34yo, 4 Csections, full TT, Hernia repair, lipo, MR

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I'm 34 5'10, 4 kids, ages 17, 6, 4 & 1-1/2....

I'm 34 5'10, 4 kids, ages 17, 6, 4 & 1-1/2. All by csections! I'm currently 172lbs, I normally fall between 155-170lbs, since having children. My first pregnancy wrecked my body, I was 16 and gained 50lbs. Nothing went back and I'm covered in a stretch marks! I've wanted/needed a tt for 17 years!

One before photo

I'll post more, it was hard enough posting this. Yikes.

side view of tummy

6 weeks to go, I'd like to lose a little weight before surgery. I've interviewed 3 Dr's and made my choice. I'll be having a full Tt with muscle repair, hernia repair and lipo of upper ab and hip/flanks. Started buying some supplies such as pillows and vitamins. Already marked myself off work. I plan to stay back ager 2 weeks postoperative ! Hope that gives me enough time to heal.

getting some supplies

Got a few things in the mail today. Arnica gel for the lipo, neck pillow since I'll be sleeping in bed upright, some CG for later date after surgery. I have another pillow on the way. ...

gotta control that eating

I work out alot. Run 3 days a week lift weights 2 times a week and walk or ride bikes other days. I also Eat ALOT. I eat when I'm bored or tired or stressed. I aye bad today and now I'm bloated and full. Thinking maybe I should do the whole30 again. Just to help keep me on track, eating clean. That way recovery I'll so be eating clean and that'll help me heal. I fear gaining weight after surgery, since I won't be able to do all the activities I'm used to doing.

4 more weeks !

Found a recliner the other day. It's small but should work if my bed and pillows don't. Preop is in 2 weeks and surgery 4 weeks! Already booked to work 2 weeks postop, little nervous I didn't give myself much time off. I'm a hairstylist and only work 2 days a week, short days at that. So hopefully it'll be fine!

preop appt

Had my pre-op yesterday. My husband went with me. I Got 5 prescriptions, did my lab work, went over all of the things to expect on surgery day. July 20th I arrive at 6 a.m. surgery is at 7:30 should be about 5 hours. I paid the plastic surgery fee then I pay the rest when I get to the surgery center. Can't believe it's 2 weeks away I am feeling more nervous each day. I'm kind of glad that I have a hernia to be repaired otherwise I might be chickening out feeling vain. I don't think I've lost any weight either. I've been working out like I always do but eating a lot.

boobs maybe?

Now I'm thinking about getting my boobs done. I've emailed the ps office to see. Surgery is only 1 1/2 weeks away! So kinda lady min idea. It's been on my mind. So I'll need to consult again with the dr. And if there's time I hope to get it done along with other surgery. Getting very excited! !

6 more sleeps!

Can't believe how fast time is going. Not nervous yet may excited! Not getting boobs done, the DR was already booked that day. Which I guess works out, it was a last min decision. I need to do more research and intv other DR and of course save more money! ! Plus I obit have 2 weeks off work and I think I'm already pushing myself with all the "work" I'm having done. Need time to heal. I think I have just about all the supplies, got a shower chair and arnica pills today. Going to get some tumeric pills this weekend and bake/cook meals for the family. It's alot like nesting.

tomorrow is surgery!

Looking forward to a new flatter tummy. Hope it all works out well! Here is a couple sitting down tummy photos.

on the flat side

Home from surgery doing ok will post more tomorrow, feeling skinny already but can't see anything yet. Low back hurts and drain site hurts. Passion needs ate working really well so far. Did throw up in recovery room just before leaving. Haven't slept much, my kids are so loud.I asked my husband to send them to sunmmer camp tomorrow,is worth the money!

not much sleep

Really thought I'd be sleeping a ton just had my longest stash of 4 hours thanks to an ambian. Pain is ok, ended up in the recliner, since it's easier to get in and out of. Peeing alot which means I'm staying hydrated.I've always been a big water drinker. Thankful for the toilet riser, my MIL, husband for all their patience and help. Glad I premade banana muffin to snack on.

