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I am not much for waiting. Honestly this is a step...

I am not much for waiting. Honestly this is a step that I never thought I would take. I have always been supportive of others having weight loss surgery but really never thought that someone would be me. I have prayed in the past about it and quite honestly never felt at peace about it. However, 3-4 years later and my weight will not come off and I have been diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic and put on medication (not insulin yet), on top of already having Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia, Neck and Back problems and being in pain most of the time with brain fog. Needless to say, it was time for a change. I am presently waiting for my medical clearance to go through and all looks good at this point. Once the clearance comes through then I will have to go in an have a UGE done to check for a hiatal hernia. After that, then we schedule the surgery and we are currently looking at a date of late January or early February for the Sleeve procedure to be done. I am so ready for this change. My husband has always called me cheerfully animated and yet for the last couple of years, I can't say that the term applies anymore. I just want to get back to being me, to get back to a better quality of life for me, my husband, my children and grandchildren. Please be praying with me about this next phase in my life. I really appreciate it and I will be getting on her periodically to keep everyone updated. I would love to hear your stories leading up to and after the surgery.

Getting Closer to the Day

Like I said in my earlier post, I am not one for waiting. Thought I understand that it happens in some instances and try to be gracious about it. However, after waiting several months for this other place to get the ball rolling, I decided to look some place else. I am soooo glad that I did. I called and talked to Kim Bariatric and within less than two weeks I had more accomplished through his office than in 3 months at the other facility. I have absolutely loved my experience with him and with his staff. He has surrounded himself with top notch people who really care about the patient and care about the journey that you are own. At this present time, I have already had my EKG, Echo, Stress Test, and the EGD performed. I also have a sleep study scheduled to get an update on my apnea and how I am sleeping. If all comes back clear then I will start my pre-op diet and then the surgery. I am so excited that things are finally moving along. I am a little irritated that my insurance policy has an exclusion clause in it for Bariatric Surgery because you would think that they would want you healthier so that they didn't have to pay out as much but apparently that is not the case. Regardless, there are ways to come up with the financing if you need to and it will be the best money I could spend since I am investing in my health and in my future with my husband, children and grandchildren. I am encouraged by all of the post I have read and I am trying to give encouragement along the way as well. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I will see you all soon.

Test Results

Well my test results from the EKG, Echo and Stress tests came back and everything looked good. I just have to go to do a consult with the Cardiologist this Thursday so that he can clear me for surgery due to my families history with heart problems. My sleep study is this Friday at 8:30 pm and once I get the go ahead on that then they will send my details off to the surgery schedulers. I am praying for the 14th or 15th of March so please pray that it will be then since my daughter will be out for spring break and my husband will be finished with month end close so it will make it that much easier.

Also, I had a scare last week with a bad mammogram report but I am happy to say that after going back and being retested that all is well and God is taking care of this girl.

I just want to say that with reading the posts on here and seeing other testimonials after people have gotten the sleeve, I am so excited. Of course there is nervousness but the idea of having energy again and not dealing with all the health issues is well worth the sacrifices that I will have to make. I love reading all of your comments and stories so please continue to send them my way. I hope you all have a blessed day and I will try to update this weekly as I know more.

Getting Clearance for the Surgery

Well as of yesterday the cardiologist cleared me to have the surgery. Tonight I will go for my sleep study since it has been 3 years since my last study. Once all of the results are submitted to my doctors office then my chart will be submitted to scheduling and I will be scheduling my surgery. At this time, with the amount of time that I have to be on the liquid diet and the fact that my husband schedule is filled with Month End close processing for his job during the first week of the month, I believe and am hoping for my surgery to be on the 14th or 15th of March. Please be praying that it will work out that way especially since my daughter will be off school for spring break and it will give us time to spend together. I am getting really excited and it is getting real.

I can't wait for the next phase in my life!

And away we go!!!

Well, I finally got my procedure date on Tuesday. I was going to get online and update you all immediately but I have been so busy I can't seem to catch myself coming or going. My surgery will be on Tuesday, March 15th (don't know the time yet). Today I went to do some of my pre-op testing, my bariatric university class and my weigh in and current medication discussion along with picking up my meds for right before and after the surgery. I also received my BariEssentials for my liquid diet leading up to my surgery.

