I HATE my New Tattoo -Dallas, TX

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I had a lower sleeve done as a cover up for a...

I had a lower sleeve done as a cover up for a couple small wrist tattoos. I was a little taken back by this tattoo, but it is roses and flowers with a butterfly and a bumble bee. Very much me. So after I got over the shock, I liked it very well. I had really wanted a bird in my tattoo... And thought I would add one on my other forearm, since space was limited on my other forearm and I was not sure I wanted to go up my arm (Now I wish I had!).
The tattoo artist was in town (He is from out of country) and so I rushed into the planning of my second tattoo.
So I chose a mockingbird with just greenery because our ideas were not jiving. A good sign to wait.
He did a beautiful job of doing the mockingbird. Excellent work, but I hate it. It looks horrible to me on my skin.
I have investigated the best removal and it looks like the PicoSure laser is it. I live in Central America, but we travel to Dallas, Texas often to see family, so I am hoping to get it treated there.
I obviously have to wait a couple months to let the initial tattoo heal, but in February, I will have my first treatment.
I am a little anxious about it because I really just want my arm back without any more tattoos. I have had one tattoo lasered off in the past, but because of my impatience or the poor removal of it, I had a cover up over it. I really do not want that again-- but if I have to, I will. Anything that is brighter and more cheery than this drab little bird.
So here we go.
Will report back after treatment one.

Blessings! Rose

Update: First Picosure Session with Skintastic in Dallas, Texas

I had my first Picosure treatment of the mockingbird and my right ankle tattoo. It was HORRIBLY painful but the laser specialist made the procedure as pleasant as could be. The Dr recommended several treatments to get enough fading so I can cover it up in the future. I would like to get as much of the color out as possible-- my only fears is that a lot of orange and yellow are surfacing under the mockingbird tattoo. So we will see...
There has been a lot of fading already, but also A LOT of blisters. I would say over 80% of my tattoo blistered and still has a few blisters now that have not burst and many more that are still healing. It will be interesting to see what it looks like after it is all healed.
These are the photos immediately after the laser treatment.

Two Weeks Post - First Picosure Treatment

The mockingbird tattoo has one small dime sized scab but otherwise is all healed up, but very dry. I have been keeping it moisturized! :)
My ankle though is a concern. It has areas that look whitened/scarred over and other areas that seem like they are never going to heal-- they are just open flesh and I can see the colors of the tattoo very brightly and I have white raised areas along the edge of some of the tattoos. Several areas of this tattoo are VERY sensitive when touched. I have had laser treatments on a tattoo in a different site and have never had this kind of a reaction before... Does anyone have any thoughts??? (Excuse the hairy lower leg near the tattoo, unable to shave around the tattoo now!)

The good: The doctor and staff were pleasant and helpful. Clean office. Relaxed and casual atmosphere. The bad: A little frustrating when I called to confirm my appointment time and I had not been written in the books, especially when you get charged for being a no show. The ugly: Just the mockingbird on my left arm, that one day will be beautifully gone!

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