My Breast Reduction Journey - 48 Years Old / 5'2 - Dallas, TX

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I found this site a few months ago, shortly after...

I found this site a few months ago, shortly after selecting my plastic surgeon and deciding to go for it. Reading all the stories and experiences has been so helpful and comforting to me and I hope that posting my story can pay it forward. I know I was really interested in hearing about the experiences of someone like myself (short, fat and middle aged), so I included my particulars in the title of my review.

My surgery was on 11/06/2012 and my stamina is still up and down, so I'm going to take this in small chunks. I'll follow up this first post with my background and breast history real soon. Thanks in advance for listening.

It took longer for me to get back here to post. ...

It took longer for me to get back here to post. Went back to work and it really kicked my butt!

So my story.... Developed early and got large. It wasn't such a bad thing in high school and college but after college I moved away, started eating and lost my lifelong battle with being overweight. My weight went up and down over the years, mostly up. I ended up with a seriously herniated disk in 2003 that resulted in two back surgeries in a very short window of time. I've lived with chronic pain since then, but after the first couple of years it became bearable, especially with the help of a pain management doctor. Then came my mid 40's and gravity really took over. My boobs took the plunge, pointing straight to the ground and with that began my neck and shoulder pain. Over the last year i lost a good amount of weight, but due to the ongoing pain I was still having to have deep tissue massage every week just to get by. I always thought I had to be at my ideal weight for insurance to cover my much needed reduction and I was still 40 pounds away. Finally, a kind soul told me, don't you think if you got rid of the boobs you would be better able physically to exercise to help lose the weight? Go see a Dr. for goodness sake. I listened, found my surgeon, got qualified by insurance and set my date, 11/6/2012. The day my life changed. It's been quite a ride. Up's and down's both mentally and physically. Stay tuned for my next installment.
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