I can't believe it is less than 3 weeks away. I am excited and I am nervous all at the same time. I know that this is the best decision that I could have made for myself and my family so that I can be more involved and stick around as long as the Lord is willing. I am definitely going to be on here for support during the liquid diet as three weeks is a long time, or at least it seems like it right now. I know that I can do this though and that God will get me through. Thank you to everyone who posts your stories as they help and thank you to all who read my posts and encourage me. I am so glad I found this site.

Getting closer...

Ok, I have been on my liquid diet for a couple of days now. I am down 4 lbs since Thursday, unless I go by my doctors scale and I am down 6. I will stay on the conservative side and say 4 though. It has not been as bad as I thought it would be. Of course the BariEssentials shakes that I am doing gives me what I need and since I work during the day that keeps my mind preoccupied. I have realized though that the night time is the hardest. It's only hard though because when watching TV every other commercial is about food. Really America!!! And they wonder why we are all overweight. Lol.

I have tried my shakes with both 1% milk and with Silk Almond (original) and both are good. Plus the doctors office gave us recipes so that we can mix the shakes differently for different tastes. As far as diet drinks (not soda) I can not have anything with Aspertame in it because it gives me migraines but I can tell you that Crystal Lite has their pure brand, but it only comes in two flavors and they are made with Stevia. Also, Tang and Minute Maid make some water flavoring squirt bottles that are made with Stevia or Sucralose. Wyler's has tea and tea with lemon made with Stevia as well. I have also tried the Unjury protein, prior to the liquid diet, and you can get a starter pack for like 21.95. Not bad considering all that comes with it. You can only buy it online though.

Anyway, I didn't mean to sound like an infomercial but wanted to give you all some ideas in case you are looking for things. I hope you are all doing well and I am looking forward to keeping everyone up to date.

Current stats:
Age 45
Starting Weight: 273
Current Weight: 269
Height 5'4"
Health Issues: PCOS, Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia and back
pain caused by disc issues. I am sure I have forgotten some but these things will be gone soon.

My final visit before the surgery

Today I went to the doctors office to have my gallbladder checked and luckily I don't have gallstones. However, I do have a build up so they suggest that I have it removed. Which I will do.

I have a friend that had the gastric sleeve surgery and then had issues with her gallbladder afterwards. Needless to say, I would rather have it removed now than have to back in later and do it. So lets see, that means I will be having a hiatal hernia repaired, the gastric sleeve, and my gallbladder removed all in the same day.

Well if you're going to have something done, you might as well do it right. I am on day 5 of my liquid diet and it's ok. It can be hard at times, especially when I dealing with sinus problems and a headache but other than that, I am doing well. I also have to stop taking Advil/Ibuprofen and my birth controls pills until after the surgery. All I have to say, is I don't want to start over having a baby at 45 so ummm, no action for the hubby for a while. I know, TMI.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day.

Just Breath....

Well here I am, 1 week and 1 day before my surgery. It is getting real. I have been on the liquid diet for about two weeks now and it is going good though I would love a steak right now. Lol.

Anyway, I am excited and nervous at the same time. Not nervous in the way of second guessing but nervous because of the unknown but I know that all will be well. I can't wait for this change and am so ready to be on the other side of this surgery and feeling better. That is why we are doing this, right?

I am sure I will update this more once I am off work and am bored so more to come soon. Stay tuned!

The struggle is real!

My friend who has been through the Gastric Sleeve surgery is very happy with her results and wouldn't change a thing. However, her favorite quote is the struggle is real. My surgery date is coming up and she is so right. On Tuesday, technically 3 days from now, I will be having my surgery for the Gastric Sleeve along with Hiatal Hernia repair and my gallbladder taken out. Might as well do it right the first time huh? Anyway, the weekends on the liquid diet are always hardest because I don't have as much to occupy my time. None have been harder than this weekend though as I guess the reality of the surgery is making me want to eat. I can do this though. I can overcome with God's help. I am trying to relax and spend time with my family this weekend because I know that my recovery will be rough.

