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Looking for a local doctor that takes pride in...

looking for a local doctor that takes pride in their work. I have two consultations scheduled this coming week with Liland and Obaid. I want a butt that looks natural but has a curve and bump to it. I've seen a lot of good reviews on out of town work, but I got breast implants in 03/2013 and there is nothing like being at home after a procedure. So I'm opting out of an out of town dr., even though I have seen some GREAT pictures and seeking a dr. local in the dfw area.

5'4 - 127lbs

First Consultation...Didnt go so well :(

So I went to my first consultation. I was quote $6500.00. the Dr. had no options for me. I had my questions and it was like no don't do that and I do it like this only, uugghhhh....So he puts the implant on top of the muscle. My fear with that is that it will show the imprint of the implant, in addition to that he offered an implant that comes in large, and that's the one he states that he places in all his patients. I keep reading where the implants are chosen by numbered cc( ex 360cc). So I will not be returning to him. I asked him for projection and curve, see I have no butt at the bottom, as my husband says it kinda runs into the back of my legs, lol! so I want to make sure I get a curve at the bottom, along with projection. but his large implant looked like it wasn't going to make enough projection to be paying for it. it almost looked like I could have put on padded underwear for what he was offering. So I'm still looking for a local dr in dfw because I want to go home to my bed after surgery. Are there any good dr.'s in the dfw area ????

Different Implants

2nd consult

Dr. Obaid was very confident in speaking with him. Even though it was a consult he didn't try to rush me and allowed me to ask all the questions I want. So far he is my pick. Looking to schedule mid March. He places the implant intramuscular so that's great. He couldn't actually give me the size he would use, but he did allow me to see and feel the implant. It's was a solid soft jelly like implant. I should him the wish pictures and he said that was achievable. I did ask, I know a lot of people say that their but size changes when the swelling goes down. His response is there is not a lot of swelling so what you see is what you get. I was checking because if I got to go bigger to reduce down to achieve my desire then that was going to be my next question but I'm ok with his answer. Anybody with anything different, please let me know. The only other thing he did affect lipo of the flanks and and back but I don't want the itty bitty waist look, I don't have a large waist now so I declined. I want butt , but still want to look like a WOMAN and teen or young adult . Post my current pictures. Oh and i have two more consults one in colleyvile with Dr, True and Austin, tx with dr. Driscoll. From online i like Dr. Driscoll but if they are the same price. I rather be 25 mins from home. Than 3 to 4 hours. So I'm debating just to cancel my other consults

Another consultation

Went to see another Dr. In Colleyville today. It's seems his objective is to give people with sagging pants filler but not an ASS. 275 cc seems very small with the type of implant that he uses. And to top if off his work . You could barely see results. Yes you can see a different form but not a difference that very noticeable . For $8000.00 I want to turn some heads!!! I know they say go to several consultations but I'm heading for a dead end. Dr. Obaid is still my best choice. I think I'm ready to schedule my appt. will keep you guys updated on the date.

Deposit paid, Date set!!! 3/25/2015

So I decided to go with Dr. Obaid. Fingers crossed , he seems to be the only one that assures me he can provide the results I'm looking for. My pre op appointment is 3/2/2015.

Surgery Rescheduled 6/19/2015

Sorry for no updates. Those bad weather days we had here in Texas, had to reschedule. I can't wait, very excited.

Moved my date up to 5/01/2015

I'm excited but nervous. My pre-op appointment is Monday 4/13. I have so many wish pictures to make sure Dr. O understands exactly what I want to achieve. I've seen so many people getting their surgery done, looking great ladies!!! Now it's my turn. Countdown....

LittleMore than a month away

Survey scheduled for 2/11/16. I getting nervous . I want to get a nice size bottom but not to big but not to small for the amount of money in paying . Finger crossed my preop appointment is 1/20/2016. I'm going to take plenty of picture just to confirm I can achieve the look I want .

My wish pictures .....

Pre-op reschedule for Monday 1/18/2106

Super nervous and super excited ...... I have sat up every night this week looking over everyone's reviews and update. The key is to get the projection I want. 9,000 is a lot of money to me and I don't want to have to do a round 2 as so many others end up doing. I'm hoping for great results the first time around....Posting more wish pictures ... Will post an update when I talk to the Dr on Monday.

Pre-Op Appointment

Dr. O, had an emergency and was out of town.So I didn't get to speak with him but the nurse I spoke with and Melissa were great !! So I had showed her the wish pictures she said that he will get me as close if not there as long as my muscle stretch enough for the big enough implant. The implant will be place intramuscular , and it will be a round implant. The day of my surgery , I will get a chance to speak with Dr. Obaid also. They offered to reschedule me another appt., but I think I can wait til then. I'm more nervous than anything. My husband is so supportive and keeps saying don't worry so much... I'm still going to be lurking for more wish pictures.

One thing she told me was that a lot of my wish pictures the ladies had hips, and that I couldn't achieve that unless I did the the lipo of flanks to the hips ... But I have heard that the fat transfer doesn't last, therefore I'll pass. I don't have a bad shape just need some back help , lol

Picture of me

Not hippy but don't have a bad shape

surgery complete 2/11/16

It's the next day and it hurts really bad will post pictures in a few days . Dr said I got 548 cc.

Day 5

It's hard getting my legs in bed . I let my medicine one time and I paid for it big times . So know I'm taking my meds every 4 hours for pain, and stager between antibiotic pills and a stool softener pill.
So far it's hard for me to go Pee. I'm peeing in a cup and then dump minim the toilet , but within the last 24 hours, I have only been twice and one of those time were in the shower. Did anyone else have problems with peeing or having bow moment.