started antibiotics

Antibiotics make me nauseated so taking Zofran with them. Sent 4 and 6yo to summee camp today,so it's been nice just having 18mo MIL and hubby home. Just snacking on protein shakes, smoothie, apples and pb and tons of water. Rice and beans for dinner I think. Giant ice pack on lower back is great! Recliner and toilet riser are life saver. STILL no BM. Talking gasx and some other stuff. Shower tomorrow, will get to see tummy for first time! Excited and nervous.hope he did extended tt.

able to get up on my own

Knock on wood, my husband and MIL are knocked out, so tonight at midnight and 2am I had to get up and back into recliner alone. Took it really slow and did it. Did manage to spill a bunch of pills on the floor, couldn't pick those up, oops. Drains are only draining about 50 on one side and 20ish on other, wonder if that's normal. I go Monday for first post op,remove stich I think? Drains if I'm lucky. Really nervous about shower tomorrow, hope this was all worth it. My dr didn't even call or give me feed back, kinda annoyed by that. Would have liked to know how much fat was lipo ed how skin was removed, how bad was muscle repair, hernia repair etc. Got nothing.also they sent me home in crappy white binder you get after csections. Told during preop it was going to be totally different and more "hardcore" maybe this is normal? Just worried they might have half assed the job. Another thing, i thought I was first surgery of morning and yet he was 30-45 min late and im pretty sure finished a couple hours sooner then schedule. Hope he didn't rush through. Maybe I'm being over critical. Also just don't know what my results are, Fingers crossed!

first view

Got to take a shower and had a little BM do that was good. The compression garment isn't tight at all. Might call them and make sure that's ok. Swelling seems alot, hope it goes down, otherwise I'm bummed with results. I had expected alot flatter I guess.

before after

A little annoyed the ps gave me that crappy binder, is already too lose so I had to pull out one of mine which is almost too tight. They weren't very helpful either. Said just go to Walmart or Walgreens and get a smaller velcro binder. Yeah like we have time to do that. Or safety pin it smaller till Monday? Ugh. Other then that, I'm good, still groggy and sleepy. Will try and space out meds tomorrow.

a poop would be nice!

I've been drinking water like crazy eating very healthy, taking miralax, dulcamin, liquid calcium magnesium,even 2 suppositories and I'm all not handing a good poop.I feel ok but know is feel better if I went pooh!! Also lady night I thought skipping a muscle relaxer would be ok .bad idea I hurt for a long time. Only time I feel really bad is if I'm not regular on pain med and not eating every couple hours. Still look so swollen really really hope that flattens out. I am glad ps did more of am extended tt.

here come the pains

Finally having some BM but not with out some hemroids. Oh joy. Herd a photo of the binder I've opted to wear during the day and I wear the lose one at night fun the PS.

getting more zzz's

LaSt night got to sleep about 10, woke up 2am for pain meds then up by 7 ( kids woke up early) kinda threw off my med rotation so I felt really crappy by 8am and really hungry. My husband is having trouble taking care of me and the kids (3 under 6yo) so if I don't get meds and food right away I fall apart fast. I made food for them ahead of time but neglected to make plenty for myself. I eat more plant based gluten free. So that's more work for my husband making separate meals and I don't eat take out (too salty) wish I would have made more protein muffins, rice bowls, grilled veggies etc.

woke up from a bed nap!

Hope it's ok,I naps in bed, two pillows behind my head two under my knees, felt great to be nearly flat. Hope that wasn't an issue for my tummy. My husband will be helping me out, haha. There's noway I can get out.

comes in waves can feel really good then really bad

Now I'm feeling really good, had a good BM this morning, husband made me grilled veggies with avacados and fake meat with green smoothie. Taking a shower next and sharing a recipe for my husband to make. Only the baby is home so the house is quite so that makes things easier for sure, no fighting and screaming. Here's some photos. I'm not gong to knit pick or complain, I'm happy with the results I have and it's an improvement no doubt. I'm great full for the opportunity to get this done and thankful all went well. Nothing is perfect and I'm not going to pick myself apart.swelling will keep going down, energy will keep coming up and I'm thankful. All the best to everyone on their journey! And i swear it's not the drugs talking all this hippie love yourself sruff. Lol.

more photos

Who doesn't enjoy a before and after

how long after surgery to take MOM

Now that things are finally moving, how long should I keep taking the milk of magnesium ? BTW it seems to be the only thing that helped me, either that or the combination of the 30 other things I tried haha! If you're prone to hemorrhoids have your preparationH on hand, that was a life saver. I used to have them with pregnancy.

things that have helped me.

