33, with two kids&c-sec's on both, gastric bypass and the tummy tuck,lift+aug

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Hello ladies! Happy to have found this site. I...

Hello ladies! Happy to have found this site. I decided to post just today, even though my surgery is Monday already. I'll be having a breast lift+aug and tummy tuck. Anywho, I still want to post pictures so others can get an idea just like I did from others on here. Let me tell you'll a little about myself. I got the gastric bypass in 08, I am 5"7 and went from 230 to 148lbs. I've tried so hard to get rid of the mid section which in reality is excessive skin. I workout three times a week, sometimes even more and on the weekends I play outdoor soccer, which I love????. I am always on the go with my beautiful active family. In reality, no one can see the excessive skin hanging under my clothes, I've been doing very good hiding it with spanxz undies. I get nice comments from family and friends of how good I look. Let me tell you'll the truth, what really got me at my surgeons office in the first place was my two saggy bags. I didn't care much about the excessive skin under my clothes. I used to wear a good D cup, now I'm a B and not even filling it. After consulting with several surgeons because I went to a few. They all stated the same, that I would also need a lift besides an augmentation. After choosing the right surgeon for me, I also got a great deal. I decided to ask about a tummy tuck, it was just a question...hehe, youll know how that is ladies. We'll I had been looking around and getting prices, pictures and all. At the end I chose Dr Hubbard. He was the best pick for me. He provided a lot information without me asking and besides that he have me an awesome deal. Make a story short lol, scheduled it and it's a done deal. I'll be updating pics on here to keep me busy during recovery. Sorry for my writing and misspelling but I did this in a hurry since I don't have much time. Hope to Hear from you all soon, thanks!

Surgery day! after surgery

Hey ladies! Had my surgery this morning and I'm awake and feeling no pain, now how good is that! I should be getting up a little later. My Surgeon Dr Hubbard is such a sweetheart, excellent bedside manners and not just him all the staff as we'll. That's what all patients look for after surgery. Any who I poster two pics, it's the best I could do for now, sorry.

Day 2 after surgery

Hello friends! Just wanted to say it's going great! so far so good. Nurse checked my areola's this morning to change my padding and I can feel the touch already! On the second day, how awesome ain't it! :D
I've read other ladies reviews on other sites and on YouTube and many don't feel anything till after a week or two but not this lady here yay! That was one of my biggest concerns was because you know that's a very important stimulation part for us ladies. Also the nurses said I was doing very good getting up on my own going to the bathroom, of course looking like the hunchback of norte dame haha jk, I'm a little cuter than that lol. I don't regret this not one bit, I am so freaken excited that I eeeh!! want to scream of excitement. I'm also moving about often that they have to tell me to sit down and rest, which I do when my body tells me it's enough. I just wanted to post a little update and a few pictures so you'll can see what's going on and how it looks. So here it goes, talk to you'll later :)

Day 2 surgery pics

Here's the pictures for day 2

Day 5 after surgery

Hello ladies! Gosh days are running by like water and sorry for not posting any other updates and pics but I've been kinda busy taking care of myself and having visitors check on me. I've been having good company helping me feel special along the way as I heal, so a lot of love here. I had my surgery Monday, and today is Friday, my tummy is way flatter than Tuesday and Wednesday woohoo!! On Thursday I had to visit my surgeon because on Wednesday one of my breast was looking huge compared to the other. When I went in, the swelling had went down, weird... it was no longer as huge, and at least confirmed that there was no hematoma there so no problemo there yay!
Since I was there he also checked my incision and it looked/looks beautiful. Ladies I wanted to share some tips on helping on the swelling and healing nicely, which I haven't had any on my tummy at all. First of all I drink lots and lots of water only, nothing but water. Also I do not consume sodium(salt). For the first days I bought me a pretty good amount of high protein shake drinks that are ready to drink, just keep them cold in the fridge ready to drink when hungry, they're just like a meal. I also have been taking gentle stool softener's to regulate the digestive system since hydrocodone or any of the pain meds can really constipate. Believe me with a tummy tuck you don't need constipation. Choose lighter meals and soups but watch the sodium, a lot of soups contain high amounts of it. Best is to have mama or whoever taking care of you make home made soups. Keep proteins high and lots of rest. I'll post more pictures of today hope this post helps and good luck my ladies.

