41 Year Old Caterpillar Waiting to Become a Butterfly

I've been reviewing and taking in postings on RS...

I've been reviewing and taking in postings on RS for months now. All the while gaining the confidence to post before pics and share my own story. My tummy tuck, muscle repair and umbilical hernia revision scheduled for 12/15/16 and I have so many mixed emotions, but this caterpillar is long overdue.

Dr. Amirlak Anyone???

Has anyone else had anything done with Dr. Amirlak?

Q&A consultation with doctor

So excited ... scheduled Q&A with doctor to clarify all questions and concerns before surgery. We'll talk scar placement and clarify expectations/results. I can't believe after 20yrs of hoping, longing and contemplating, my TT is actually gonna happen.

To tatt or not to tatt??

Thinking about getting a tatt about 6wks before surgery that will mask the incision. The trick is in placement m. Yes, I know that there is not sure fire way of knowing where the tatt will end up, but I know the site will be too sensitive for up to a year or more to do anything post op.

So excited

Looking through photos from last year. Can't wait til my stomach matches my body. I run and work out, but my stomach won't cooperate????

Look back over the last year. Pics from last Fall 2015 and early Spring 2016

45 days til the flat side

I am stoked!! Nervous n excited at the same time. Anyone else coming up on surgery?

Last Pre-Op Visit

Having my final pre-op visit today. Interesting information...he said that he may or may not be able to do the hernia repair (he'll know more when he goes in), but he did say that my procedure would be a 7 on a scale of 1-10 in regards to difficulty. He said it's because the fat that I do have is centered around abdominal area:( He said that I would be so happy with my results because he is a perfectionist. He promises that I won't be disappointed so, I guess we'll see. I also had my blood work completed today and should be receiving my surgery packet next week. I am still excited I think, but not sure what to expect with my results.

Feeling Bummed

Not sure what I should do or how I should feel after my second consult. My doc says I'll look amazing when he's done, but after he told me all that could happen because of the obstacles in my case, I just don't want to wake up disappointed:(

35 days til Surgery

I am sooooooo dreading the drains, but excited about my impending results.

30 more days til the flat side!!

Soooo many butterflies... so much to do (not really, but maybe, I'm not sure. Making my last payment Friday????

It's Really Happening!!

Made my finally payment on Friday. I got my supply list prepared and ready to shop for those odds and ends with 26 days to go. I have butterflies and have been stalking reviews more closely. I think I am ready. This will be the best Christmas present to myself ever (21 years in the making).

Hang Time

I saw a lot of ladies take pics from this angle so I decided to do the same so that I would have a point of reference when it all goes away???? My legs have killer muscle definition. It's my stomach that won't cooperate????

Shopping Anyone???

It's been sooooo hard to walk away from all of these holiday sales. I want to partake, but I don't know what size I will be when it's all over. The after Christmas sale it is.... if my body is willing;)

Sooooo Close....

12 days to go! It seems like I have som much to do. Trying to bite off a piece at a time. I have everything I think I need except for Bromelain ordering that today. I painted how I envision myself????

10days to go!!!

My docs office called today and wants to schedule a CT scan of my abdomen for this Thursday (1 wk preop). He says he want to look at my hernia from the inside so that he can have the best results. Of course! I am so excited!!!!!

One week to go!!!

Ok, I guess this is the point where I say whhooopie!!! I am more excited than anything else. Can't wait to see what this journey means for me. My mom called and said that she wants to be there for me and I felt bad because my reaction was... NOPE! Let me explain... 1. My mom doesn't know I am getting a tummy tuck. She thinks it's just hernia repair. Why you ask? Well, about 13 yrs ago I had abreast reduction and although it was the best thing for me, my mom was against it. Because I went ahead with it against her advice (mind you I was 28), she refused to be at the hospital with me and she didn't want to watch or pick up my daughters because it would be assisting with some she didn't believe in. So, I limit what I share with her and telling her everything will only steal my joy. I have my husband to care for me and take care of the kids (ages 17-2.5). I know I should be more sensitive, but her track record with being supportive isn't great.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Amirlak was very professional/informative. He answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. His staff was very helpful and friendly.

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