Finally had a Mommy Makeover and I'd do it again!

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I am a younger mom of 5 (28 years) and I had my...

I am a younger mom of 5 (28 years) and I had my first child just before 18. My young body was done for early and my husband married me after my first child. I am a smaller woman and my breast were beautiful while pregnant but deflated to emptiness when I finished nursing. My stomach has this pooch I cannot flatten and it's so annoying to fit clothes...BUT, most of all, I really want to feel good about presenting myself to my sweet handsome husband. Intimacy is hard to achieve when I am thinking "NO, DONT LOOK" and I just want to feel good about being naked infront of my man.

SO, I am looking at either 275 or 300cc BA to just fill in the lost volume and I am having an extended TT.

I am scheduled for one week from Friday! WOOT! And I can't believe it! I am nervous, excited, anxious, excited and a bit feeling guilty to burden my hubby with my havung ot be out of commission a bit, but he is sweet and supportive so that helps.

We are keeping this a secret though, so that should be interesting, HA! I want to talk about it, but I do NOT want anyone to know, so .... I am glad for RealSelf! :)

So, tomorrow is my post-op; 2 days later I will be...

So, tomorrow is my post-op; 2 days later I will be in surgery! WOW! I can't believe I am finally and really going to do this.
I am mostly excited. I am a little bit nervous, but more-so about recovering without being too big of a burden to my family.

I have a wonderful husband who runs our construction business as well as is in a full time college degree program at a local university. Our 5 children have school, activities and birthday parties. We are very involved in our local community, etc. So, having this done sort of adds a bunch to his plate...especially since we don't want anyone to know.

His mom is helping with the kids some and has done great not asking questions, but, I know I wont be able to lift our 2 year old for 3 weeks, so that is going to be a challenge.
All that to say that this is more of what I am nervous about than the actual surgery.

The surgery I am very thrilled to rip the band-aid off (as the saying goes) and get it over with. I am glad I haven't had to wait very long since scheduling because the waiting is what could have freaked me out. Rushing has kept my mind busy.

I am curious how long before other healing moms were able to be mostly functional in their homes again?

I had my preop appointment and Before pics taken,...

I had my preop appointment and Before pics taken, today! Getting the pics taken stunk, lol!

I love my doc and his staff even more and felt so comforted when I went to register and have blood drawn at the hospital and the nurses were raving about Dr. Bogdan and his wife who is the anesthesiologist, Dr. Veve. That sure was comforting!

I told my mom in love and a good old friend about what I am having done. They were surprised, laughed with me some and supportive. My mom in love is keeping my littlest son on the Mon-Wed (including overnight) following the weekend after my surgery since my husband will need to go back to work/school. My dh will take the children to and from school.

I am still not anxious about the surgery at all; only excited. I am a little bit about the length of time recovery will take however I am more and more encouraged by the ladies on this site that the worst goes by quickly :)

Post Op on day of surgery: I DID IT! WOW! My...

Post Op on day of surgery: I DID IT!

WOW! My Dr. and anasteisiologist met or exceeded the rewieve, so foar! I am still wearing off of genral and no on a pain med so my typing may be a bit crazy.
seriously though, The wake up was a breeze I mean BREEZE especially in contrast to other srgeries. I hate shaking and I usually shake like CRAZY!! But, I didn' all! I woke groggy but coherent enought to make calls, eager to walk myself to pee and to get dressed.

I peeked at the ladies and so far the hubs and I are AMAZED! beautiful work. Hopefully I wil get to see more tomottow at post op 1.
My DH is being AMAZING! keeps remingingm= me now.

Okau. way groggy! time for sleep@

thank you sooo much for walking withme and others encouraging1

24 hours ago I woke up to get ready to leave for...

24 hours ago I woke up to get ready to leave for hospital. I got there at 5:45 & everyone was great!
The doc did his markings & was as he usually is, very respectful but alao up beat & smiling-just so nice.
His wife was my anestesiololgist & she knows what she is doing! I have never woken up from general so well! No shaking, no room spinning, minimal grogginess & NO pain!
I woke from my emergency csection (general anesthesia) saying I hurt I hurt so bad! And they just knocked me out. This
was great!

The Doc called me last night about 9pm at home just to check on me & spoke to my hubby too to be sure he was doing okay helping me!
When I spoke to him I learned that he was actually surprised that it took 250cc on one side & 300cc on the other. A full 50cc difference!
I peeked & they are beautiful! :)
I go in tomorrow mooring for a post op check and I hope I get a peek at the whole deal!

Lower scar was more important to me that the width of the scar so my scar is extending slightly past my hip bones I can tell by how it feels & what we discussed. I also discussed having the vertical scar as well to get beat flatness results since we knew my skin would've been unable to stretch to that low of an insicion.

He was so upfront & caring! Very honest & detailed! I'd definitely only go back & I'd def refer to him!

I'll try to post pics Minday.

Post op day 2 (I had surgery early fri the 14th...

Post op day 2 (I had surgery early fri the 14th & today is Sunday the 16th.

I got to shower today :) feels good to be clean.
Tubes are not a joy to have but they aren't too big of an annoyance.

Kids & hubby are all doing great! Praising God for that.

Stomach is swollen & bent over but already the difference is fantastic!

My wonderful Doc tried go call again but I didn't hear phone.

My bed with lots of pillows has been my favorite place. I walk the house each time I pee then lay down.

Having taken a stool sidebar 2x a day since day b4 surgery was a good idea because I got to have movement today.

Post Op day 3 (day 4 if you count the day of...

