Picosure and Medlite on 3/4 Sleeve - Dallas, TX

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I have decided to post my story after many nights...

I have decided to post my story after many nights reading posts on here. I am an attorney and about to attend medical school (I know!). I have a large and colorful 3/4 sleeve and another smaller tattoo on my chest.

I have been getting lasered by a medlite C6 for about a year and just switched to a Picosure. I have done all treatments with no numbing cream. I have found that just as much as the laser is a big deal the person behind the laser is just as important. I have had good results with the medlite because the lady doing the lasering was awesome. However, due to the colors and significant collateral damage with the medlite I have been getting Picosure treatments. The amount of pain, skin damage, and down time time is WAY better and I will never go back! Within 2-days there is no swelling and it has never bled with the Picosure. It is just a way superior product. The only problem I have found is that the Docs with the Picosure have been hesitant to turn the laser up and really blast the ink or the person running the laser has no damn clue what they are doing. It is more expensive because the laser itself costs over a million dollars! I have been to several Doctors with the Picosure because I needed someone that knows what they are doing. I have found out that as much research as I have done that I actually know more than the person running the laser most of the time. The place I go to now is great and I have the Doctor doing the lasering. I have pushed hard enough and the Doctor is now getting after it on the higher settings because I need this thing gone.

As of October I have been going every 3-4 weeks for over 2 years. I can now tolerate a lot more coverage each session due to the fading. At first, when it is darker it hurts way worse and you can't cover as much. It now takes me around 4-5 sessions to cover the whole arm once.

The tattoo on my chest is basically gone but there is scarring and redness because it was done with the Medlite C6. I am going to a plastic surgeon this week to see about my options for the scar such as chemical peel or dermabrasion.

You just have to be patient. I recommend no smoking. I try to eat healthy and work out. I don't put anything on the tattoo afterwards. I just shower and keep it clean and it heals incredibly fast. Unfortunately, I still have at least 2-3 years of lasering but it is fading. i pay around $500 for each treatment and basically get lasered as much as I can tolerate. I will have approximately $15,000 in it by the time I finish. You just have to have money, time, and a lot of patience:)

Recent photos

Plastic Surgeon

Met with a plastic surgeon today for slight scarring on my chest. He said it would take around 1-year for healing and that I should apply Mederma and Silicone gel daily for a year on both my chest and arm. He also stated that it is good for people to take at least 6-months off every now and then to allow the skin to heal and allow for better ink clearance without so much skin damage.

Skintastic Review

I enjoy where I get lasered so much that I wanted to give him a shout out. I have been getting picosure treatments done at Skintastic in Dallas and I just wanted to say that Dr. Adelglass is great. I have been to a few different places and they have been without a doubt one of the best. It has been a good experience and I would recommend that any one considering treatments go there.

Recent pics

Here is a few more pics that i took outside. I just had a laser session and will post more in a few weeks after I get some more healing and fading. The only thing I wish was there was a place in TX that had both a Picosure and Medlite. The one thing I have learned from taking off such a large tattoo is that it is all mental. Somedays are just frustrating...

Recent pics

Sorry for the delay. i have been moving and other things going on so I have missed being on here in awhile. Here is the most recent pics. Somedays I feel better than others as this stuff drags out. You can see the scarring on my chest. The redness is getting way better and hopefully in a few more months and once I get some color back it will continue to disappear.

Recent pics

Here is a few more pics. Today is one of those frustrating days. I wish this thing would go away. Trying to stay positive but when you have had to go through as much lasering as I have and then know you have a long road still ahead it makes it tough. You can tell depending on the light how much chest tat may or may not show up.


Hello, I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know I will have a few more pics up soon. I haven't been lasered in awhile since life gets in the way sometimes. Just means I have to keep being patient but at least I know it keeps fading for up to a year after a laser treatment so it's not bad to take breaks and let the skin heal. I will make an effort to be on here at least once a week. I know i have been slacking so my apologies.

one year without laser

Hello everyone. My apologies because I have not kept up with my profile lately as life has gotten really busy. It has been around a year without any lasering and the both tattoos have continued to fade really well. I am about to start another heavy duty round all of fall and winter. I realize now that it is actually good to allow the skin to heal and the ink to get maximum fading without cooking your skin. I am hoping another heavy round and maybe another year off and then one more touch up round and I should be done.

One more thing

I wanted to add that I plan on seeing this all the way through and posting it on here. I have yet to see a large, colorful tattoo that has been completely removed and I plan on being that guy.
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