Finally Removing My Tattoo After 9 Years of Regret!!! - Dallas, TX

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I originally got a small "tramp stamp" my...

I originally got a small "tramp stamp" my sophomore year of college when my roommates and myself played hookey from school and somehow ended up at a scummy tattoo parlor. The artist's work was very poor to say the least and my small tattoo was etched so deep it is basically very thick scar tissue across the middle of my lower back. 12 years later it is still elevated on my skin. 9 years ago I decided to cover up the unsightly thing with a larger more artistic image. I initally liked the art and the colors were so vibrant and pretty. Now almost a decade later I don't know what I was thinking!! In reality, my boyfriend at the time got into a tattoo kick, covering his own body with tattoos and offered to purchase it for me so I abliged. UGH!! I had a consultation about 3 years ago where they zapped me with a q switched laser so I could feel the intensity of the treatment and told me I'd pay $500/session and would need at least 15 appointments to see results. Needless to say I never scheduled. Now I'm 31 and have a professional career and basically feel my tattoo is from a former life and desperately want it gone ASAP. I found a clinic in Dallas that specializes in tattoo removal with the picosure laser and I had my first session today. They are charging me $1,400 for 10 sessions and said they will treat it until it is gone. The procedure was VERY painful and I'd like to think I have a pretty good pain tolerance. Holy cow it hurt but the session was over in less that 5 minutes! =) Hopefully that means it's working ;) Anyways they feel confident I will have great results but point blank refused to let the laser hit the small portion of scarring from my very first tattoo...they explained that it can worsen the scarring to hit it with the laser and that the red will likely not respond well to the treatment anyways (this area is also the only red portion of my tattoo for the most part) I will most likely seek out consultations elsewhere once I have comleted my sessions. They treated roughly 80% of the surface area of my tattoo so thats not too shabby, right? I took 800mg ibuprofen before leaving the clinic and am about to apply my second ice pack. Before going to bed I will apply more aquafor and reapply the bandage. I can shower tomorrow as long as im very gentle with the treated area. I don't have pictures currently but I go back to the office next Tuesday and will see if I can get the photos they took of the first before and after.

Tattoo before and after 1st picosure treatment

The top picture was taken by a photographer about a year after I'd had the tattoo done. He has brightened the colors a lot but you can clearly see the older tattoo in the center of the heart that I covered up. And the bottom picture is from today. 24 hours after my first treatment with picosure.

Progress picture

It has been so difficult to find consistent documentation regarding laser tatto removal and the process as a whole. I'm hoping to post frequent pictures of my tattoo so that others can see what to expect. It's been especially difficult for me to find good before and afters of large colorful tattoos that have been removed. So today I am posting my tattoo 3 days after my first treatment with picosure. You can see at least one small blister and some light scabbing in a few areas. It's not painful but I do feel it pulling and breaking the scabs when I bend/twist my torso.

More day 3 after 1st laser treatment

2nd PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Session 4/7/16

So I was hoping to experience less pain with the second treatment but NOPE!! Still hurts like heck! I also experienced the metallic taste in my mouth that others have complained of...when I googled this I found a lot of info about metal toxicity which makes me nervous so there's a whole other issue I'll be concerned about going forward =( Anyways, when they compared my original tattoo to my results 8 weeks post 1st treatment I have fading of about 15%. I can definitely tell that the blue ink has faded a lot and looks like an old tattoo and some of the black outline has almost disappeared completely. Definitely a long process but as long as I keep seeing results I will stay motivated. I'm excited to see my results from this treatment and will post pictures soon! =). If anyone has any in sites regarding the metallic thing I'd be happy to hear from you.

PicoSure Tattoo Removal #3

Last weekend I had my 3rd picosure tattoo removal session. They turned up the intensity and I could definitely feel it. Questioning if I can continue with future treatments. Posting a picture of the original tattoo and an image taken 3 days after the 3rd treatment. It still needs to heal over the next few weeks and is a little swollen and red/scanned up but I am happy with the progress.

