36-year-old Mother of Two - Dallas, TX

Booked my TT and am about a month away. I am...

Booked my TT and am about a month away. I am extremely active, doing yoga at least 3x's a week, running and riding my bike. And I have an extremely high threshold for pain as I learned through giving birth naturally. But I am scared about the recovery. Anyone out there without a horror story or tips for an easier recovery?

Liquid fast before surgery

When I consulted with one plastic surgeon, his staff mentioned a fast they put their patients on a few days before surgery. Did anyone adhere to a fast before their surgery and was it helpful?

Four more days to surgery

I'm in the home stretch and feel nervous, excited and have moments of regret. I've always had a disproportionate stomach, despite the dieting, exercise, weight loss. I have moments where I think it can't really be true that I can have a stomach I won't want to hide.

Day Two after

Surgery went well, and my recovery has been pretty routine. I am completely happy with the results. Pain is beginning to lessen. I am still waiting to have a bm, but I don't feel constipayed. Overall, I feel great and I can already see definition in my stomach. Can't wait until the swelling goes down.
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