Day 5 after surgery

7 days post op

Hey my ladies! Today is my 7 days post op. Got my drains pulled out today. All I thought was terror and pain but guess what I didn't feel one bit of it. Julie which is dr Hubbards office assistant is such a love, gentle and answers all my concerns and questions. Never have I had a regret of all this. Everyday is even better. I'm going to say that today I did swell a little but it was my fault because it was such a beautiful day and after having no drains I walked and did so much on my feet that my body felt it by the end of the day, when it was time for bed I felt the strain in my mid and lower back. I had my hubby rub my back with icy hot deeply into my muscle tissue area and took my muscle relaxers which I feel like I'm typing cross sided because I'm so sleepy. Barely able to post this update lol. I took some pics this morning before I went off to push myself a little too much for the day. Oh and I've never posted about my breast so let me tell y'all of in case y'all are curious about them. I went with saline and chose 550cc, my surgeon recommended less cc's and still I was stubborn on 550cc. So we agreed that he would do the 550cc and fill them to where he thought would be more according to my body. Since after the tummy tuck he stated I would be way smaller in my waist and my breast would show out more so with that being said too big may be too much. So still stubborn me wanted the 550cc, so he said ok, I'll put in the 550cc and fill them till I can see its a pretty good size for your body, so I said ok your the surgeon you do this all the time and he should know. When it was all over I woke up I had 540cc in each breast which isn't much of a difference at all so good enough for me . I love them, they're looking better everyday too. So this is my little update. Ask any questions of want to or need to, I'm here to help like others did to me. Toodle-loo my ladies!

Night pain :(

4am, and pain woke me. I've been doing great, I'm active but for now we'll as you'll know I can't, I got to take it easy for recovery. I know I over did it yesterday I did more than I should have and it's hard because I'm always at it, doing things. I had to take my hydro when occasionally I can go without it "sometimes"... Lol
and I try to avoid it if I can. Anyways we'll after taking my pain med, I couldn't sleep and read a few inspiring stories on here and posted. I Just want to tell you'll soon to have surgery moms and post op mommies to take it easy, rest it's hard not doing it all like we're used to. Let your bodies recover like I know I should do. Just a tipsy you'll already know. Back to sleep good night!

May 13, post op day 8

Like I ways say that I'll get some rest today for sure but there's always something or I always find something todo, I'm just a going person.. So ever since I woke up today at 6am never did I meet the bed again till now, and it's now 11:50pm. Anyways it was great today, my mommy came over and made me dinner so I didn't have todo nothing in that part. I mean even if she hadn't made dinner or wouldn't of came over I wouldn't have to cook but I probably would of because that's just me. Let me tell y'all that I'm loving my results, no wait! I'm not loving them I'm LOVE-ADORING them!! my waist and my boobs everyday more. Thank you sooooo much Dr Hubbard!!

9 days Post Op

Hello seƱoritas and beautiful ladies! I needed to come on here and post pics because I haven't done it in a couple of days and because everything is looking great in the waist and breasthasis(lol) I'm happy todo it and show my results to all of y'all or whoever is interested to see. Before I got my procedure that's mostly what I wanted to see from other testimonies, so I try to put as many pics as I can because that's what we all want to see right!? now some may seem like the same pic but they really aren't okaaay lol. Also I wanted to ask many of my tummy tuck post op friend ladies questions bc I'm kinda concerned of what I'm going through now. This way I can kinda know if my process is normal or somewhat alike. I know it's only been 9 days after surgery which ain't much but I get a knot pain next to my belly button. When I press to feel where it hurts I feel a bump and it hurts and I'm just a little scared, scared it may be a hernia but I could be over reacting. Now.. I may be over doing it with myself too in moving around and doing stuff but I just wanted to know if any of you all get that tear,burning pain inside somewhere in that same area as well. I'm still on hydro which I want to minimize little by little as I go but it seems impossible for now and I wanted to get y'all's 411 on that too. I'm on my second refill and I'm not abusing it, just taking it as less as I can and when I need it only which feels like always. I just hope that after this refill or even before it's out I'm ok without it. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it feels impossible to live without it for now and maybe forever lol. After I completed my first 30 pills I bought the 500mg of Tylenol and took 2 at a time and they helped for like 1-2 hours and after that it was hell with pain. Then when I went to my drain removal appointment I told Julie about it and like always she's such a sweetheart she gave me another refill. Anyways please please ladies let me know if y'all get that pain, I've never had a hernia but I think that's how it feels by what I've heard. Hopefully it's just part of my inside that's swelled and may have hurt it a little somehow but will to away with recovery. Yesterday I have my 13 yr old daughter a little love spank and it felt like I was gonna die, pain like a MDFKR(sorry) but that's how bad it was, it was unbearable and I tried to stop from crying, pressed my stomach but took a while for the pain to stop burning/stinging me(almost died lol) extremely bad pain. So please please let me know if y'all gone through similar pain as recovering or currently going through it. Oh and before I go, I wanted to help out with a product I use for my mid and lower back pain. The back pain while recovering because of being hunched is like omg strain strain pain. Anyways I use the walgreens extra cool'n heat therapy pain relief stick. This stuff really helps out besides the pain pills. It looks like a deodorant stick and it's good because you don't get it on your hands. My hubby, mom, friend or I myself rub it on where I feel the muscle tension and soreness and boy o boy this helps. Of course it's temporarily but I use it like three times a day and I feel relief with it. It's inexpensive but worth it, I'll post a pic of it as we'll so y'all can see what I'm talking about. We'll ladies I'll post later or tomorrow depends how busy I get and here go the pics! Oh but don't forget to tell me about what I asked if y'all can relate please comment. Adios!(bye) :)

9 days Post op

9 days post op

Dont know what happened I uploaded my pics and only showed one so here I go, trying it again.

