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I'm 35 yrs old, 2 kids ages 4 and 2. Gained 70lbs...

I'm 35 yrs old, 2 kids ages 4 and 2. Gained 70lbs with both my pregnancies and here I am hoping to get a resemblance of my old self. Got a tummy tuck, lipo of hips, breast lift with silicone augmentation. Will try to post pics later. Am 2 days post op and am feeling ok. Just took my 1st shower and saw all the scarring. Some swelling and just real tired. I'll get burst of energy and then it's back to napping. But I think it's worth it. No more wrinkly skin or droopy breasts.

3 days post op

Again, I keep getting burst of energy and then get pretty exhausted soon thereafter. I keep reading as many stories on here for entertainment, moral support and information. Once I had my 1st I had contemplated the decision for a tummy tuck but after my last baby My tummy was in the worst shape and then I knew I needed surgery in order to get anything close to what I used to be pre babies. After years of research on the web I liked Dr. Pin's before and after work the best and finally made an appt for a consultation this past May. He's got a very busy practice and so the wait time for my consultation was at least 6 weeks. But if he's busy that's a sign he's good. I've been asking around about him and have heard nothing but good things.
Once I got my tummy tuck scheduled last minute I decided on getting the boobies done since I was going to be under I might as well. He recommended I get a breast lift...which I didn't want of course but that's the only way to get perky and youthful breasts.
So today just rested the majority of day but was able to do some light cleanup with the help of my 2 year old. And was able to make breakfast. I can almost walk straight up but still some soreness left. Can't really do much after that...had to take my Meds and just go and relax in bed. Beds make me super sleepy. Took my 1st shower yesterday and that felt great. Been cleaning out my drains 2 times a day and can't wait to remove them next time I see doctor which is this Monday. I hope I get to remove them then.
Was so petrified of this procedure. While at home soon the fear would turn into excitement but once I was scheduled for surgery the day of I was so scared I just loved myself wrinkly skin and saggy boobies and all ---didn't seem so bad. But the staff a the hospital as great all the way from the nurses to the anesthesiologist. Dr Pin has a great team - hands down!!!
So far am still very sore. And would love to take some pictures but with drains still in and low on energy haven't had a moment. But will look into it during the weekend.

3 days post Op cont...

Oops I meant above with help of my 4 year old.

Was feeling my tummy area and I feel something kinda hard on my left side of ab muscles. Does anyone know what this could be. Anyhow can't wait to see Doc on Monday and hopefully get my drains removed.

4 days po

I've read in here how everybody's back hurts really bad from being hunched over but what's killing me is my legs. Perhaps cause I'm am not using my ab muscle like usual and am over compensating with leg force. Still very swollen. Scar looks ugly and some puckering on my right side. I just pray that it will subside soon.
Still very tired. Bowel movements are great. Had some Smooth Move tea with Senna on Wednesday and Thursday night and have been regular since. Boobs look a good size but I'm tired of walking around all hunch over. I'll upload some pics of my before and after

6 days post op

Things are seeking easier. Although I strained myself yesterday trying to flat iron my hair. Didn't realize I wasn't suppose to lift arms over my head.
So far I like the size of my boobs...although my friend tells me at first there's a lot of swelling and they may appear to be bigger. I don't see brushing on my breast but I did see some on my butt...was reading it is a side effect of the lipo.
I had a tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks, breast lift and silicone augmentation.
I see doctor Pin today and hope everything is progressing smoothly. I have a tendency to over work myself and I hope I haven't ruined all his hard work he put into me. I look forward to update later with some pictures too.

Drains are out...yay!!!

Saw the Doctor today and he took out the drains...even though I forgot to bring my drain log:/ but the drainage was decreasing everything looked great. Feel so much better without the drains on...such a relief.
Still haven't taken any new pics but so looking forward to really enjoying my new boobs.

