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I've been researching for a couple of months now....

I've been researching for a couple of months now. I have chosen Dr. Khan for my surgery. Reading reviews from this site and many others. Real Self gives an idea of what to expect, so I decided to also share my story. I am not a "fit" mom. I can't say I eat healthy around the clock cause I don't, at least not yet. I am taking a big step in my lifestyle change to better myself in not only my image but in my overall health. The countdown begins! 48 days until surgery! Can't wait!

Posting my before pictures.

Here is 36 hours post-op in my garment.

Every staff member working with Dr. Khan are amazing people. I felt nervous going in but they all assured me that they were taking good care of me. My nurse that helped me last night during my stay was very nice and attentive. I feel great. I was walking the same evening of the surgery. I can almost completely stand up straight just hours after. Pain is manageable with Ibuprofen I was prescribed. I'm walking around at home on my own. I can't wait to see the final results.

Shower time.

I removed my garment with the help of my husband. Was not able to on my own. I showered with his help also. Couldn't really twist my body to clean myself on my own. Felt a little nauseous after the shower but I laid down and it went away.

In clothes.

I feel great! I can walk normal and showered and dressed myself! I'm still swollen but I know that's normal. I can't wait to go shopping in a few weeks!

Walk but don't laugh.

My husband and son made me laugh. Oh gosh, that hurts! I cried with that pain. That's something I have been trying to avoid. NO LAUGHING COUGHING OR SNEEZING. I've done all three and it hurts so bad. I've been fine with pain management to where I've gone to lunch with my sister and shopped for hours for my boys. I walk perfectly fine just a bit slower than normal. I slept great last night. 10pm to 5am. I already got used to the drains. They don't bother me. I did my research before having my surgery and compared to other reviews, I believe I'm doing great.



Out an about. I feel great. :)

One less drain! :)

I just had one of the drains removed! Felt weird but didn't hurt at all. Just felt like something crawling out of my stomach! The incision looks great. I'm healing quickly. If I'm lucky, the other drain comes out in 5 days.


I am excited to see myself in a couple of months since I can already see a big difference just a week in. I have had minor swelling and manageable pain. I return to work in 10 Days.


Ok so overall I can say my pain has been minimal after reading what other women have been feeling post op. I have walked since the first evening. I've been able to eat and drink very well. I've eaten fish, chicken, pasta and rice, just to name a few. I have been having mild nausea and dizziness since yesterday evening but nothing too bad. Last night I propped my legs up to try and get more comfortable. Big mistake. I woke up with my back hurting. It went away after a couple of hours but was kind of a slow get up because of it. I feel small burning sensations every now and then on my incision. Nothing that hurts. I've had no problem going to the bathroom cause I've been drinking a Green Tea that keeps me from getting constipated. I'm still swollen but not too much to where I don't fit my clothes. One drain still in but really doesn't bother me. Belly button healing well. I am still on Ibuprofen every 6 hours but I will begin to ween off this weekend to ready myself to get back to work. So far, I believe I'm doing better than I expected.



After I shower everyday and notice that towards the ends of my incision, both ends are always swollen. The incision is also starting to itch. My new belly button is also healing very well. Overall the incision looks great. I can pretty much do everything ok. I got up this morning, made breakfast for the family, fed my 18 month old daughter and even did her hair. I'm walking fine just a bit slower than normal.


Ok so 11 days in. No pain meds during the day just at night to rest. The itching is crazy! :/ It's not painful, just itchy. I feel stinging every now and then but nothing that hurts. I can shower fine. Only thing is I'm still draining more than 25cc in a 24 hour period so we are waiting to take my other drain out. Doesn't bother me, want to do everything right to heal properly. I stretch to put my shoes on but if someone is around they help me since the stretching feels weird. I rather not hurt myself. I can cook, do the minor cleaning, walk great and wear my regular clothes. I'm still swollen but actually less than what I expected. Countdown to back to work.. 6 Days! I'm looking foward to going back. :)


So I was scheduled to see my nurse last Wednesday but my fluid CC was high(37) on my drain so I will see her tomorrow instead. Since then I have dropped to 20 CC of fluid. :)
Today was probably the best shower I have had since before my surgery. I was able to move a lot more and much easier. Still on antibiotics to prevent infection. I've been off of pain medicine during the day for a few days now. Just stopped taking it at night two nights ago and sleep normally. I haven't slept on my stomach but find sleeping on my sides more comfortable than my back. I'm eating healthy since my surgery but I have limited my junk intake even before. So far I feel that my recovery has been amazing. I honestly expected to not even be ready for work but I felt great since the day I walked out of the hospital the morning after my surgery. Best wishes to those ladies considering this procedure!