Here's things that I feel have helped.

sleeping in recliner first 4 nights
After that into bed with lots of pillows (photo)
Giant ice pack for lower back
Toilet riser first 3 days
Shower seat first week or so is handy
(Photos of supplies listed)
Protein shakes with frozen bananas spinach and Chia seeds

I'll post more as it comes to mind

5 day postop visit

Went good, removed stiches from belly button, no pain. Drains are still too high to remove, calling back wed .once they are less then 40 each for 48 hours then they can come out.

Asked to get off oxy, the switched me tramadol, it's not a narcotic! And I'll just take Valium once at night instead of every 6hours. Only 3 more antibiotic pills and I'm done.

Starting tomorrow I'll only be taking....

Tramadol 4-6hours (as needed for pain)
Bromelain 2 X day
Multi vitamin
Arnica 3 X a day
Gas X as needed
Milk of magnesium morning&night

Might add turmeric X 3 (just hate swallowing them)

By the way after doctor's appointment we went grocery shopping and ran a couple errands and I stayed in the car I was exhausted!

it's been a week!

Things are going well!

Good stuff
Getting more energy during the day.
Might get drains out today. Call them today to report less then 40 each side for last 48 hours.
Only taking pain med 3-4 times a day
Walking more up right

Bad stuff
Waking up alot during the night 2-3 times
Feel more pain around scar site
Head aches
Still tricky getting out of bed
Still swelling
Some bloating

If I go today to remove drains I'm gong to ask how to further wean off pain meds. I start back work in 8 days! Also going to ask if side sleeping is ok,I haven't even tried.

7 days postop photos

On our way to get drains out, both I hope. Here's some photos I took before my shower. I'm really swollen today, I'll ask them today about tips on getting that down.but I think it's just part of the healing process.

gRoss close ups

Some photos of healing in processnot always pretty

drains gone!

No more drains, going to the mall to walk around like a semi normal person, still sorta hunched over and slow moving. No more wearing bandages or ointment either. Go back in 3 weeks for post op with Dr hubbard. Nurse said side sleeping is fine too now. So excitedlooking fwd to things getting better and better. Going to slowly wean off pulls now too,replace one a day with Tylenol. All the best to everyone! Speedy recovery to all.

Mega crazy headache

After our long outing, which might have been over doing it. .....I got the WORST headache. I couldn't move, open my eyes, speak or anything! I iced my forehead, head and back of my neck. Wash cloth on forehead with lavender and took two Tylenols. After a couple hours it faded some. I think is from all the drugs. I've decided to only take Tylenol from now on. I eat very clean and drink loads of water, so that can't be causing them. Anyone else had bad headaches? I've noticed them more these last couple days.

back to the main meds. ......

Ok so the last pain med I had was around 1pm yesterday. Then I had about 4 Tylenols between then and bed time. It wasn't enough! !!!!!! I felt every single pain from every single thing! I hadn't felt much of any pain up till last night! So I'm gonna go back to them ,maybe I can just do first thing in morning and right before bed? Anyone have advice? Can't take ibuprofen for another week that might be the time to try.

official before photos

These photos where taken may 2016 at my doctors office. Can't wait to heal and take the afters! ! Not sure if they do those at 3,6 or 12 months out.

swell hell as they say

What the heck, I've been really good about taking it easy today. Staying off my feet. Only got about 6 hours sleep, but I've been eating clean,drinking tons of water, taking my supplements. Yet I'm still swelling crazy bad. :-( I'm so bored sitting around and I think the meds keep me awake so I can't nap. I'm being a real cry baby. Anyhow would love tips and tricks for swelling!!!####&*^/#


I slept with ice packs basically all night, seemed to help. I still got up about 2 or 3 times to either pee or take Tylenol and then I'd refresh an ice pack. I did have random painful swelling on right butt/thigh. When I woke up swelling was down alot. So I'm gonna try and ice during the day too. I'm also juicing a whole lemon every morning and adding to my water. All the best to everyone!


