33 Year Old, No Kids, Can't Lose Stomach or Back Fat - Dallas, TX

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Hi everyone. I'm only a week out till surgery. I...

Hi everyone.
I'm only a week out till surgery. I did a lot of research and had two friend who recently went to Dr. Long and their results are Fantastic. I'm super excited about tumscent lipo because the recovery time is quicker and less risky than normal lipo. I work out three times a week with a personal trainer and still cannot lose the fat. I changed my diet to a more healthier one, but the rolls comes and goes. Not consistent. I tried everything but just cannot lose the pouch or rolls. I'm a little bit bloated, but my dresses tell it all. Since working out, my ass has lifted up and rounded out, but now in need the abdomen area to fit in.
When I went for my consultation, Dr. Long and Yadi (his assistant) explain everything in detail. I receive paperwork on the drugs i cannot take two weeks prior to surgery. However, I stop drinking for a mouth now and have incorporated an Alkaline diet. This should prevent any infection or sickness. I will update you all on the day before. But wish me well!

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Finally Day off Surgery I

Today has been rough for me. I bleed A lot and was in a lot of pain. Dr long told me to go home and drink 6 bottles of water to flush the medication on. Well, I constantly through up, so much pain. Just felt horrible for hours until medication sunk in. My boyfriend had to call Dr long because I wanted to take the garment off. But now, the garment don't hurt, the pain is my minimal and I felt like I can't wait to see the result. Tomorrow I go in for pictures. Super excited!!!!

Before and After Pictures

Finally, I'm feeling a little bit better. Still pain on my back and
side, but I don't regret anything. My advice is to drink plenty of
water. My garment is the Devil. I swear it's not one comfortable
position in this thing. I'm allergic to latex so the suit has a little
latex in it and my skin is reacting. This is the red marks on my stomach
and back. But Dr. Long advise that I use Vaseline and it is doing very
well. I'm still in love with my result. My ass looks amazing with the
lipo because my waist is so small. Tomorrow (Friday) I go in for another
checkup! Can't wait. Strongly recommend Dr Long to anyone. Good luck
everyone on your journey!!

Day 9 Update

OMG... this has been a journey indeed! Didn't think this day would come. I can only speak on my experience and it was sooo Painful in this garment. But it is coming along. On Tuesday, i went in for my 7 day post op with Dr. Long. It went well but then hell came because I was put into a smaller suit, and it seem as if I was living the first day of surgery all over again! It was horrible, but now my Body is adjusting and I'm doing much better. Little pain, more of discomfort with this faja. Ladies, I did experience lumps and hardness. Dr. Long suggested a massage and I have schedule one for tomorrow. Excited but nervous because I am still extremely sore. But it will help with the soreness and swelling, as well with the lumps and hardness. I went on Groupon and got a 60 minute lymphatic massage for 30 bucks. Not bad at all. Still a little bruising and red marks from the irritation from the faja.

Taking the faja off and on is not a challenge anymore. It's time consuming but not as painful and hard for myself. I will post more pick for you guys to see. I got in on October 9 for three weeks following up but Dr Long states if I have any problems to come in anytime. He is so awesome and kind. Christian man, which I love.

Fluid removed

Forgot to post how much fluid Dr Long removed!

Hi everyone, Sorry for the late update. I am...

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late update. I am TOTALLY CONFIDENT in my own skin now. Everything I put on shows my wonderful curves after having my love handles, bra rolls, mid section and ads done with Dr. Nathan Long! He is great at his craft. I have a two months follow up tomorrow. I have minor concerns. It's seems like my left side is extremely sore and hard. But it has loosen up. And my skin is not as tight like I want. I still have LOTS of swelling and one lump on my right lower abdomen area. That area is sore as well. Numbing in my back area and on my stomach in different places. I have reached a point that I wear my garment in the day and at night I sleep without. Dr Long has approve that. My stomach still have the impression mark of my board, but it's slowly fading away. Bio oil is what helping it. Often times when I eat a lot of salt, I swell pretty bad. But I have lots of follow up questions for him. Overall, I am satisfied with my results. But it can be better and flatter, but a lot of my friends, who has done lipo, is telling me it's swelling. Like my left side is trying to get a roll in the back and the right is too. But, I am confident that Dr Long will get me right. Just ready for this healing process to end!!

Updated Pic

The shine on my skin is from Vaseline since I been using Retin A for skin toning that Dr Long provided. Loving my Body
Dr. Nathan P. Long

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