I went or see Dr. Khan today and had my drain removed. I have two small openings that are in the pics. If I heal by next week I start my Scar Treatment. When I got ready to shower, my opening of the drain started bleeding but I applied pressure for a couple minutes and it stopped. I did have trouble having a bowel movement that I only ate once today cause my stomach was so full. The pressure got intense. :\ Not painful though, just uncomfortable. I was able to go fine this evening and it feels so much better. I would recommend drinking plenty of water and take something regularly to prevent constipation. I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow!! :D


So I worked an 11 hour shift today. I stand all day. This is the most I've been swollen. :(
I know this is expected but it's so uncomfortable while at work. Hopefully after I get some rest, the swelling calms down.

Feeling awesome! Pain free! :)

Thanks ladies for great comments! I feel great today. Standing up straight....walking normal... doing normal activities. Most of swelling went down so much that my garment fits loose! New garment next week and hopefully I start my scar treatment! :D

Not even a month post-op....

..and I'm loving my results so far! I'm walking fine. Even fast walking at work. Nothing hurts. Showering perfectly fine. Just still having small tingling feelings in the abdomen. I stand 8-12 hours a day and so far no problems at all. The swelling just comes and goes but really I'm so comfortable, I forget I just had this procedure not even a month ago! I haven't weighed myself but I fit better in all my clothes. I'm eating healthy around the clock. No junk at all. I'm looking foward to hitting the gym when I get the green light that I'm ready!

6 Weeks Post-Op

Hello! So far so good. I've been able to walk normal speed now for a couple weeks now. I've been able to do all my daily chores. I even cooked Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and feel great! I have been able to lift my daughter that weighs 26 pounds easier than the I thought I would. Still a long way to go but I feel like the hardest part has passed. Scar looks great. I have been waiting for it to completely heal to start my scar treatmemt. I have moved to a smaller girdle now. The other one was way too big. Nothing fits anymore but I want to wait until next year to shop till I drop! ;)


I can pretty much do everything as normal. I still keep in mind not to lift anything over 20 pounds. Even though at work time flies and I feel so comfortable I forget about my restrictions. I have gotten the ok to start working out. To listen to what my body warns me about. I'm excited to get back to exercising. I will start walking then jogging this week. I am watching what I eat to better my results. I still get a tingling and burning sensation every now and then. Doesn't hurt, just feels weird. The SWELLING comes and goes almost everyday. Less in the mornings, more in the evenings. I know it's day by day. I'm patiently waiting for my day to come. I have started my scar treatment with EMBRACE. Hope to see even better results with it. :)

9 MONTHS IN.... Tummy Update

To begin with, I have not been on my best behavior on my food and exercise. Boo me. :(
But my jeans haver never fit better! My tummy stays flat! I have gained weight on my thighs which my husband loves so I guess that's why I don't mind it. Lol I'm getting back on my routine again soon. So the PROs, jeans and pretty much any garment I wear fits amazing more comfortable. I used to have to buy larger waist size just to fit my tummy so the larger the waist, larger everything so I looked like I was wearing pants way to big on me. That was the only way to be comfortable. Any good thing is that I haven't seen any weight gain on my tummy. It stays flat. Pretty awesome. Belly button looks great.
So the Cons, sad to say but after doing a little bit more research, I was misinformed by my doctor on my options for scar treatment so I could've had better treatment if I had just researched myself instead of following just my doctors advice. My incision is not perfect. Dark and not straight. :\
Also have two scars from the drain holes. If you can take anything and stick to it would be get as much as scar treatment as you can and research it well. Shop around and ask questions! Wish I would've done that more. Also,I still have numbness, not sure if that's a Pro or Con. Could go both ways.
Not in the whole area but most of it. I get sharp stabbing pains around the incision area after running. Not sure exactly why but I do. I can't really twist yet either. It feels like a hard pinch when I do. I hoping since I'm under the 1 year mark that there's still a lot more healing to do and maybe all these small pain and uncomfortable episodes can go away.
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Every staff member working with Dr. Khan are amazing people. From Kari at the front desk or Betty my nurse to even Jason the anesthesiologist. Everyone is so caring. I felt nervous going in but they all assured me that they were taking good care of me. My nurse Kari that took very good care of me during my stay was very nice and attentive. I feel great. I was walking the same evening of the surgery. I can completely stand up straight just hours after. I'm walking around on my own. Just 4 days in but I can't wait to see the final results. I would definitely recommend Dr. Khan and her staff to anyone considering a procedure. UPDATE 9 MONTHS IN I looked into scar treatment and it turned out Dr. Khan had been not only selling the wrong incomplete Tummy Tuck scar treatment but even instructing how to use it incorrectly. I feel like I lost so much time that I could've used to properly treat my scar if she and her staff were knowledgeable on the treatment options and how to apply them. After all this time, I would think maybe someone would call me to see how everything is going. I did get the 3 month call back but it was so short and not very open to if I had any questions. It was just get in for pictures and get out.

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