 and I think that made all the difference. Also, he had me do a bowel prep the day before surgery, an an enema on day 2 in hosp, so I never had constipation. I was up and walking (like a total granny) the morning after, and about 4 times during my stay. When he showed my my belly at day 2 in hosp, I couldn't believe it. I just held his hand and thanked him. I have waited 12 years for this!

Each day has gotten better and better! I take Tylenol for pain, antibiotics for 2 weeks, an a muscle relaxant if I need it. I had 2 drains out, and hope the last one comes out tomorrow! I am getting around some. Today is PO day 8 and I had lunch and a mani w my daughter.

I get to shower in the am, so I will take a standing pic of my full TT with MR.

Right now, I am beyond happy I had the courage to so this. I thank you all for your stories. I poured over them all. It was so helpful to see other bodies like mine and see the results that were possible. Happy healing to everyone. I will keep updating!

Went to Dr today and had 3rd and final drain...

Went to Dr today and had 3rd and final drain removed! Yes! Didnt hurt at all and was so happy to say goodbye to my last little friend. Took my first shower today too. Felt so good but so weird at the same time. I have my new compression garments on. Oh my! Foam layer first, then long full body suit with a corset on top!! Feel like a stuffed sausage. I'm supposed to take it easy this weekend and go on Mon to see dr again and make sure no fluid buildup. I was so excited to see how low my scar is. I'm swollen, but I still am so happy! It is totally hidden in my low rise underwear :). Will post after Mob. Happy healing everyone!

Just spent an hour trying on my old clothes. So...

Just spent an hour trying on my old clothes. So excited that several of my jeans fit, and some skirts... So it won't be leggings only for me. Also, he took 1 pound of fat and tissue, and I've lost an additional 4 pounds. So even though I have serious compression gear, I'm feeling slim.... I guess I thought I'd be more swollen and puffy, but am so thankful that things are looking good! I think I'll probably lose a few more pounds since there's really no room for food in this belly, so I'm excited about that. Best wishes to everyone!

I feel like I should clarify... 13,000 was for the...

I feel like I should clarify... 13,000 was for the PS, 2000 for OR, 1200 for anesthesiologist, 1200 for hospital stay...

I am so itchy! It's seriously driving me crazy!...

I am so itchy! It's seriously driving me crazy! Any hints? 10 days Po and in a binder I can't remove til shower Mon morn before next dr appt. Help!

Today is day 13. After I got my last drain out...

Today is day 13. After I got my last drain out last week, they packed me in my compression garments, and today I was allowed to shower before my appt. I was a little nervous to take everything off, but OMG, I am beyond thrilled how I look so far! My stomach is so flat! At my appt, the dr put some packing into my belly button so it doesn't get too small. I go next Mon, and he will take out the belly button stitches. Again, Dr. White is just so kind!! Sweet of him to come in on Xmas eve to check on his patients!

Today is 16 days PO for me. And it was shower day!...

Today is 16 days PO for me. And it was shower day! Hallelujah! My PS only allows 2 showers per week - wants me in the compression garments 24/7. So I'm always a little nervous to take off all my compression gear and see what's under there. But, I am just so happy! My belly looks amazing even tho for the life of me, I can't get the blue marker off! I am down 7.5 pounds from surgery (1 pound of skin and fat was removed). I find it hard to eat much while wearing all this compression. I'm glad about the weight loss, because I was panicking about not being able to work out. I am making sure to get my protein in. And today, I'm in real people clothes!! Lol! Jeans! Mantra for the day "Compression is my friend!" Happy healing everyone :)

Happy New Years everyone! Today was 20 days PO. I...

Happy New Years everyone! Today was 20 days PO. I saw my PS and got my belly button plug and stitches removed. It's so round and cute :). My PS is really pleased with my results, and so am I. He took the tape off and I finally saw my scar. Not so bad! I know it will fade, but it is very thin and low! My girl parts are quite swollen. I told the PS I didn't ask for a sex change haha! I got the go ahead to do the treadmill, but have to keep all the compression on. Good thing I bought a second one. I go back in 10 days for another check up and I get to ditch the foam layer if all is good. My incision is covered in scar strips which will stay til my next appt. Take care everyone!

Today I'm 4 weeks 1 day PO. What a crazy up and...

Today I'm 4 weeks 1 day PO. What a crazy up and down journey the last week has been. I spent several days fighting the blues. Just crabby and wondering why in the world I CHOSE to do this to myself. I felt smelly, fat, stiff and was just a joy to be around! Not!