I have read stories from so many and I know that the first few weeks are the hardest part. I have read both good and bad reviews but to be honest the bad ones seem to center around the first few days. I am just believing that God has me in his hands and that all will be well. I will ask :whoever that reads this that you lift up a prayer for me at 7:15am on Tuesday, central time. Its going to be a great day and this will be the beginning of a wonderful journey. Thank you all for reading.

One More Night at Home

Well, tonight is my last night at home. Tomorrow evening when my husband gets off work we will be heading to Frisco and stay the night in the hotel. I will need to be at the hospital at 5am. I will get on here and update you all afterwards. Please pray for me for the surgery and for my husband, daughter, and son for peace throughout this process. I appreciate you all and am thankful for this forum where we can hold each other up.

At the Hospital

Well, I'm here. I'm excited and looking forward to what God has in store for me this year. I will see you all on the sleeved side. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.

4 days after sleeve...

I am sorry I am just now posting an update. My surgery was on Tuesday and everything went well. They were able to repair the hernia, do the sleeve and remove my gallbladder. I have 7 small incisions in my stomach and each day the pain has been less. I think the most pain comes from the gas that everyone talks about. Be sure to get up and walk around as often as possible and that will help. I am down 4 more lbs as of this morning and I am starting to feel like myself again. I can't tell you how good the shower felt yesterday when I was able to get in it.

Regarding food, I really don't have much desire for food right now. I am trying to get in as much protein as possible but it is sometimes painful when swallowing. When that happens it kind of feels like an air bubble that's trapped so I lean back and stretch out a but and that seems to help. It doesn't seem to do that as much when I am drinking broth.

I want to thank each of you for praying for me and for supporting me on this journey. I will continue to post my progress and feel free to ask me any questions you like. I am looking forward to reading about your journeys as well.

2 week surgiversary

This past Friday I got my staples out and was so happy. They seriously itched! Anyway, I am down almost 20 lbs from the last time I was in the office. I am also no longer on my diabetes medications and am only taking a half of one of my blood pressure medicines. I am so happy. Well, at least in that sense. I have taken time off before going back to work so that I can fully heal and rest both physically and mentally. Especially given that my body was so exhausted prior to the surgery from all my medical issues. The problem is but I seem to be sleeping a lot. As a matter of fact, when I want to sleep in before I never could but now I find that I'm sleeping until around 10 or 11 each day. I don't know if this is from the surgery and I'm recovering or what the problem is. I don't feel depressed but I don't feel energetic all the time either. I feel like my weight loss is at a stand still and my diet hasn't changed. Even when I went out Saturday and walked a ton it didn't budge the scale. I don't know what to do because the normal method would be to pull back on food but how do you do that when you're barely eating anything. I know this will get better but I just wanted to vent because I'm hoping I am not the only one that has gone through this and someone can give me some insight.

3 Weeks & 2 Days

Good morning my sisters on this journey. I wanted to post a small victory.

Some of you dont know me and some do. I have been struggling with my weight a while and after much prayer and quite a bit of inspiration from friends and acquaintances, I decided to take a step last October to get my health in order. At that time I weighed, wait for it, 286 lbs. My blood pressure was awful, my blood sugar was not good and I was struggling with Fibromialgia so I decided after praying and feeling peace about it to reach out about weight loss surgery. On March 15th I had the Gastric Sleeve procedure done along with a hernia repair and my gallbladder taken out. So far, this has not been an easy journey but it has been worth it.

I was getting discouraged lately because the scale had stalled for the last couple of weeks and I thought, are you serious, I'm not hardly getting in any calories and why is this not coming off. Well, I just wanted to encourage you, the measuring helps even when the scale seems to be our enemy. It helped me to see that my weight may have stayed the same but the inches had not.

However, as of this morning I have reached my first main goal and that was to get below 250. My surgery weight was 262 and as of this morning I am 249.2. I am so happy and have set my next goal to get into the 230s. I am excited for this group of women who are fighting each day to better themselves so that they can be around for their families. Thank you all for your posts and for your dedication. We can do this.

