Sandy Sule ruined my nose, did unnecessary (very agressive) procedures without my consent and LEFT a SURGICAL DRESSING INSIDE!

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Hello everyone, I want to share my experience with...

Hello everyone,
I want to share my experience with you. I would love to apologize in advance for my English as it's my third language, but I'm try my best

I had septorhinoplasty done by Dr. Sule in December 2015 and I regret letting him operating on me every single day.
Septoplasty. My septum is more deviated than before, very short, thin and now has 5 mm perforation that cause me a lot of discomfort and pain.
Rhinoplasty. That was complete failure. There is nothing that looks/feels right. My nose looks unnatural, uneven, short, very thin.The tip is pinched and is thinner that the bridge- I hate that so much. Also, I have a huge dent on the right side of the tip. The nose is so thin and weak that it hurts to wear glasses.
If before I disliked my nose when I smile, then now I hate every single mm of it. I hid all the pictures of my old self, because I cry every single time looking at them.
I will update my review as soon as I have my first consultation with revision doctor.
Thank you.



Septal perforation

My poor nose keep shrinking (7,5 months post op)

There is not even one minute passes by I wouldn't think about my nose. Every day it becomes smaller and more uneven. It looks like each side of my nose was done by a different surgeon.

Please BEWARE!

Hi all, just wanted to share my thoughts regarding authenticity of reviews. The doctor I reviewed had no rhinoplasty reviews here on realself (and I didn't find one on other sites) in 7 years!!!! My negative, but honest review was published on 07/14/2016, then two weeks later he gets TWO 5* rhinoplasty reviews in one day, both of them are very brief but great, both "patients" created their profiles on the same day (the day of review) and both their usernames start with word "dallas". What a coincidence, right?
Here we go again, there is another rhinoplasty review 3 days later, seriously? No rhinoplasty reviews in 7 years and all of sudden 3 reviews in 3 days! They all sound the same "him and his stuff was great, he answered all my questions, I look great and feel confident".
This is very sad... It makes me really question his skills, I don't think that a tallanted, skilled and busy surgeon would do things like this to promote himself and keep high ratings.

First revision consultation

So, today I had my first revision consultation. The things are actually worse that I thought, the whole nose is messed up inside and out. My original nose was on a larger side, and now (after only one septorjinoplasty) I have no cartilage to do a revision. I will need both ears and most likely a rib. My whole nose needs to be redone, it has irregularities all over, and the perforation makes it very difficult to fix. I can't believe it, I just can't believe it. I'm so angry at myself that I so easily trusted my face to dr. Sule, I should've done more research and asked more questions, or even better - shouldn't have the surgery in the first place.

Again these fake reviews!

People please don't believe everything you read on the Internet, please don't repeat my mistakes. There are three new reviews in three days, two of them written by the same person.
This is ridiculous, three fake reviews were taken down just a week ago and here we go again - there are three new reviews a week later.

8 1/2 months post op

Even when I thought it couldn't get any worse... Unfortunately it did.


Hi dear realselfers!
First of all I want to apologize for not reaponding to your private messages, i'm not trying to ignore you, just was very busy and sick.

So when I thought that there is nothing worse could happened, and that I've been trough so much with this surgery, new "surprise" has occurred. It's been 9,5 months since the surgery and I've been having another sinus infection mainly on the left side. While blowing my nose I felt something deep inside the left nostril, I took a q-tip and pulled something long (about 3,5-4 in). It looked like a wire and some cotton on it, I will attach the picture so you can see it yourself. It was so unexpected, painful and scary. I emailed the picture to dr. Sule and another very reputable plastic surgeon and asked them what that thing was. So, the other surgeon responded the next morning saying that it appears to be a COTTON PLEDGET!!! And it obviously was a cotton pledget, I just needed that confirmed. For dr. Sule it took two emails and a message to finally respond say that "I must admit, I'm not sure", he also offered to evaluate and treat my nose and sinuses but at this point I have no trust in him and I don't want to waste anymore of my time for those pointless appointments.
Now it makes sence why I've been having facial pain and headaches on the left side only. But now the problem is that half of the cotton was missing from the pledget and could be still sitting/migrating in my sinuses, cheek, head etc because I still have the same facial pain and headaches.

Everything that was touched by dr. Sule during the surgery was messed up. Nobody/nothing did so much damage to me in my whole life as dr. Sule in that 2,5 hour surgery.


new pictures

Here are some of the pictures I took over the past weekend.
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

I can't call this person a doctor for a simple reason - true doctor would never harm a patient, would never do a procedure knowing that it can cause a great harm, but he did.

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