6.5 weeks after 3rd picosure treatment

Still terrified at the thought of going through with another treatment but the progress has been amazing.

PicoSure Treatment #4

I'm alive!! Lol many of you know I wasn't sure I was going to be able to continue after the pain of my 3rd treatment but 4 wasn't that bad!! I followed some advice from someone else who's going through the process and I wanted to share with everyone the steps I followed to reduce my pain without buying $60 creams or doing anything extreme.

First of all, and maybe I'm the last to know...ladies, (sorry in advance guys) if you're a day or two before your cycle starts or 1-2 days into your period, it causes your nerves/skin to be A LOT more sensitive!! So if you're having extreme/intolerable pain from you sessions think back to that and see if maybe that applies to you. It did to me for treatment 3 and I had no idea...the nurse said she recommends her clients reschedule if their cycle falls during their session.

30 minutes before my appointment I took a couple extra strength Tylenol, sprayed a boat load of Bactine (super cheap numbing spray you can buy at Walgreens/Target etc for minor cuts and that sort of thing) and then immediately started icing my tattoo right up until they made me remove them in the treatment room...omgosh you guys, treatment 4 was the quickest and least painful session I've had all year!!

They did wipe the spray off right before we got started but between the Bactine and the ice packs my nerves on the top layers of my skin were so numb that there were a few moments were I could hear the laser but hardly feel it (in places, not the entire was still pretty painful in a lot of spots but for anyone who's done this, if you could bring down the pain just a notch it would be a miracle ????).

This treatment took 7.5 minutes and she adjusted the laser setting again. Last treatment was 3.1 or 3.2 and she made adjustments to help continue increasing ink clearance.

So anyways, that's my treatment number 4 experience and on top of that my clearance is now greater than 50%!! I'll add some pictures once the swelling goes down in a few days...have a great day guys!! :)

Progress Update

I hadn't added any photos after treatment 4 because I wanted to really wait it out and see how much ink cleared from my last session. So here is my progress so far...

Treatment 5

Treatment 5

Lots of redness and swelling after treatment #5. Still pretty tender 3 days later.

5th PicoSure treatment finished!!

I had my 5th treatment 2 weeks ago and I'm still healing. They initially weren't willing to treat the area inside the "heart" because it's covering an old tattoo that is elevated/scarred but finally decided to add that area during my treatments. I'm a little frustrated because I didn't see much difference in fading between my 4th treatment to the day of my 5th. I initially had a lot of pain and redness that lasted about a week after this treatment so I'm hoping that means I'm about to clear some serious ink lol. The heart area is still peeling a little and feels dry and scabbed and is super itchy. For those who question picosure's ability to clear red ink, look at my before pictures. If you look closely you can see a smaller blackish colored heart inside the larger red heart...that's my old tattoo...they would just laser the very center of that heart in my past treatments and you can see some lightening compared to the rest of the may not completely clear it but maybe will lighten it a bit so you don't need as many treatments with another laser down the road. (Hope that makes sense. If. It message me and I'll try and re explain lol) I posted a couple pictures after the treatment with no written update so I wanted to get on here and talk about my treatment 5 experience. Treatment 3 was unbearable, 4 was not bad, and now 5 was pretty much a repeat of treatment 3. So hopefully that means I'll have some great before and after pics in the next few weeks :) Has anyone else had frustration over not seeing progress between sessions?? It will be hard to keep going back if I can't see that its fading at least a little bit each time.

6th Treatment with PicoSure Tomorrow!!

The last few treatments have been unbearable and have had me questioning if I can continue this journey...need lots of good thoughts ????

All healed up after Treatment 6 with PicoSure

I meant to get these posted sooner. Here are my progress pictures after treatment 6.

Comparing treatments 5 and 6

Original tattoo and healing after treatment 6

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