I ordered two new binders and one surgical garment. Should get them next week. Till then I'm going to wear two binders at a time. Seems to be helping with pain and swelling. Had a good day got some cleaning done around the house. Felt pretty good. Did take two long naps though so I guess it wore me out.

garbage day. .....

I feel like garbage, this is probably the worst I've felt this whole time. I'm not sure if it's because of too little medicine or because of the medicine. I'm a hippie at heart I hate taking drugs, I'm the non drug taking hippie I guess I should say. My body hurts my muscles hurt not getting enough sleep. I ate like garbage yesterday that could be the reason I feel bad today. Not looking forward to going back to work Thursday. Just having one of those days. Can't wait to have my energy back and be totally healed doing anything I want. I also noticed my drain sites arent healing up, there's a little bit of pus looking like substance coming out. Going to call about that soon. Rant over.

day 13

Another bad night sleep. Tonight I'm going to try taking some melatonin. I haven't taken any prescription pain pills since yesterday morning. And I've decided to start taking Motrin which is ibuprofen starting today every 6 hours for pain. I've got back on my evening primrose my vegetarian DHA and other herbal supplements. I got a new compression garment in the mail today it's super tight. I'm going to try wearing it when I work Thursday and Friday. I'm a hairstylist so my job is standing all day so I figure swelling is going to be a bit crazy. So maybe this extra tight garment should help? Today I haven't done anything and I just don't feel like doing anything really weird I just feel very drained not really depressed just out of it. One cool thing I got on the scale I'm down 3 pounds. Wasn't expecting to lose weight in fact I thought I might have gained, just from all the fluid.

first day of work and update

Today will be my first day back to work. I'm a hairstylist and I only have one client today color and cut, so should only be standing for maybe 2 hours straight. I'm wearing the new compression garment I got off Amazon it seems to have everything I need as far as holding it all in maybe it'll keep swelling down to. Since I started taking melatonin these last two nights I slept a little bit better. I've also been loosing my compression garment at night time. I was getting a back ache from it being so tight. Mood wise, I'm starting to feel a little better I really do have to push myself otherwise I'll just stay in the recliner all day long it is hard.

seroma boo........

So I guess I have a seroma. I text a photo to my nurse and she thinks so too. I had noticed it earlier this week but didn't really know what it was. It just seemed like a bulge that was really Jiggly like it had fluid underneath. Duh! Kind of thought maybe it was snowing and it would go away. And I wear my binder so much I never really pay attention or look at myself without it on. So anyways she said that my doctor is out of town and the back up doctor would be there tomorrow and he can drain it. I hope it doesn't hurt and I hope I didn't do anything to mess it up. Wonder why I got it? Or how I could have prevented it?

finally draining seroma today

The seroma has really been bothering me this weekend. It aches and burns I don't know if that's normal. And I think I might have developed another one near my incision. I've been very busy this weekend so that probably didn't help things. I also got a cold starting about Thursday or Friday. But in good news I guess I have felt okay enough to be active I've taken two half mile walks. I've been outside taking care of the chickens and the bees. And I've watered the vegetable garden a few times. Today my husband went back to work he was off for two weeks. So now it's just me and the kids, 1 year old 4 year old and 6 year old. I'm going to be wiped out!!

nearly 100ml drained!

Finally! What a relief, they drained almost 100mls. That's nearly half a cup of fluid. From one seroma! It was a bit scary but they did not the area. And it was almost instant relief and I could tell right away that my stomach is flatter. Finally after much complaining I got a new compression garments from them it could have been a tad smaller but I didn't want to complain further. Also they suggested wearing a foam board underneath my compression garment to maybe help the seroma not form again . Off to take care of the kids now!

tomorrow is 3 weeks

Here's a few before and afters for 3 weeks. I'm still swelling so don't judge!! I'm still very happy with the results and thankful I could get it done.

binder from ps

Here's the new one from ps,I like it. Feels very secure, but it is bulky, so you won't look very slim in it.

before and after

Found a photo from June 2016. Granted is bedtime and I'm swollen, but still that after is alot better!