Some positives since my last update: I can now sleep stretched out on my back and also on either side! I am moving around much more quickly. I sometimes even forget for a moment I had a TT w MR. The swelling in my girls parts has finally gone down!!

I go to PS tomorrow and hope to be able to lose my bottom layer - the foam - of my compression gear. If so, I'm going to start back on the treadmill walking. I'm signed up for the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon on 2/24 with some girlfriends. I need to at least be able to walk it in under 4 hours! I can't imagine I'll be running good by them, but there's always hope!

I am really happy with my results so far. Swelling is going down, and incision is so low! I had to have a small vertical, so I think that will show in the bikinis, but I'd happily have that over my formerly saggy stretch marked skin! I am so thankful to my PS for the job he did and the excellent care he has taken of me.

Hope everyone continues on the path to total healing, and hope y'all have a great day!

I went to my PS yesterday. The good news is, I got...

I went to my PS yesterday. The good news is, I got to lose my foam layer of compression! That thing was getting nasty, and preventing me from getting in some of my clothes. I got an XS compression garment, and holy cow! Tough to get into... helps with the diet, I guess, since no room for food? But truthfully, it makes me look and feel tiny yet curvy. Will I look like that at the end of this process? Would love to. I am supposed to sew 1/2 inch darts on two sides of my corset to make it smaller, so that's on my list of things to do today. Hope I can breathe!

And the bad: (not really so bad in scheme of things) I asked if I could start lifting light weights (I'm 4 weeks, 2 days), and he said "I know I'm killing you, but no. Not until 6 weeks." PS is very happy with my results, said they are "magnificent". LOL! I told my hub he probably says that to all his patients. And I did have a spitting stitch on the end of my incision over my right bun. He asked if it hurt, but I didn't even know it was there since I was completely compressed and also have scar strips on? So he pulled it out. I didn't really feel it, but the area was a little sore afterwards. Makes me worried I might get more of them.

I tried on a bunch of my jeans last night since I was foamfree, and everything fits, plus has some room, so I did a little happy dance :) Sometimes I wish I could blink and be 6 months down the road. Can't wait to see what I look like at the end of this journey.

Emotionally, I seem to be on an upswing, so I hope that continues. Don't go back for 2 more weeks. Wishing everyone a good day today!

5 weeks 4 days... Not much new to report. I have...

5 weeks 4 days... Not much new to report. I have still been having some up days and down days. Kinda surprised to still be having down days. I am so excited for my six week PO appt next Thursday -- I'm hoping to get cleared for working out and some tennis.

Continuing my love/hate relationship with my compression. Some days I just want to cry about it! I know it's for the greater good and the bigger picture, so I just deal with it. I am trying to go for longer periods without it after the shower. As much as I hate my CGs, I feel very vulnerable without - even for just a little while.

Today when I got out of the shower I felt really good about the way my tummy looks - it felt worth it :). I put a picture up so you can see how tight my xs marena garment is. Hopefully, the grooves won't be permanent!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

6 weeks, 2 days PO. Went in with a bunch if...

6 weeks, 2 days PO. Went in with a bunch if questions today. Can resume pretty much any activities as long as I ease into them. Swelling is to be expected, but is not harmful to my final results. Now that I have the all clear, I'm kind of freakin out? Anyways, today I went on a 40 min walk outside. It is 70 degrees here. Crazy! I plan to walk everyday and start adding some squats and light arm weights.

They removed my scar sheets and scar looks great. Said to expect it to get really red next, then get better. I am to rub scar cream in two times per day. I had one spitting stitch on front that popped right out. I have to put Bactrian on twice a day and a bandaid. Should clear up quickly.

My PS said I need to be compressed for six months?? I am not making that up!! I wish I was. Because I don't have much fat between my organs and skin, I will prob swell more than some people? He's had patients stop after 2 months, then come back the next month with puffy swollen bellies? I don't know? I'm mulling this over in my head and won't think about it for awhile. Don't want to get depressed. Keep telling myself, big picture... Big picture!

Positives: I'm free to exercise, I have lost a total of 8 pounds, and two sizes in my skirts. So that makes me smile!

I go back in 10 days to ck on spitting stitch.

Have a great day everyone!

Today I am 7 weeks PO. I have been working out...

Today I am 7 weeks PO. I have been working out with light weights and increasing my walking speed and time since my 6 week PO clearance.

Today was the first day I felt like I really had a piece of my life back. I went to the gym, came home and did my treadmill, took my time showering, and put on my real people clothes. So. Darn. Happy.

