Post op VSG Girl! On the highway to a healthy and sexy new me!

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VSG scheduled for 5/2/14. Am soooo excited. Have...

VSG scheduled for 5/2/14. Am soooo excited. Have been overweight since having my 1st child at age 19. Have never been able to loose more than 17 lbs or keep any of the weight off permanently. I have tried most diets and have bought many gym memberships. I have tried prescription and over- the- counter diet pills also. I want to have fast and permanent weight loss. I have wanted WLS for many years but didn't think I would qualify. I now a sedentary job and have gained more weight. I also have new health insurance BCBS and the VSG is a covered benefit. I was also pre-approved for the surgery. My cost is 20% of the total surgery cost (after my deductible) up to my out of pocket max of 3000. (cost may vary depending on the specific health plan).

Pre VSG pics

I don't have many pics of myself. I don't like the way I look in pics. Some times I will have a good face shot I like. I Guesssss I will take my big girl body shots and post soon. Oh my....I just hate tooo but I must!

My Weight is 225

Current weight 225, Ht. 5' 2.5".
Goal weight 135 ish.

2 weeks pre-op!

2weeks pre-op! Soooooo excited and ready to begin my healthy and sexy transformation!!! 1more week before liquid pre-op diet...already getting thief of the protein shakes....didn't like the new way protein vials :(. Searching for a tasty protein shake still-

My last meal before pre-op diet

Don't judge me ;)

1 week Pre-op tomorrow!!!!

7 day Surgery count down!!!! I'm tooo excited! Yesterday, I completed Pre-op registration which consisted of bloodwork, EKG, and signing operative consents. I also attended a pre-op class that gave lots of helpful info like what to have at home before surgery (liquid Tylenol, Gas X strips, Milk of Magnesia, Chewable Vitamins, Sublingual B12 or Rx B12 nasal spray ect.) I also saw my surgeon again and the nutritionist. (9am -3pm...I was sooo tired and took a long nap when I got home!)
I will start my 1 week pre-op protein shake and clear liquids diet tomorrow 4/25/14. This is unfortunate since I will be at a wedding tomorrow :(. But anyhow, I am actually ready to start the liquids...It means I am closer to surgery, recovery and a healthy new meeee!!!

ooohhhh, I almost forgot... Dr Jay also Wants me to take magnesium Citrate the night before surgery to colon cleanse. He also prescribed a scopolamine patch to put behind my ear the morning of surgery to help with nausea and a Rx nausea pill with a sip of water. He also prescribed scar cream that I can use to help fade incision scars after they are healed! Dr. Jay is on top of things people. I love this guy!
Well, I will post some more pre-op pics soon and try to update you guys on how I do on the liquid diet.
Blessings and good health to you all!

New protein samples!!!

I found some delish protein samples at the hospital phatmacy. So far, I tried the fuzzy navel and it was very 24th tolerable and tasted like fruit juice w a slight protein taste.
I also found Thai ginget flavor infused chicken broth at Walmard

excuse my misspelled words in the last post...should be ginger, Walmart, Pharmacy

excuse my misspelled words in the last post...should be ginger, Walmart, Pharmacy-

1 day pre-op!!!!!

Day # 7 of the liquid diet (protein shakes and clear liquids only). Wow, the liquid Diet was a challenge! (My mother in law made enchiladas for my kiddos last night and they smelled really good! Shame on her for cooking this stuff in my home). I'm proud of my self, I stuck to the diet the entire time with NO CHEATING! I did begin to consume less each day as I got tired of drinking the same thing day after day. So far I've loss about 9 lbs on the pre op diet.
I'm sooo excited, my surgery is at 12 noon tomorrow. I will post pics!

13 hours pre-op

Pre op pics.

1 week post op, new exercise equipment

1 week post op. Adding 30 min of exercise 4 days a week. Walking, step aerobics and 5lb hand weights. Not really motivated to join a gym yet but if anyone has done pep talk for me I'll gladly accept it!
Also, I'm finding it harder to get down the protein shakes these days, I have a good variety but am just sick of them.I know protein is important and I need to have 2 shakes a day but Im sooo tired of them :(!

weight loss!

Loss 9 lbs 1week pre op on liquids and 8 lbs 1 week post op!
17 lb total in 2 weeks!!!
However, I do need mental help...I have been craving a cheeseburger! Im trying to change my thoughts because Im not really hungry!

1 month post op VSG!

Hello RS! I am 4 weeks post op and have loss a total of 25 lbs. I am short so it is very noticible! I first noticed a decrease in the size of my face, legs, breast and butt. (Wished my fat belly would go and keep my curves!) My abdomen and face is were the majority of my fat is. My stomach is also going down...i don't look pregnant anymore.
I hated the liquid diet pre and post op. 3weeks post op was on full liquid diet...hated that too. Every one else was enjoying food. I knew it would make me sick if I tried. I just stuck to the clear liquids since I didn't like the blended soups much.
I am on a soft food diet now and feeling satisfied. Although I am permitted to eat...I tend to stick with Greek yogurt, applesauce and really soft things. Tuna and chicken salad is uncomfortable going down my throat...painful at times...when when Im sure to chew it well. I how this discomfort goes away soon.
Just started the chocolate calcium chews and they taste pretty good.
Ohhhhh...guess what snack I USED to love?? Potato chips! I tried a few yesterday and nothing...i didn't really enjoy the taste anymore! That is a good thing! But I have had a donut craving for about a week, maybe a bite or will satisfy that. I also really miss eating fresh salads. Although my body cant handle many foods, my head still has not come to terms with this reality.
Still having trouble getting down 60 oz of liquid daily and s most days i don't want to drink 2 protein shakes...I always have 1 which is 38 g of protein and will try drink another at night but mist days don't finish it. I exercise 1 to 3 days a week. These are the areas I need too improve in...fluids, protein and exercise.
Lastly, I get hungry often but with a few bites of food or gulps of protein shake I feel full and satisfied.
Updated pics comeing soon (gotta do my hair first lol)

A few photos almost 5 weeks post VSG


new pic

5 1/2 weeks post op!

almost 12 weeks post op

40 lbs gone!! Starting to have more energy and sleep better.
Still don't care for the protein shakes but gotta have them.

8 months post op VSG!

7 months post op!

6-7 months post op!

3-4 months post op!

15 months post op!

Hello RS friends!
Here is the long overdue update! Starting wt. 226... current wt. 149 and wt. loss is mostly stagnant. Goal wt. is 135.
Doing well, can eat anything. Sometimes I have sugar cravings but good news is I still can't eat much. Still need to increase exercise. Very lazy when it comes to exercise but did get gym membership for motivation.
Also will plan to have tummy tuck... still have lots of belly fat ????.
Dr. Nirmal Jayaseelan

Dr. Jay requires an EGD be done prior to having the VSG. Although I have met with him only twice (initial consult and EGD procedure) he had great bedside manners and seemed very knowledgeable and resourceful. I feel comfortable putting my health in his care. I will see him again for a pre-op appointment.

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