Other than that the skin is tight and with the meds all do is sleep. My bottom looks great. I am very satisfied !!


Correction today is day 5

The struggle is real this is just to much medicine and I can't keep up , one medicine can't be taken with this and this can be taken this one and not that one... Blah blah blah, lol.

So far so good, I can see the difference , I haven't tried on any clothes still in tight with 1 piece long leg body suit .
The only problem I have is peeing it's hard to do , like I don't have control over those muscles . When I do it stop and starts several times before I'm done.
Mostly I'm very bloated and have not poop... Help I really need to go any suggestions ?

Day 7

I'm loving my butt more and more each day... It's been pretty rough with all the medicine, so after laying off all meds for a day but the hydrocodone. I ended up this morning with a swollen lip. ITS HUGE, great way to find out I'm allergic to it . Pain now is bearable , not sure if it's pain or muscle tightness. I'm walking as much as I can, I'm
Not able to bend over and my compression suit goes to your ankles, my husband has had to dress and undress me everyday. I so scared to bend over and my stitches come apart. My husband keeps assuring me but I want to be extra sure.
The hardest part for me is going to bathroom. Since there is a open crotch area, I don't have take the compression garment off , I just stand and use a cup. But when I feel like I got poop and I have to sit on the toilet with my thighs only it's hard for it to be false alarm, only think happen is a long fart full of air, lol excuse my language.
Other than that I'm doing great still walking with a wobble and my plans are to return back to work Monday. I purchased one of the BBL pillow since my job to be seated at a computer all day.

Day. 8

I need help,am I the only one who cannot dress themselves. I have plans on going back to work on Monday, im not sure if Im ready.
First I can put on pants or shoes, Am I the only one?
My doctor states to not sit for 10 days , I see poeple being off and not sitting for 2'or 3 weeks. What happens if you sit to 'early?

Back to work

So I seen my dr. On yesterday and he confirmed after 10 days I can sit. Today is my 14th day( 2 weeks). I went to work and it was hard for me to sit and concentrate , I never could get comfortable. Every time I got up I would be more stiffer. Bye the end of the day my butt was numb. Then to top it off on my dry home a 25 minute drive turned into an 1 and half due to some accidents. So my butt numb and by then I'm getting sharp
Pains down my legs. My butt is even more tender and in pain . Dr said it will get better with time? I
Just hope so because today was rough for me.

Unexpected surgery tomorrow- fluid in left butt

So I started having a pain like a Charlie horse in my left butt on Wednesday night ?
Had a normal check up on Thursday , it was hard to walk. Dr checked me out no fever in my butt , no swelling. And just to be on the safe side he prescribed a stronger muscle relaxer and some antibiotics. Well....Overnight I was running a fever , sweating and butt started to get firm. Called the office and was advised give the antibiotics 48hrs to take event and it will help with fever also...
Today being Monday , I still didn't return back to work but decided to go in a day early for my follow up . Ended being sent for a ctscan...

Final outcome; got a call from the Dr. Said he would have to drain the fluid and to do that he will have to open the incision up and also check for bacteria.

So here I am ... Really no thoughts right now . Don't know what's going to happen . I'll be able to ask
More questions when I call in the morning . Dr said he probably wouldn't be doing the surgery until 1:30p.



Surgery again 4/12

From surgery 2 there was some infection from the fluid sent off... So I'm taking an 875mg antibiotic twice a day and another 300mg antibiotic four times a day, plus my pain meds . I have had to start taking probiotics to help with all the meds I'm taking . Okay guys ..... I'm a little tired. Surgery again 4/12.... It started getting hard again.... When I went to a follow up appointment on 4/08. Dr. Had to numb and attempt to drain fluid but it wasn't a lot of fluid. He sent the fluid off for testing.( which it came back negative, no infection) So he schedule me for a follow with a maybe surgery for 4/12. Of course I could eat after midnight and my appointment was not until 1:30pm. Since there was a lot of discomfort and hardness the Dr. Did decide to go ahead with surgery. So I got a wash out( which is a flush with like 3 or 4 antibiotic bags) and he ended up taken some of the hard tissue out, and also decided to completely replace the implant entirely. So here I am a week after surgery taking it easy and praying that this is it, so far so good. Guys keep in your prays it's been rough for me. I have 3 kids and having to keep starting over with no sitting and driving I've missed a few school activities. Also through it all I would like to stay these are complications that are told in the beginning , unjust got a stubborn left butt check, lol ! Sometime got to find some humor. But Dr. Obaid is the best, he listens very attentively and never never rushed an appointment and takes the time to address all concerns. Even with the two extra surgeries he still has been pleasant and genuine the whole entire time. I don't regret the procedure or the doctor I choose for the surgery.

Feeling Great

5 weeks since 3 rd surgery on left buttocks... So far so good, pains a little different and Imfound myself still having to take a pain pill. I'm still on antibiotics , Dr wanted to stay on for as longs the problem started last time which was 6 weeks.
I haven't returned to work, I want to be completely, first time Inwent back in 2 weeks. Not sure if that's the cause but I wanted to prevent as much as possible. I've in included pictures I have taken over the last 3 weeks

Update Feeling Great !!!

So I still have more tenderness in my left butt than my right of course, from multiple surgery and different length of healing time. But I feel great and doing so much better ...

Dr Obaid is the best doctor, who is very passionate in what he does, you're not just a money figure to him. He is patient with you on every visit and never rush you and listens tentatively.
Dr. Sacha Obaid

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