6 days post op continued

Finally got my spanx..and am still wearing an old sports bra...although I never filled them up like I am now:-)). This is good cause I never wanted people to know I got them done but off course didn't want them too small either. I think they are a good size.
The lower part of my tummy is still swollen and appears to be some pudgy. I asked the doctor if it'll get better. He said it will. I hope he's right. He said that was the tightest he could do for me so just hoping I'm flat as a board when all the healing is done.
Now all I need to do is lose all the weight from my thighs and bottom. I'm pear shape and all my extra weight goes down there; except for when I was pregnant of course. Happy healing all you Tummy Tucker's!!!

10 days post op

Am feeling so much better. First time back driving (short distance...only to pharmacy about 2 miles away). Went out with some friends for Happy Hour and drank 1 glass of red wine.
I can finally bend down but can't over do it or do feel tired.
Am able to do most thing around the house. I think one more week and I should be 75% back to old self. Have some tender feelings on the sides of my tummy/ hip area... Not sure if it's from the Lipo or just sensitive scars on the side that may be pinched from the clothes.
I still want to lose 20lbs ---so that I'm finally back to my pre- baby weight. Today I weighted at 149lbs and can't wait to go shopping and trying out hoochie mama stuff- well you know classy hoochi mama stuff - I think it could be done. Can't wait to buy the Bebe skinny jeans and all their other party attire.
I will try to upload some pics later today or tomorrow.

I still do have some swelling/numbness around the TT incision but the spanx do help. Nite and day difference.

Went to pharmacy to look at silicone scar sheets but they had so many option not sure which to get. The nurse recommended Scar Away silicone sheets but the also had a cream and one that came in a bottle that looks like nail polish. Any recommendations???

Well ladies. Prayers and love to you all. Although Im still tender and feel a bit like a patient...clothes are fitting so much nicer and YES, I do think it was Worth it!!!!!! Until next time.

15 days post op

Occasionally I experience lots of tenderness around the breast incisions. I get sleepy although I'm not taking the pain killers anymore. Am at 50% of back to my old self.
Once I can start lifting. The tenderness goes away and I'm able to sleep on my stomach and I'm excersing as usual can I say I'll be back to old self.
My tummy swelling has subsided but am always wearing spanx. Got fitted for a bra at Victoria'a Secret when from droopy 34C to a 36C. The girl told me once the band gets bigger so does your cup size.
I can bend down and sit in all sorts of position but still can't sleep on my tummy as my ab muscles are still tight.
I see the doctor this Friday. My tape is just starting to come off...which is great...can't wait to start scar treatment.
Pretty much happy with my results. I finally have a smooth waist but do have 2 dog ear puckers on one side of my tummy right by the incision. Do for said it'd go away but I do worry. I am a worry wart and that's what we do...we worry.

3 weeks post op

So far am healing well. Have been able to sleep on my sides. Doctor said I can start working out and pick up my kids. Although I'm choosing to start slow. Kids weigh 46lbs and youngest weights 26lbs.
I have picked up my youngest but do feel some strain on my breast and upper back area at times when I do.
Am only applying vitamin E oil to scars and 100% cocoa butter. Tape is almost off but still have some on tummy and most on breast area.
I've been walking and can almost walk briskly. Standing up straight is possible although I've noticed when I'm sitting down and get back up I am hunched over not sure if it's a bad habit but the muscles are still slightly soar.
Yesterday tried laying on my tummy (doctor said the girls love it) and it was doable but I did proceed with caution.
Sometimes when I'm sleeping on my sides I feel the tummy incision skin tight as if it were stretching. But not painful. I wonder how soon I can do Yoga and bow poses.

Still haven't had a chance to take pictures. But I soon will.

3 weeks 4 days post op

First day at the gym. Did a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical then some very light free weights - no more than 10lbs. Worked on my chest, shoulders and back. While I didn't feel any pain afterwards I felt my breast were very tender and sensitive to the touch.
Still have some tape left over am just letting that come off on its own. And have not yet started scar treatment other than straight up vitamin E and 100% Shea butter.
Can't wait to hit the gym hard core again. It's been to long. And I'm afraid I'm gonna start getting all flabby again. If only the gods can grant me a bikini worthy almost non-existing scar and no dog ears I'd be a happy happy grateful girl:))). Happy healing you all!!!!

