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I found this site and the reviews of so many who...

I found this site and the reviews of so many who took the time to share so helpful I thought it was only right that I post as well. Today I had Smartlipo Triplex performed on my upper and lower abs and the front side of my flanks. I was scheduled/paid for upper/lower abs, front/partial back flanks, and inner thighs. However, I am having the procedure broken up into two sessions due to maximum anesthetic limitations.

I have to say, even after reading so many reviews, I was completely unprepared for the pain of the numbing procedure. Not only was it very painful - and I thought I had a fairly high threshold for it - the process of its application caught me off guard. I am definitely not trying to scare anyone and I am so far very happy I did it; however, I wish I had understood what it felt like so I could have been a little more prepared. So I'm going to give a quick overview. By the way, I am about 4 hours out of "surgery" as I write this.

So my day started with my prescribed daily dose of Arnica and Vitamin K, and my first dose of antibiotic. The procedure was scheduled for noon so of course I was up at the crack of dawn anxious to get going. About 30 minutes before arriving I took one pain pill and a Valium (these types of drugs have little effect on me in small doses as prescribed and honestly I didn't feel much in the way of drowsiness). So I arrive, am taken back to my personal recovery room to undress and relax a bit. Then the before photos were taken, the results of which made me even happier to be there. LOL

Finally time to begin. I get to the OR and all set up. Huge screen with my pictures for him to view during the procedure - ugh. The nurse gave me some additional sedative for nerves. Hardly did a thing. But still, no big deal - YET.

He begins with a pinch and a warning of the shot of lidocaine. Uncomfortable but not unbearable by any means. However, I didn't realize that the numbing shots were only for inserting the applicator that would be used to numb my entire mid-section. The part he described as the most "uncomfortable" part of the entire procedure. And in my case, that was the understatement of the century!

I have no idea what it truly looks like, but it FELT like he was inserting a tube into the numbed incisions that seemed about 8 inches long. He told me he liked to just go for it rather than prolong it by going slowly because it would be better for me to get it over with. And as he inserted the "tube" to numb my insides it felt like it was ripping through my inner layers of skin and fat (maybe that's exactly what was happening), and like what you would imagine actual liposuction feeling like. Up down, deep and back, high up and low, side to side, the sensation of popping and separating skin from fat.

While the lower portion and front side of flanks were painful, they were NOTHING compared to the numbing process of the upper abs. He went through my navel area up near my ribs and diaphragm. He warned me beforehand that this part would be the most uncomfortable. And boy, I found it to be excruciating. He was very patient with me, stopping when he felt I needed a break. At one point however I became very hot and started sweating profusely. I asked if this was normal and his nurse said I was very pale. She checked my blood pressure and it had dropped to 85/43!!!! I started to panic a little because I had never heard of blood pressure being so low. But they assured me that I would be fine and elevated my lower portion. After a few minutes I did start to feel better and stopped sweating, then we started again. This happened when I was only about 2/3 of the way through just the numbing part!!!

FINALLY we're done. Time for the laser part. He tested a few areas with that dang numbing tube back and forth all over the place and it was fine. Again, though, that popping sensation really freaked me out. But it didn't hurt. Just feels very strange. We found a few areas that needed a little more numbing and he did. However, by this time I had reached my max on how much anesthetic I could safely handle. I was on my own for the rest and if it became unbearable we would have to stop. So I bit my lip and went for it.

I would highly recommend to anyone who may get squeamish to bring a pair of headphones and listen to music. The sounds of the laser and suction while at the same time feeling the tugging and jarring back and forth and imagining all of this stuff going on made me a little...I don't know...I just wished I didn't have to hear it. I tend to get a little dizzy at such things. There is actually a name for this response...starts with a "V", and I've experienced it before with other procedures. So if you're like that, bring se music. Would have made things a bit easier.

Anyway, about 2.5 hours for the procedure that we could not finish fully. He was able to remove 2600 ccs from just my abs and front flanks alone. So I was happy with that (photo attached). And I'm not HUGE. While I have no visible point of reference as to the results right after the procedure, I can say that when he started, he was gently pinching large areas of fat rolls on my abs (I could pinch about two handfuls on my lower abs before the procedure). And when we were finished he was pinching those same areas as he did before he started and it felt like he could maybe pinch an inch from the top of my upper abs to the bottom of my lower abs, evenly. And I could feel a significant pinch reduction on my flanks even though there is still quite a bit left to remove from the back side.

Today is Friday, July 5; the second and final session is scheduled to occur next Tuesday (back side of flanks and inner thighs). As you can imagine, I'm not very excited to go through it again so soon, especially because I will still be very sore. But it was not bad enough where I won't do it or hold off. I want my results to occur simultaneously as planned. My flanks have bee a thorn in my side (no pun intended), since forever. My poor daughter, who is 5'9" and only 120 has them. Genetics...(sigh). So the flanks were the most important part of this for me, and I am determined to see it through.

I'll keep you posted as so many of you have, which I am very grateful for.

By the way, I am 40 with 3 children (one of which is 3 years old); I'm 5'2" and 142 lbs.

Post-op day two

So I finally got to unwrap myself last night (Saturday, July 6) after 24 hours to take a showe and see myself for the first time. And I am VERY pleased! Not to mention I still have my second procedure left to finish the backside of flanks and inner thighs. While I am definitely swollen and my side pics don't reveal much difference, the most obvious reduction in fat can be seen around my belly button (see new before/after pics of navel area). Also, when I bend over or sit, there are no fat rolls hanging over when before there were at least two handfuls!! That's definitely where the difference is and an indicator of what's to come. And everyday the pain is exponentially better. Where Friday evening I could barely move, this morning I woke up optimistic that I can maybe make it into work tomorrow. Still sore, but SO much better than yesterday!