3 week review

So last week was my second week of work. I got a cold the week prior and had it all this last week. That kind of slowed me down. Then on Friday I got a stomach virus from one of my kids. That really slowed me down! Maybe it was my body's way of saying slow down!! I've been very busy with the kids and work. Started walking about 3 or 4 days a week a mile or less. I had to have the seroma drained for a second time on Thursday only about 30ml. I go Tuesday for my one month check-up with a doctor. Other than the cold and stomach virus I felt really pretty good. Hoping this week I'll be over the virus and have energy to go back up to the gym. Happy healing everyone!

4 weeks

Feeling and I think looking good. I'm down 8lbs since surgery *stomach virus might have helped there* saw my Dr yesterday, he was impressed. Said my swelling will go down, which means I'll be even smaller!

I still have one drain site that hasn't closed, he said if it's not closed in 2 weeks they'll need to stich it.

My seroma is still there but not to full ,he didn't want to drain it, said it should absorb. I'll keep an eye on it.

I can just wear my garment 12 hours a day from now on and at 6-8 weeks not at all if want. I've finally gotten used to wearing them so I might just keep them on!

feeling good

Feeling great, so thankful!

5 weeks swollen

I guess my energy is back. I weeded the garden, cut back the sunflowers, mowed and weedeatted the back yard. Now I'm swollen and weird looking. I took photos after my shower. Today I'm starting the scar strips my dr office gave me. Other then that and my recurring bad eating, all is well! I still feel a little seroma build up, but not bad. My drain sights seem to be almost healed. Happy healing everyone!

6 weeks post op

Feeling good, energy is fully back. Tried running twice this week, still not ready for it. It feels weird and uncomfortable, not sure why. I need to start running I've been eating crap and now I'm paying for it. I'm up a couple pounds and I think it shows. I feel fluffy. But still look better then the before anyways. I just got stay on top of eating clean and getting back to my regular work out. Happy healing everyone!

Photo 6 weeks

I feel a little fluffy, but like I've said I've been eating bad! Too much cake! So I'm getting back on track. Still happy with results and healing fine! I pretty much wear compression garment 20hr a day, just bought a new faja from amazon.

Swelling, fat or seroma or all?

I'm going to call the PS tomorrow. I swear my stomach looked better at 3-4 wells postop. I don't know if u have gotten fatter, swollen, or seroma.

Started going to the gym last week. Gelt god to lift weights again. Still not running, it bothers my lower back upper butt. It seems to swell there and become uncomfortable. I'm not going to push the running. I've been bike riding, walking and weights.

8 week

No seroma. PS said could be swelling or fat. If it's fat he said he could do an in office lipo of the area, for FREE?!! That's cool I guess?! Also said swelling could last 4-6 months.

They took some after photos today. I hope they take 6 and 12 month afters. Still feeling sore and swollen. Going to ice myself and cut back on salt intake !!

Happy healing!

Running update and weird swelling dent?

Saturday I ran 3 mile intervals. Just walked when I needed the break, wore my binder and felt pretty good. Aye bad the rest of the day, had a headache and lots of swelling :-(

I've started rubbing coconut oil all over to kind of give my tummy and lipo areas a massage. I did that in the beginning with arnica and also coconut oil. Well now I've noticed I have this crease/dent just on my right lower back upper butt. It won't go away, it's like a skin fold but I never had it before? Anyone else had this?

I know I've been eating bad and not working out as much, but I didn't expect to have that? !

Almost 3 months post

Just a little update. Started running last week. Only three miles and I do take walk breaks. I've tried running with the binder on and without I think I prefer without. I definitely still have swelling and can feel it mostly in my upper buttocks lower back. I also still have that swelling / fat in my upper abdomen I usually wear my binder during the day because it seems to hold that spot and it feels better. I'm interested to see what the doctor says about that spot in two weeks that my 3 Month check-up. No regrets still super happy with the results looking forward to the swelling being gone but I'm forever active and I have my energy back! Happy healing!


I know that's all I talk about. ...but that's the problem I still deal with, swelling!