4 weeks post op

And I'm feeling great. I will say I'm at 90% back to normal..all that's missin is getting my acrobatic self back. I am a big Yogi, love Pilates, spin and BodyPump classes. Those I stive for but have not yet gone back to them. Only working on the elliptical for now. I want to give myself at least another 2 weeks before I resume all those. But probably another 4 weeks. Everything looks good but I rather ease myself back to my regular schedule rather than strain or hurt myself. I already have enough full demands as a mommy, wife and host ( mom and grandma still in town. Oy vey I feel like a chauffeur driving them all over town).
I've been sleeping on my stomach now and then. Some adjusting and getting used to the boobs in this position but boobs are beginning to look great. So is scar. Just started my scar away treatment and am excited to go swimming next week at my friend's pool. I may wear a bikini :-))
Will load pix as soon as I get a chance. Happy healing everyone.

5 weeks post op

I am still wearing my spanx...a bit annoying but I feel it allows me to have more freedom in moving around more comfortably. Without it I still feel the tummy area being tender and I feel more like a patient where I don't want to hurt anything.
Am feeling more range of movement. It's no longer as sore when I try to stand up straight or try to arch my back.
Scar away seems to be working well. I still hope my dog ear goes away on its own. My friend who got a c-section told me she had some and hey went away. So I am positive. Am flat as a board. Am no longer taking my medication nor my ALEVE ibprophen for swelling as it has subsided by 95%. The only swelling I left is right around the scar on the tummy area. The scar on my sides almost invisible.
So far am very happy and would do it again in a heart beat. I feel 15 years younger...because I look it too.
I see Dr. Pin again in 2 weeks for my follow-up. Will get a list ready for him with questions so I don't forget anything.

Oh and am going swimming tomorrow. Super excited. I'll be sure to take pictures with bikini on. Can't wait to show off my new body...waited sooo long for this.

6 weeks post op this Tuesday

Am already getting so many compliments. How great I look and that it doesn't even seem like I've had any children :-D

I went swimming last week work a bikini and things went well. Did feel a little pressure on the skin around where the incision is. Didn't take any pictures other but here some pix taken this morning wearing old bikinis from my pre baby days. Still haven't had time to shop for new ones. I've got 2 kids under 5 yrs old and have family in town. I'm lucky enough I get to come on here and update. I do apologize for my spelling and lack of writing structure. Usually am a need when it comes to writing but oh wells I'm sure u lovelies don't mind. Happy healing you all. We're in this together:-))

Oops forgot to upload pix

Here they are as my scar heals and when I get to purchasing better bikini I'll be sure to upload.

6 weeks post op

Am feeling so wonderful!!! Am really loving Dr Pin right now. My boobies look really natural and super perky just as I asked. Tummy is looking great. My dog ear is getting better and now am not even worried about it as it seems like it's going away all on its own.
I finally don't feel like I need to wear my compression garment anymore. I have almost 100% range of motion. I'm taking it easy at the gym though want to ease into it. Right now am sticking strictly to the elliptical and treadmill.
Looking forward to getting back to my group classes in another month.
I didn't wear my compression garment for 2 days straight and totally fine. But now choosing to wear only because I don't want the skin to be imprinted by my jeans - wanna let the skin smooth out as best possible. Am flat as a board.

And can finally lift my kids without that annoying straining sensation.
Pec muscles are still sore (not really sore I should say - i just feel the implant from the pec muscle whenever I flex the pecs hard enough) though when I go heavy on the arms on the elliptical but it's been improving and everyday I notice less and less.
Looking forward to wearing my bikini in a few weeks when I go out of town for my anniversary. And so ready to take the pictures and load them up on here.
I LOVE Dr Pin!! Will tell all my friends needing cosmetic touch up about him. So very Happy!! Good luck all you HOT mommies out there:-)!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

He's great!!!! Very personable immediately becomes your friend, knowledgable and very professional.

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