Post Op 15 day

Swell hell for the past three days, I've watched everything I eat very well to help avoiding the swell a little. I've read nutrition labels top to bottom and I guess it's just a normal process to have these days while healing like everyone else has posted. It's ok though, I still love the way I look now compared to before. I stopped wearing the binder three days ago because of my friend AmyS33(thank you!) and boy o boy I suffered but it did get better by the end of the day at first. At the very beginning after taking it off I felt like my insides were falling all out,(pain) terrible feeling(unbearable) couldn't breath well, had to catch my breath but I have been very delicate with my self as I went without it, all like a strong woman lol. Like I said, it kept getting better everyday. The next day my son had three soccer games and I love to watch him play, thats my only entertainment for now. I knew it was gonna be a up and down day, totally moving up down busy. My hubby had watched me suffer without a binder the day I decided not to wear it anymore so he begged me to wear it but I wanted to move forward with not wearing it anymore unless I was going to go a little over board normal which I was not, because all I would be doing is sitting the majority of the time, so I wore some spanx I had that gave me a little support. Even with the spanx being a little supportive my shorts were supper tight almost not fitting me, other shorts didn't even close at all. I got the biggest ones I had that would fit me way loose before and I was able to barely wear those at least for now, extremely tight but they fit! So I wore them all day and I adjusted to them and ended the day. I noticed that without the binder I was healing a little better were my body did not dependent all on it anymore which was a good thing, honestly waaay better. The third day was even better so that was awesome. I can't wait to get back to normal and start my running and working out plus playing soccer. It's been 15 days post op and I feel almost completely healed( I said almost lol) because it can vary lol, I will admit that the mornings are the hardest part for me, after that I'm ok. I guess I'm doing good on the healing part because I watch my portions, vitamins, minerals, I take enough protein everyday and move around as much as I can and feel comfortable doing so. I hope my post will help you'll out on healing ladies just as others did to me. I'll post some pics tomorrow although these recent pics I do not like much because Im swollen but I know at the end it will go away sometime and I'll get awesome results eventually someday... Lol. Thank you'll for reading my posts and I'll keep posting. Toodle-loo :-)

Post Op 15 pics

Ok ladies and seƱoritas it's pic time, almost 12am and I just logged in to post the pics I promised ok. I went to one of my sons last season games today and many of my soccer mommy friends seen me and none don't know that I went through surgery for a makeover to make me feel sexier lol. The last they knew was what I had told them, that I had, had back surgery because of a soccer injury while playing. I just thought it was the best excuse to give, only my closest family and friends know and of course you'll. So when they seen me they made me feel pretty, wonderful, model like, put me up on a pedestal lol! Every single one mentioned how great I looked and stated that I had lost weight which in reality I haven't because I weight the same and thanks to high protein, but of course it's the smaller abdominal area for sure and also I was wearing a very exact fitted spaghetti shirt with all the confidence in the world lol. I replied to them that I might have lost a few pounds because honestly I don't get very hungry with the hydrocodone pills. But I do eat to avoid getting weak and wimpy skinny . Anyways it was a great day, my sons team didn't win but tied 2-2 so that was good enough for me. Well it's pretty late and I'm so sleepy sorry if I misspelled but it's my pills and sleepiness all together and here are the pics. So far this is the most I've been swollen during my whole recovery. So TTYL my lady friends TC :)

Post OP 15 pics closer view

These pics are better and closer

17 Days Post OP

Oh my God ladies swollen like a balloon! So uncomfortable. Hopefully that is done soon, which I doubt. These past three days have been the worst if all swelling in all my after surgery days. At least I had a good time with friends that came to visit. I'll add pictures tomorrow morning just so you'll can see me as a huge balloon. TC friends :)

22 days Post OP

I'm okay I guess ladies, there are days that I feel like crying because I cannot get back to normal still. I am pretty active so I guess that is why. I just wanted to post a few pictures I am at 22 days post op. Here they go! Smooches!!

31 days post op

Help me ladies, everything is going well with the tummy tuck healing but I'm finding it pretty hard on the anchor lift and breast augmentation. My breast are extremely sensitive, I get this burning painful sensation. I don't even let my hubby touch me yet because it's painful and I'm so scared. Anyways I wanted to know if any ladies out there got the same lift and what can I do to help me ease the pain and help with my recovery. Thanks ladies!

8 months wow!

Wow time runs like water lol. Well ladies I'm doing great. Remember I had a anchor lift and tummy tuck. I've healed completely and the only thing I had a hard time was with my nipple sensiyivity. I wouldn't let my hubby close to them bc I would get so scared to hurt. It was a soreness sensitivity pain, but Ive come out of that. I have days they do get more sensitive than others but not often. I got 540 cc saline filled implants, and let me tell yall that sometimes I think I should of gotten bigger .. but compared to what they looked like they look grrreat. I'll post some pictures to keep yall up to date.

I chose my surgeon because he explained everything in detail and drew examples for me without me asking, making it simple to understand. He was laid back and informative which made me feel so comfortable, just if like I knew him a long time. Check out a consultation with him and y'all will know what I mean.

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