Belly button

I like the way Dr Hubbard did my belly button

3.5 months

Feeling back to normal pretty much. Still swelling, still have buldge above bb. Went for my 3 month post op and my dr got caught up in surgery. So I rescheduled for 6 month post op. If bulge is still there he'll revise the area in9-12 months. Still glad I got the tummy tuck. One nice surprise is my butt even looks better!

4 months post

Feel back to normal, able to run again ok. So dealing with bulge above belly button, see photos. I think it's getting worse. It feels larger, harder and sometime burns and feels tight. I go back to dr mid January but think I might call sooner. Just wish I knew what it was. I literally can't see my belly button when I look down, it sticks out that far. Looks bad when I sit or bend over. Other then that still happy with results. Looking fwd to having it fixed.

Return of the blob

So had a visit with the Dr today about the bulge. He tried to asperate it and nothing came out. Doesn't think it's a hernia because it stays pushed out when laying down and also standing sucking in still pushes out. Chalks it up to fat!! He tried to explain how it came about. It's very frustrating and I think I look bad in clothes and naked. He said he will fix it with in office lipo, but the soonest he has is March 30!! I'm sure he'll make good on his word. I have posted a question with photos to Realself.com Dr's and they've all said could be fat too. I just wonder if i should get a second opinion? Feeling a little down :-(


Now after lots of Google, I think I could have a pseudobursa. I think it's that and not fat, just because I did have a seroma in that place and it aches and burns, where as fat wouldn't feel like that. I'm going to email my dr and see what he thinks. He said I could get a CT scan to determin if it's a hernia but never said anything about pseudobursa. Of course that's outta my pocket. Blah.

Going for sono tomorrow

The sono tomorrow should reveal if I have the bursa thing or if it's just fat. I can't wait to find out, so we can get this resolved! I ran 6 miles this morning and felt good, even improved on my Pace 9:45. Not looking fwd to another surgery and having to start over on my running and healing, not to mention how much this is gong to cost. I'm like 90% certain it's something other then fat! Find out tomorrow.

results from sono

So just as I thought, "scar tissue" from seroma. I never talked to the DR but his office manager did call and tell me that's what it was. I'll be seeing the DR mid January to discuss what to do next. From what I've read only surgery can remove it. I've told the office manager how uncomfortable I've become and the tightness and pulling only seems to be getting worse. My husband thinks i should have a 2nd opinion before seeing my DR in January. So I'm going to call this morning to see if i can get a consult done between now and then!


Was supposed to have my revision lipo this afternoon. Got stuck in crazy bad traffic, ended up 40min late and he wouldn't do it. Made me reschedule. Not going to Feb 20 now. I've been very patient EVERY time he's been late with me, one time I waited almost an hour and he never showd up, got stuck in surgery they said. Every other time he is atleast 30-50 min late.

I'm just ready to get this lump fixed and never have to go back. It's such a hassle getting childcare, taking off work, waiting on him, etc.

The bad part is, I'm not even sure this will fix the problem. But I REALLY hope it does. I had to pitch a fit for them to even make this appt sooner, wasn't going to be til end of march originally.

At this point, I would NOT recommend my dr. We'll see once I'm all healed and fixed.

In office lipo day !

It's finally time, months of waiting. Optimistic this will help! Will pay after process! Here's some befores.

Sore leaky swollen

Im all done! I think it went well! He lipoed 400ml total. He lipoed more on my hip where I had had dent and went back and filled it in with fat he took out, to help smooth it.

The shots and the numbing hurt the worst. I'm really sore and leaky now. I did take an oxy for pain.

I can't work out for 2 weeks. It's just like the lipo when u go under, same procedure and machine. I have to wear a binder 24/7 for 2 weeks then part time another 2 weeks. Also they gave me a new binder, yay! I needed one, the others where worn out and too big.

Forgot to take a photo right after, I could totally tell the results are great. I'll be swollen for the next few weeks, so I'll take an after in a month for true results.

Update from lipo revision

It's been almost 4 weeks since lipo revision. I'm feeling back to normal. I still wear binder to bed every night. The results look really good.

I still feel a little tightness from the scar tissue, but love the flatness I have again.
Bradley Hubbard

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