Upper and Lower Abs, Flanks (Love Handles) and Arms - Dallas, TX

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I found Dr. Huertas online and went in for a free...

I found Dr. Huertas online and went in for a free consult. They got me in very quickly and thoroughly explained the entire procedure, expectations, down time, etc. After the run through with one of his nurses, Dr. Huertas came in and examined the areas I was hoping to have done and had the nurses give me a quote. I also viewed photos of other patients who had gotten similar procedures. The waiting areas was very nice and comfortable.

I am super excited for my procedure and will make sure to upload numerous sets of photos and updates on swelling, compression garments, etc.

Change - Tumescent Lip is the correct type!

I have decided to not do the bra roll just for money purposes. I do not have enough to cover all of the procedures I would like. My new total cost for flanks, upper ab, lower ab and arms is $5,646.00 which includes my procedure costs, garment and all costs except prescriptions.

Before photos - I'll post full measurements later

Hey guys, signed my consent forms today and measured myself for my compression garments. 40 inch around the belly button area and 16 inch arms. Geez! But that's why I am having this procedure!

Are there any items I should buy to prepare for this procedure?


1 Week Out

I am super excited! Less than a week until my procedure. I received a long consent form to sign and gave my measurements. The area around my belly button is currently 40 inches and my arms are both 16 inches. I have always struggled with my arm size and lately my stomach size as well I am very excited to not have to deal with these issues anymore. I ordered some Arnica pills and cream by the recommendation of WellDeserved.

My boyfriend mentioned something that I had a question on actually..about how long after this procedure did you wait to have sexual activity? Was it painful due to the swelling? Just one of those random questions...I had heard from some reviews that a lot of the swelling went down to the vagina area and I am sure that could be painful.

I am creating a shopping list of all items I feel like I need for surgery and will post the list on here. Hope my review helps others!

It's finally here!!!

It is the day and I am super excited and nervous. I am in the preliminary room waiting to be marked up. Yipee! Wish me luck.

Day 1 Postoperative

Whoo ok! Wow.... For the people that said it felt like a massage were on crack. I obviously had a different experience though because I am allergic to painkillers so my procedure was done with only 800mg Motrin. So Dr. Huertas marked me up and then laid down on a surgical looking table. Small cuts were made by the incision sites and something was put in to keep them open. Then the surgical fluid was put and that was not fun. Dr said it was the fluid breaking apart the tissues but damn!!! It felt like stabbing with severe pinching and super uncomfortable. So after the fluid was put in the area was super numb and bloated. Next he took the tool to break up the fat and another one to suck it all out. Was super crazy seeing the fat being sucked out. I remember during parts of it being like "ok, this spot is done let's move on" but more and more kept coming. Procedure lasted from 9:20 to 1:30pm (4) hours for 4 sections. They then drained as much as they could and put the maxi pads on and put the compression suit on. My suit has suspenders over the shoulders and has the hooks and zippers up both sides. The arm one is like a vest with the full back covered and open breast area.


So went home and straight to bed. Woke up around midnight and thought it was noon lol. So out of it. I was by myself so my complaining and moaning was heard by no one. I ate a little bit, took my antibiotics and tried to go back to sleep. People were not lying when they said the flanks are the worst. Woke up again at 8 and ate some more and watched tv and such. Leaked a lot during the night and my pants were soaked through. Was nervous to take a shower but finally gave in at 24 hours post op. My garment said hand wash only but I did the hand wash cycle and delicate dry in the dryer. Have to get it back on in a second here. Also, my arcana pills didn't come until day before surgery so I started today mostly. We shall see if they help because when I bruise they last forever and seems like never go away.

Day 2

So much easier day two. Still difficult to sleep but that is just because of the compression garment. Arms are much more swollen than I thought but otherwise just some small bruising. I feel super weird when I take off my garment for a shower like the skin is very loose.

Hope this review is helping others!

Ways to prep for surgery
1. Put stuff you will need at waist height
2. Prepare food ahead of time that you can just warm and eat.
3. Buy a good stain remover for when you leak the fluid
4. Get plenty of antibacterial soap to use while cuts are healing
5. If your garment only has a hole instead of snaps sit as far forward on the toilet as you can so you don't pee on yourself. (Gross but true)
6. If you live alone and have pets get someone to help you with them for the first couple of days.
7. Do your massages while in the shower but make sure to go slow so you don't pass out.

Sorry that is all I can think of now.

Lymphatic Massage

Went in for my first massage yesterday and it was definitely different. She used a machine that kind of sent pulses through her hands to me. It felt fine and no pain. Had a lot of reduced swelling especially in my hands right after but once I put my garments back on the swelling came back :( I paid $70 for one massage ... Is this average or ? How many massages did you guys end up having? My one week follow up with my doctor is Friday so I will post more photos then.


Does anyone else feel really depressed first week post op? I have to wear clothes that were too big before surgery now to fit over the compression garment and lipo foam. I am not expecting immediate results but I hate being bigger than before. :( I am down 1 1/4 inches on each arm and 1 3/4 inches by belly button. I can tell I am still very swollen especially in the groin area. I will say though that yesterday and today were significantly easier than prior. Not sure if that is because of the massage or just because I am healing.

Anyone that had previously had their arms done ... How many inches did you lose? A little over one inch does not seem like enough to me and my arms do not seem that swollen. I started at 16 inches and now am 14 3/4.

7 days post op

Had my one week follow up appt today. Dr said I am doing well and will notice a lot more swelling reduction in the next few weeks. Mentioned I will need to order another garment in a week or so and they are like $100 each geez! Anyone know of good ones that are cheaper? Also had my second lymphatic massage today and she actually worked on my stomach and it felt great. Felt a lot of the junk move around in there. Hoping for more swelling reduction soon!

Missed this one

Comparison photos


So my lower abs are pretty firm and tight but my upper abs are either super swollen or he didnt get all the fat out...the upper part is droopy and loose. Anyone else have this issue?

I was feeling super cute and skinny new years eve and wore a cute dress out but day after feeling fat and bloated. Must be the alcohol and some bad foods catching up with me. I have been trying to do at least 2 really good meals a day and one moderate meal but it is still challenging getting away from old habits.

Tomorrow is my 3 week post op and I am finally going to try a workout...think I may wear my garment during? I dunno...my skin is pretty sensitive still and if I walk too fast I feel my lower tummy be kind of numb and feel weird.

Will try to post more pix tomorrow for an update. How is everyone elses progress?

Not seeing any lumps but can feel some when I massage in the shower, flanks seem to be taking the longest to lose the swelling.

Nearly 4 months post

Hi all! I have thought soooo many times to come update but kept forgetting or maybe my results are not as nice as I was hoping they would be so I am a bit discouraged I think too. I wore my compression garment for 2 months I believe and ordered a size lower so I got to a medium. My upper abs are still looking loose and my love handles do not seem as toned as I had anticipated. Arms seem smaller but I still get swollen all over and have my skinny days and days I feel huge. I will post updated photos so I definitely have changed but I also have been working out and clean eating since early January basically. Down a total of 34 pounds - now about 183 and still losing. I'll post measurements if anyone is interested just don't have them now.
Dr. Huertas

Very sweet and nice doctor. During the procedure he kept asking me if I was ok and making sure I felt relaxed. His staff take usually about a half day to reply to my calls prior to surgery...we shall see now that I have had my procedure. I would say half day is normal because of how busy they are.

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