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I have been to 4 doctors before deciding to...

I have been to 4 doctors before deciding to proceed with American lipo. One nutty plastic surgeon who advised for a tummy tuck when I know i have no hanging skin and good elasticity. From all of them I can discern no particular difference other than pricing. Reviews for people with similar body structure or slightly bigger than mine have been good and I am positive about the procedure thus far. I will be doing upper/lower abs, flanks and bra rolls. If all goes well I will go back in the winter for my arms but do not want to be in arm sleeves in the summer. My Dr will be Thomas Baker and this guy looks young, but like I said I see good work done for the right body types, since technically for lipo you really shouldn't be too overweight. Most actual plastic surgeons advised me to lose 10-15 pounds but the non plastic surgeons did not...Hopefully this is a good decision and I will not get any seromas or loose skin from my outcome. Most of all Im scared of the numbing part and how long I will need to take off as I work in sales...

1 day b4 Surgery!

Trying not to get antsy about my surgery Thursday 6/9, Im just hoping the pain and numbing part isn't too bad. I have gathered all post-op supplies needed and have made my bedroom just as comfy as when I had ankle surgery. I feel as if I could get my period anyday now and Im praying it comes after because I dont need the extra tenderness during all that poking! Im also prepared to take off work extra time if needed, thus far I plan on going back on that Monday, but will take more time if needed. When I went in for my pre-op appointment I saw a woman leaving from her surgery and for the most part she just seemed loopy but didnt seem in pain just sore as she walked out with her family, this made me feel better. My main concern is not getting burned and having a seroma, and having rippling or loose skin. I purchased medical foam boards to put on over my Faja surrounded by another ab binder. This hopefully will encourage good shaping and ease bruising pain. Also I have pre-scheduled lymphatic massages for my midsection and back starting the Tuesday following surgery. I plan to do these once per week professionally and every other day at home. Anyway praying this goes well, update soon!

surgery day today!

whew!!! so basically I went into the office at 635 to get ready which was fine because they tend to run behind, tookpregnancy test than proceeded to wait for premeds.so as I'm in the waiting room i hear the girl ahead of me screaming about the pain and they must've been doing her numbing shots because after 10 min it was gone when Debbie came out to do my meds I def asked her about it and was rethinking it, but she assured me everyone's experiences were totally different some people felt nothing some people just Mild and still asleep and some people had extreme pain. the good news is before that the friend of the girl in surgery actually came from the car and sat next to me and she had had it done about a month ago so basically she was telling me her experience is what she told her friend like it does hurt definitely but everyone's experience is different for her after the numbing it was okay but she felt jabs during the laser and I was like geez but for the most part it's something that she would do again because the pain wasn't that bad. So I get my meds and that definitely in short time made me very loopy and I just proceeded to go into the operating room then theygive you a little underwear to put on and your sports bra and I just hoped it on the best and laid on the table with my stress ball which really helped me during it.so for me the worst parts were kind of the numbing because it's not just like a regular shot they shoot the anesthetic in which is very stinging and it's like it's going into different areas like a snake that stinging you but it's really just the fluid in that particular area once that's finished you don't feel anything again and then they might have been another area that starts over but so far as the actual laser part it really just felt like a bunch of jabbing around sometimes they would hit specific spots that really hurt more than others but for the most part I would find myself falling asleep and then there will be a small jab that I feel and wakeup, for the most part weird I would say its dealing with when they were lifting me up from surgery to show me I couldn't see a difference because I was bloated and my skin literally felt like Jell-O like I didn't even want to touch it because like you can bend it in all types of ways I just wanted her to put the compression garment on ASAP so that I can go home and I was bleeding or fluid from the incision sites really bad so I kept having them pad myself everything twice then pretty much bled through in the car and then I had to basically put towel over the seat. I feel like im gonna run through 5 to 6 doggie pads down on my bed right now I'm just sitting here waiting to fall asleep to wake up the next day to take my shower and hopefully see some beginning results judging on the amount of fat they take out I would say they did a good job I just can't see it yet

pics day one

In tolerable pain but so happy! havent had a stomach like this since middle school!