The Tuesday procedure is scary because of how much pain I was in, and that I am still very sore. But I can say that the pain is very localized only to the areas worked on. That "invisible line" I spoke of between front and back flanks is like night and day between each side. The side worked on is very sore, but the backside isn't at all. It's almost like you could draw a line right down the middle where the pain ends and no pain begins. Pretty remarkable. So as long as they don't touch the front side much I should be fine. (Eeek!)

So, so far I am very, very pleased, especially considering that I had prepared myself to be patient on seeing any results after reading so many posts and before/after pics. Like I said, I'm still very swollen. But it's easy to tell that it's only swelling because there is no fat to pinch, no rolls when I bend over, and you can clearly see the difference in a significant reduction of fat around my belly button.

Can't wait till everything is all done on Tuesday. I can already tell there is going to be a HUGE difference before and after the procedure a month or two down the road. Yippee!!

Oh, and NO leakage!

I forgot to add that as of today, second day post op, I have had ZERO leakage. Wasn't sure if that was good or bad. But since I am seeing results - and hardly have ANY bruising - I guess it can't be a bad thing, although it is surprising. I haven't had to sleep on a shower curtain or anything for that matter, not even a towel. The only bruising I've had are on my flank areas, and even that is minimal. But most importantly, I have had NO problems with loose skin. I was very worried about that pre-op because after three children and being overweight now for more than four years, I figured there would be some. Now there is a little part along my c-section scar that seems a little more bulgy in the middle, but even if that hung around I would still be very pleased with the overall results because nearly ALL the overhang and flab that was above my scar is flat against the skin now. And that's the first I've EVER seen that since I had my daughter in '93, even when I was super skinny. I've always had that "hangover" above my scar. Now there's nothing except a little bulge in one area. So pfstt, I'm super pleased.

Fingers crossed for Tuesday!!!

Day 3 - Back at work!!

So I'm three days out and feeling good. Was even able to come into work. I have an hour commute-drive to and from and made it just fine. The soreness has subsided so much more than yesterday. Like night and day from the day of the procedure to now, which makes me less anxious about tomorrow's round two. I am planning to go in straight from work tomorrow at 5 and get right to it. Took Weds and Thurs off work completely knowing that the first two days are very sore. There's no way I could make it in. And I know I'll be taking pain meds so I won't be good for much of anything. But today - no pain medication, not even Tylenol, since I'm having the second procedure tomorrow and I don't think you're supposed to take anything beforehand. Regardless, I don't feel I need it. Posting new pics from this morning. A little more bruising but not too bad. Same flanks area that was bruising before, so no surprises there.

Front Day 1-Day 3

Not too bad!!!

2nd round - backside flanks and inner thighs

Boy, I have to say, Round 2 was a million times easier and less painful than Round 1 of the upper-lower abs and frontside flanks. Like it wasn't very painful at all. I was so nervous and scared from what it was like the first time I even thought of canceling; I'm so glad I didn't. So if I scared anyone before, it is easier and less painful for some than others. My first round may have been an anomaly. But I was no exaggerating. I think the key is understanding what it feels like and what to expect. That probably played a big role in how I handled the first procedure and this one. And of course it was performed in less painful areas. On the other hand, part of the second round of flanks did cross beyond that "invisible" line of pain I spoke of before. But it was MUCH less intense than I had imagined. So all went great!

He did additional before pictures and ended up going "beyond the call of duty" in some areas on my backside just to ensure a great result. Pretty nice considering I was already paying a special $1500 per area discounted special. He is a wonderful doc. He even waited to perform the procedure at 5:30 so I could work a full day. Love this guy. And I cannot wait until a month down the road because I will love him even more I'm sure :)

An additional 1300 ccs of fat was removed today, bringing the total to nearly 4000 ccs removed of almost pure fat overall, 70% of which was from my abs alone. Not much was needed from inner thighs. He said any more than a few hundred would end up leaving an awkward looking indention. While I don't have a before/after pic of my inner thighs, I do of my backside love handles. And the results were amazing, right off the table.

Also, unlike before, I am experiencing quite a bit of leakage but not overwhelming. However, I did have to take out the shower curtain tonight to sleep on.

Will update more in a couple days!! Yay, finally done!!! And very, very happy!!!

Day 8/Day 4

Well second day back at work since second procedure and it was the first day that I've felt the "hardening" of my stomach that so many talked about. It was also the first day that I wore my compression garment without the foam padding insert. So maybe it wasn't the first time it's felt hard but the first time I've actually felt it harden and swollen. It sorta worried me a bit because I had worked a long time with long periods of sitting (I don't have the best posture) and did some off and on driving/walking to meetings. Stressful. So I called the doc who told me it was normal - the hardening is dispersed evenly over my abdomen - but that I should go home and take it easy, which I am.

The good part is that even with all the swelling and hardening, I fit easily into the same clothes I did before the surgery, which probably doesn't seem like improvement, but it does because there is no feeling of "fat" or rolls underneath. It's tight but very swollen. So I know for sure that once all the swelling goes down it's going to feel and loos great. I know that my clothes sizes will become smaller and smaller, and get looser and looser as the weeks go by.

So it's all good. But no pics to post this time.
Charles Powell, Femsmart

Loved the doctor and staff. Still too early to review for full results. But so far so good!

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