I have noticed a little swelling, but my PS said its not harmful, so I'm just going with it :). My scar is looking good. I'm massaging twice a day. Spitting stitch has healed.

I go back next Monday. My goal is to increase my stamina and speed so I can complete my Disney Princess half marathon on 2/24. I know I won't be running much of it, but just want to enjoy the time with my girlfriends and cross that finish line!

Hope everyone is having a great day! Take care :)

Well, I almost panicked when I looked at the...

Well, I almost panicked when I looked at the calendar and realized I had exactly 3 weeks til the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon. Time to bust a move! I've had some problems with swelling after walking but since my PS said its not harmful... I figured I just need to work through it! Anyways, this is my 10th half marathon, and really just a great excuse for a girls weekend and all things princess. On Sat I decided to throw in a few 30 sec to 1 min run intervals during my one hour walk. Felt weird, but ok. Tight, but nothing hurt. However, as you can see from my pic... Yesterday and today's 1 hour walk have left me SWOLLEN! Oh well... I just have to be able to walk it in 4 hours. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Tomorrow I go to PS for my 8 week check up, and get to meet Evifree, who has my same dr. Excited to meet her! Happy healing everyone!

Had my surgery on 12/11... I am so happy to feel...

Had my surgery on 12/11... I am so happy to feel as if I am almost back to my old self. ALMOST! I played tennis for 2 hours yesterday, ran 3.5miles today. Swelling a little, but nothing I can't handle. A couple of times, I've almost forgotten I had a TT. Almost :). My half marathon is next weekend, and I'm just looking forward to finishing with a smile on my face! This is my 10th half marathon, and will no doubt be my slowest. Funny how I thought it would be NO PROB to run a 1/2 10 weeks after my full TT an MR. How naive I was! I've got a pic of my tummy after tennis and running, and also of my scar - which I am super happy with. Happy Valentine's everyone! I'll update after my race!

Today I am officially 67 days PO, which makes me 9...

Today I am officially 67 days PO, which makes me 9 weeks? I thought it was 8... anyways!! I wanted to make sure my body could handle a longer distance so I know kind of what to expect at my race next weekend. I ran 8 miles on my treadmill at an 11:45 min/mile pace. I wore my CG and my corset. Tummy felt fine, but legs sore, haha! I'm counting on the Disney magic to carry me the last 5.1 miles. Maybe the magic plus the cute costume I'm wearing :) Take care everyone, and hopefully, next time I update, I will be including a pic of me in my tutu with my bling around my neck!

Hey RS girls! Reporting live from Disney World......

Hey RS girls! Reporting live from Disney World.... I did it! Completed my first PO Half Marathon (10th overall) this am. I was a little worried since I've only been running about two full weeks. But, I had a blast and ran more than I thought I'd be able to. I did it in 2:43, my slowest ever, but finished with a big smile on my face, the cutest tutu on, and a totally FLAT belly :). Next 1/2 is on 3/24, and I say bring it! I am feeling ready!

So, my Saturday started out really great! I...

So, my Saturday started out really great! I decided to try on some dresses for my upcoming Vegas trip. I was having fun seeing how FLAT I looked in them, and just happy about how active of a week I'd had. I ran my 10th half and also had two long tennis matches (including a 3 hour one on Thursday). I wore compression during all of my sports per PS.

Anyways, when I took my shower, a spot that I had thought was a spitting stitch on my incision (I'd put Bactriban and a bandaid over it), actually was OPEN. I freaked! It was Saturday, and our Vegas trip was Monday am. Called Dr. Whites answering service. He literally called me back in 2 minutes!

He called me in 2 diff antibiotics and told me to meet him at his office at 2 pm. Long story short - it doesn't appear to be infected, is prob bc of my huge increase in activity level. I have to put this medicated gauze in it 3 times per day. That's a little freaky!!

Dr. White was very reassuring and said it should heal in a few days. I'm to make sure the redness doesn't spread. I can travel, but no working out. I go back on 3/11 unless any complications.

The moral of my story: we are all busy and active women - but this is a truly major surgery!! I wish I had taken it easier a little longer, but that's just not my nature. I did wait even longer to start running and tennis than my dr said, but then I went a little crazy :)

I am so thankful I chose the doctor I did! I really appreciated him not putting off my concerns and offering to come in to see me on Saturday.

Anyways, I'll keep y'all updated on my pencil eraser-sized hole! I had big dancing plans for Vegas, but will have to take it down a notch!

Hey RS girls... Hope y'all are doing well! On a...