Soo yesterday after surgery my friend dropped me off and since it is currently Ramadan, he couldn't help me change my dressing so I had to wait until my mom came home from work :( My Aunt came on her lunch break though and we began taking off the pads and they were SOAKED, mostly in my lower tummy incisions as thats where the most fat was. I could literally take off the pad and press my stomach to get a mini gusher, this made my Aunt queasy lol. but the more drainage the less swelling so I got out as much as I could. By then I could notice from pulling down the garment a bit of the success, alot of flatness in upper abs. So that night my mom babied me feeding me and such which was good because I couldn't even sit on the toilet alone! In bed I needed firm pillows so I could sleep upright which was the only way to be comfortable. I had 2 firm Euro Pillows and a body pillow and then more to cushion unsupported areas. With the tramadol I was able to sleep most o the night for he exception of having to wake my mom to pee and such. So the best part, this morning I wake up and hallelujah its shower time. Let me be clear I read reviews about this and I totally agree that first time you have to take off the garment and put back on is the crappers. It took a minute because I didnt want to be touched because the skins hurts so bad and feels like someone elses,and dont rub one if the incision sites, yikes! After the pain of removal it was like viola! Success! my stomach is bloated but still a whole different stomach and no bra rolls! Now I know these arent final results and I will prob swell like a balloon the next few weeks but Im happy for now...Got in the shower hot hot hot for 30 minute until my mom forced me out, it was a maneuver to cover incision areas from getting hit too as I have high water pressure. Anyway main note her please Know unless you are GI JANE dont try this without help! Im very solitary but or this I dont care who sees me, friend family coworkers all scheduled to check on me,lol at least those 1st 2 days. So far good job by Dr Baker!

Feeling better, less swollen today and feel a bit more normal

Feeling good 5th day, compression garment is a must without it my stomach feels like concrete weighing me down. Also itching has started and Im using cortisone cream and benadryl because its almost worst than the swelling pain. I went back to work today because I was getting cabin fever and I noticed sitting around for me was making it worse each time I got up. I used a pillow to sit and my desks and walked around every hour or so.I had to wear the binder and compression garment to be able to drive so as bumps on the road wouldn't make me swell up...Swelling seems to have gone down today even though I got my cycle 3 days in. OMG total disclaimer, please wear the cotton ball the surgeon advises you to keep in your belly button under your garment! If your Dr doesn't tell u about this beware! I left it out one day and my belly button looked like a quarter slot! you have to keep one in while your stomach its shaping! I met a girl on my surgery day that forgot to do this the first month and it didn't look good!

Day 8 slowly healing feeling better and worse!

So my swelling has been flaring up and down. One thing that comes with feeling better so far as bruising is that it comes with insane itching. It comes and goes but is worse to me than the pain because it is under the skin not on top. During the work today I was really agitated and tried allergy pills, cortisone and rubbing to no avail, it just has to come and go on its own. I've heard this is a symptom of healing as your nerve fibers comeback together. I was walking a lot faster today at work but still slow. One thing Im happy with at this mark was on day one I had a fat ridge right on my lower abs that turned out to be fluid that needed to dissipate over time. You can see from my pics how it has went down. Also on my post op appointment 2 days ago the dr put huge gauze pads between my garment and flanks to promote better shaping. They said I could also use a washrag in place of this as well later. Sooo Im seeing major progress and I know its just the beginning of ups and downs but here's some issues. The doctor took out about five pounds of fat and on my post op she showed me how to do a drainage massage which hurt like hell. You basically have to press your palm into your tissue and massage into the deep tissue not the top of the skin, so u really have to dig in there to help break up the scar tissue b4 it starts healing in lumps, sooner the better. I found that evening when I got home this is something that is easier every time. After I showered that night I laid on my bed and did one with coconut oil. I felt much better after and the next morning I was walking better and stomach felt smoother and more contoured. I wish I would've been trying this in the shower the first 3 days when my incisions were more open to promote drainage. One thing I had today was and intense hardness around the flanks as I feel this is the most sensitive area and also the hardest to reach to massage on yourself. I was waiting to get my professional massages until I felt better but really sooner is better and Im scheduled for Monday a full lymphatic drainage massage. This is definitely a process because Im wanting my stomach a lot flatter than current but I know in 3-6 months there is a lot of time and it takes a while to get back to what your body will look like right after they perform the surgery,that day will show you the smallest you will get but right after you will swell back up until fully fully healed...

5 months out

Still totally worth it but please believe the process is not as simple as most Dr's will make it seem. I happened to meet a few women who had it done after the fact and we all can concur the full healing time is 6-12 months. I still have numbness in my stomach currently and I have swollen days still from healing. I get massages at least twice a month to make sure no lumps are healing into my tissue and every time it breaks up the masses in there causing swelling again, each month overall swelling goes down and some weeks go by where my stomach is super flat others I can visibly see the swelling.I would expect to be wearing some type of tummy control everything the first year at least 3 days out the week or at night. Iuse the faja sometimes but mostly thongs with the control top. U will notice the difference if u go too many days without something constricting your stomach.also don't gain weight! I got lazy for a moment and started getting a bit back around my bra line, but mostly in my hips right below where I had my love handles done????
Dr Thomas Baker

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