Doctors/RS Ladies... Is my BBL Supposed to be High on Top, Flat in the Middle, and Droopy on the Bottom? Dallas, TX

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IDK... I guess I expected an immediate round,...

IDK... I guess I expected an immediate round, perky, full projection, high up butt. Instead, Im dealing with stiff high butt/hips, flat in the middle between where both cheeks meet, and wide hips. The bottom of where my butt cheeks meet is just square and saggy. (Ewe!)
I was under the impression that the BBL would lift things up high and give me a nice round projected figure (I'll show pics of before and after)
Does anyone else know if this is normal... Or, maybe my doctor just didnt know where to inject the fat to make my butt project out of my lovely lady humps like I asked him to do? Well... he did say it was okay to lay on my back as long as I had a pillow under my butt. I don't know about that, because everywhere on RS I've read you're supposed to sleep in your belly. I asked my PS four times and he said it was fine as long as I had a pillow underneath me. HEAR THAT Ladies... You can STOP sleeping on your aching backs as long as you have a pillow under your butt. GREAT NEWS!!! Now, the only problem with me is that my butt has no projection. Hmm... Could this be why I'm FLAT??? AGAIN... I asked my PS why is my butt flat... Is it because I'm sleeping in my back with pillows??? He said absolutely not, but didn't give me a good explanation. He just said I'm still very swollen. Okay, I guess I'll just wait to see what I'm going to end up with in a few month.

I have to say, I really do feel this is my fault. After all... his specialty is facial cosmetic surgery, NOT BBLs. I just wanted the best and didn't think twice that perhaps he wasn't as skilled at performing extreme BBLs like some other doctors are. When my PS also told me it was okay to lay on my back as long as I laid my butt on pillows... perhaps that's was a sign.

Anyway, We met after a week of surgery and he said that he put in 900cc in each cheek because that is all that would fit "safely" because my skin was so tight. So, for safety reasons they could only lipo/remove a total of 4-5 lb of fat out of my stomach/flanks/mid-thighs/lateral thighs/inner knees/full back (top and bottom)/arms/fat pad in the back of my neck. No way! Im a 155 lb woman. 5'4", there is no way my skin was too tight to inject the 1100cc I requested. This would have definitely given me the projectile I was looking forward to having.

I did wind up asking my PS and showing him a picture of a womans butt who was closely built to my bodys shape with a SWEET BBL projectile, if it were possible for him to try and replicate? The good doctor looked at me and said... "Maybe next year." What?!?! ????

- Why are the bottom of my cheeks so droopy and hanging?
- Will this eventually lift and become miraculously joined with the upper part of my butt?
- Is there such a thing of safety being an issue when lipoing the body that I could only stand to have 4-5 lbs of fat lipoed out? (Remember: I'm 5'4" and 155 lbs)
- What about skin being too tight on my derrier that the PS said could only add 900cc in each cheek for safety reasons? (Truly, if you look at the bottom folds of where my butt cheeks meet you can clearly see the dropping of the skin. I don't see that as tight skin, do you?)
I do understand that I'm still very swollen and need more time to recover... But, I just don't see how I'm supposed to see those great butt cheek projects I posted as my wish pick.

I will keep posting updated picks as the weeks go by.

BBL pics of before and after

Not sure why these pics didn't upload with the original review... But here they are. Any comments???

More close up pics after 1 week of lipo and BBL

Updating pics of my BBL progress.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

He smelled really nice, dressed fabulously, smiled a lot, and seemed to be very confident, which I do like. I never really received any phone calls when I asked his assistant to have him call me a few times. I wish I would of had some kind of a closer connection with him, but I knew he was a very busy guy, so I didn't push. His assistant is new, so things are slower. I'm still waiting on a response regarding my refundable deposite from her. It's been a few weeks and I still haven't seen it posted back into my CC. One thing... It did bother me that he didn't offer a revision when I mentioned adding more fat to help with my projection. He seems like a nice guy, but I didn't get what I was hoping for regarding the BBL. And the fact that he lipoed so little out from my body and I paid SO freakishly MUCHO. Oh, well... that just makes me kick myself on my flat behind a bit for not doing my homework.

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