Hey RS girls... Hope y'all are doing well! On a frosty cold and extremely windy day today, I ran my second post op half marathon! Yay! I am almost 15 weeks PO, and recovered from my incision opening.

After Vegas, and packing my opening with medicated gauze, my wound closed pretty quickly. Truthfully, you can't even tell I had an issue. I'm so thankful that my surgeon met me in the office on a Saturday! He is really awesome!

So, had an appt with Dr White this week. Open spot totally a "non-issue". Everything looks great. Just love my doctor and his staff. He still wants me to wear compression. Not gonna lie - I am so sick of these garments. But, I trust him and his process, so I'm going I do my best. I don't go back for a month.

Although I totally underestimated the recovery process, I would do this again in a heartbeat. My tummy looks fabulous, and I'm almost back to my old life. I can do my races, play tennis, and hit the gym. Can't wait to have six pack abs!! I'll do a belly/scar pic at 16 weeks. Take care everyone!

I'm sitting here taking a break from all of the...

I'm sitting here taking a break from all of the devastating news of the week... I heartbroken for the families who lost loved ones in Boston, and now in West, Tx. I feel like all of my thoughts and worry over this tummy tuck are so ridiculous in the scheme of things. But it is a part of my journey, one I choose to take, and one that has been so tough, but so rewarding for me.

I am now 18 weeks out. I ran my 3rd post op 1/2 marathon on Sunday. I enjoyed every minute of it, and felt like I'm getting closer to the old me! I shaved 20 minutes off my last time, and am closing in on my pre op times. I love running, and to me it symbolizes the strength of the human spirit. I started running at the age of 43 to get through a tough period in my life..: it has done so many positive things for me. And I underestimated how hard it would be for me mentally when I wasn't able to run after surgery. I am so happy that I have this piece of my life back again!!!

More tummy related info: I am massaging with Bio Oil twice a day. My scar is no longer angry red - just pink. I love how low it is! My ps still wants me in compression, longer than anyone else on there boards? A little tired of that, but then I think it will be so weird to have nothing on?? Not too much swelling - def not after working out, I think when I swell its diet related.

I'm a little bummed that I've gained a few pounds back of the weight I lost after surgery. But, I wasn't eating or working out after, so realistically I knew I couldn't stay there. I am back to working out and playng tennis almost every day. Clothing wise - I am wearing a smaller size than before - and all the clothes just hang better and have room in the waist and abs. This makes me happy! I go back to ps next week. Hope you all are doing well today! Enjoy your families and give them some extra hugs!!

21 weeks PO. Not too much to report, but FINALLY...

21 weeks PO. Not too much to report, but FINALLY ditched the CG. My PS recommends it for up to 6 months, but I decided to experiment and am swelling less now without it! Happy with my results - scar is starting to fade nicely. I just love how low it is! I use Bio Oil twice a day and massage it in scar. Running and tennis are going great and somedays I ALMOST forget I had major surgery! Good luck to all the new TTers! Will update in a month or so.

Six months and working on a six pack!

Let's see... My surgery was 6 months ago! Time seems to have flown by. I am compression free. Have finished 4 half marathons and registered for 2 more plus a full marathon (my second) in Dec. I also play tennis and have just started taking classes at The Bar Method. I am really enjoying being pretty much back to normal, minus the extra skin! I still swell on occasion. Sometimes where my MR was, and sometimes lower by the scar. So happy I did this. Thank you Dr. White!

11 mo PO Scar Pics and Update

I can't believe it's been 11 months since my full TT by Dr. White. I am so happy I had the courage to have this done. Life is totally back to normal. No more swelling, unlimited activities. I run, play tennis, and am obsessed with The Bar Method. I still have tightness in upper abs where MR was done, and belly still numb. Small trade off for the confidence this surgery has given me. Good luck to everyone with their healing!
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I choose Dr Steven J. White after lots of research. He is consistently in the Top 100 Doctors in Dallas report. He uses advanced techniques that prevent bruising and encourage optimal healing. His results pictures are amazing, and I was able to read an entire booklet of positive reviews from previous patients. He spent so much time with us, and also has some amazing videos you can watch. He makes you feel really informed and confident in his skills. His nurse Jennifer was a wealth of information, and Jazmin was so helpful too. Also, at the hospital, all of the nurses went on and on about Dr White's precision and caring. He actually came at 6;45 am after surgery (which ended at 9pm), because he wanted to be the one to get me out of Bed correctly the first time. He checked on me 3 times in the 2 days I was there. I felt safe and well cared for.

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