I Know, I Know, Everybody is different

So today I get on the scale and again, it is not moving. I don't really like eating right now because when I eat protein it makes me feel just too full. Last night I made rotisserie chicken, brussel sprouts and ranch style beans for the family and opted to just eat the brussel sprouts and a small amount of beans because I didn't want to deal with the fullness I feel with the meat. Sometimes I would rather be a vegetarian. Anyway, I am just feeling a little discouraged and when I look at other sleever's results it seems like they are loosing so much so quickly. my surgery weight was 273 and I have been hovering around 246-245 for the last couple of weeks. I am trying to get all of my water in but it is difficult.

On Monday I go back for my 5/6 week appointment and I am hoping that I am released for doing more than walking. I want this weight off and I just want to know that I am doing this correctly. Sorry just having a day that I needed to vent a little. I hope you are all doing well on your journeys.

6 Weeks After

Good morning everyone. Well I had my 6 weeks follow up yesterday and they said I am doing wonderfully. I was worried that I wasn't losing enough but they said I am right on track. They also said that I can start eating anything that I want now, including salad, Yay! I have been released to start exercising and lifting weights now so I am ready to get active and feel more energetic. They did say that the fullness I feel with chicken could be due to the density of it and to just keep trying it periodically and eventually it should sit better on my stomach.

I am excited about the changes that I see and the feeling of confidence that I am getting back in part but even confidence that I never had before. I hope you are all well and I appreciate each of you and your encouragement. It means a lot.

Sorry if all of my numbers weren't exact before but the ones below should be.

HW - 286
Weight at my first appt. 273 (after having pneumonia)
SW - 262
CW - 243

Time for a picture update

Well I don't like taking pictures but I guess that will be changing. I wanted to encourage others by showing y'all (yes, I am from Texas) the change between surgery and yesterday.

Getting used to it all!

I love that I am finally getting used to my bodies cues and that I can recognize when I am getting full. It is strange at times because I feel like I am constantly waiting to eat or drink because of not being able to drink right after eating but I am getting more and more used to it.

Today I stepped on the scale and I am down another 2 lbs after being on a stall for the last couple of weeks. I was reading an article that said in order to trick your body from getting in a stall, you have to have a day to cheat. No I am not advocating going backwards but I do believe you have to mix things up a bit in order for your body to work at it's optimum. I know if you take certain pills like Advil, over time your body gets used to it and it doesn't work as well. Well it's the same way with our food. Allow yourself a day where maybe your carb count is a bit higher and then go back to do as you were. If we do this periodically, it seems to upset the apple cart and shift things to burning again. At least it has worked for me. I hope this helps someone.

The struggle is real, but it is so worth it.


So I changed things up a bit and guess what, I finally moved past my stall. I have been shooting for getting below 240 and as of yesterday I weighed in at 238.4. Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!

My next goal will be to get into the 220's. My gosh I haven't been this size in over 10 years. I am so excited. For those that are struggling, you can do this. We can do this together! Let me know how you are doing on your journey.

One Month Since My Last Post

I am sorry that it has been so long since my last post but man has life been busy. I am losing at a steady pace and as of yesterday I am down a total of 59 lbs from my highest weight and 35 down from my surgery weight which is about 2.9 lbs a week. I am lighter than I have been since before the birth of my daughter and I am feeling so much better.

I hope everyone else is doing well. I have started noticing some hair loss but I am believing it is just a stage and I am trying to make sure I get in all my vitamins and protein. I started taking Thrive to help with my energy and the vitamins and nutrients that I might be missing. I also went onto Bariatric pal online and ordered the Multi Vitamin plus patch so that I could get my vitamins in that way since the Multi Vitamin taken by mouth was making me nauseated. The one thing I think I am struggling with the most is getting in all of my water since I returned back to work. I really really love the way I feel now though in my clothes. I don't feel as self conscious and love my stomach getting smaller each day. My back no longer hurts like it did and guess what, I feel sexy again. I love that it seems to have even helped with my relationship with the Lord. Don't under estimate how being overweight affects us all. If there were one bit of advice I could give someone, it would be that. Life is to short to suffer physically, mentally and spiritually. I pray for you all. Oh, and here is a recent picture of me at my grand daughters graduation from Kindergarten.
Dr. Kim Bariatric

So far my experience with Dr. Kim has been a very positive one. Dr. Kim was very nice and very honest and his staff is attentive and wonderful. I am so glad I have chosen Dr. Kim's practice for this journey.

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