Post Op day 3 (day 4 if you count the day of operation):

I have greatly reduced pain meds and I actually have only had half of a Hydrocodone-Acetemetophen at 7am so it's been 6 hours. I'll probably take a muscle relaxer soon though to help with back pain and be sure not to over use my abs.

I am back to eating regular stuff and just resting a lot. Seems I am often very sleepy.

In my opinion this is MUCH easier than a csection; especially since I dont have to get up frequently and pick up a little baby to feed, but also since muscles werent cut but were sewn, I would guess.

So far, keeping it a secret has not been too hard. People dont ask too many questions when you or your family says she is home sick.

My babies have been totally precious! My 4 year old loves to hold my hand to walk me where ever, they have drawn me tons of cards and are so gentle with me. It's been pretty sweet.

My Dr. calls DAILY! I am very impressed! He checks on pain meds, movements, energy, swelling, etc. He talks to my husband as well since he was in charge of keeping my meds in order.

THe last few days do seem like a blurr. I have very faint memory from being on the meds. It's interesting.

What I bought/use:

Prescriptions: Celebrex (for swelling), Stool Softener script, Valium (muscle relaxer), Hydrocodone-Acetometophin (Im allergic to codine), Anti-Nausea med (haven't used).

Dial Soap

Raised Toilet seat (Def worth it)

Lots of pillows

step stool to climb into bed.

extension cord for phone and laptop

ensure and atkins shakes

I can't wait to see me standing straight up with tubes out and implants dropped! YES!
Ill add pic when I get to that point

Post op Day 11: Still walking hubtched but not...

Post op Day 11:
Still walking hubtched but not bent & that's waist on back :)
Slept on my side with a pillow between my legs & just one pillow under my head for a little while last night & it was comfortable for a while. In the morn I was ready to be back on my back with knees up for a few though.

I use my legs & arms to move my body on the bed... Done that since surgery. I pushed with my legs to roll to edge. Used table by bed to sort of push/anchor at same time as my feet dropped to floor. Never put strain on stomach.

Drank a lot of Atkins protien shakes, Ensure Muscle health shakes, zone bars & crackers & I think that's helped with the muscles healing.

I personally really like keeping the CG on. It feels secure & helps with swelling & back pain for now. Of course I look forward to not having it eventually but for now I personally like it.

I didn't have a pain pump but my Dr's technique kept me incredibly comfortable & I haven't needed anything since 4 days PO except occasional muscle relaxer when I've over done it for the day (yesterday).

Definitely reccomend having MOM, Magnesium Citrate, stool softeners & suppository on hand & taking those softeners twice a day. The only tough day I had was the one when I got very backed up.

Rest is important! Do it.
Take the meds on time!! Do it! ;)

I had a pretty easy experience myself & aside from lifting, intercourse :-/, and too much over activity I am almost back to normal & running the house. I just have to sit down when my body says so.

I had extended TT w/muscle repair & BA with 250cc on one side & 300cc on the other (silicone) to even asymetery.

I removed my pics because I honestly just felt weird knowing my body was on the world wide web for all to see (personally), so I took them down but a few people saw my 4 day post op pics & commented that the results were great so if you are looking at Dr. Bogdan for your surgery...seriously, do it! Ask him about the local mom of 5 that had MM in sept 2012 & he can show the before & afters :)
The husband & I are soooo happy!

Dr. Bogdan & his wife/Anesthesiologist make an...

Dr. Bogdan & his wife/Anesthesiologist make an EXCEPTIONAL team! My pain was almost NONE after a full tummy tuck & breast augmentation. I give 5 stars for that area; they really have a great plan for that.

2. He is VERY conservative so if you are worried about going to big DON'T tell him. Go with the largest he'll do for you, because he leans on the very modest side.

3. He has good bed side manner; very gentlemanly, respectful & I do believe intelligible. However, after my procedure I found him to be slightly dishonest. He changed certain things; such as, though asked what would my cost be in the event of a revision up front & told only the hospital & anesthesia, when a revision was indicated because of malpositioning & bottoming out, he would not remove his fees but only "discounted" them.

4. When asked about a revision he skirted around the fact that I had bottomed out stating a fear that I might (future tense) & said I'd need textured implacts & a mesh sling & I truly felt it was a scare tactic to dissuade me from perusing a revision. When I sought the second opinion of real self doctors & then a 3rd & 4th opinion from 2 more Top Surgeons they absolutely discouraged textured & said internal sutures would be a good way to correct the slight bottoming out issue.
Do wear an underwire bra once your scars heal. I was not told this until we realized there was some bottoming out occurring.

I do believe that Dr. Bogdan is a very skilled & intelligent, competent PS & that with a clear idea of your expectations & alertness to these issue you can receive great work.

My tummy tuck is not as tight as I would have hoped however it is good & was painless nearly & he got my scar very low which I was very hopeful for!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Bogdan via much internet research (I.E. Real Self, Dallas magazine top docs, etc). I scheduled several consults with other Dr's but my husband and I both felt most comfortable with Dr. B and his staff. He was upfront with me on what was and what was not do-able and was not interested in up selling me to make the most $ he could. His credentials are IMPRESSIVE and his work shows it. His anesthesiologist is also his wife and they make an excellent team. I have never woken from anesthesia so well (ready to walk myself to the bathroom, not shaking and not in pain). The pain has never been more than uncomfortable and I expected it to be pretty bad. I am very happy and I wouldnt refer to anyone else! I am 4 days PO but I'll add the after pics once the drains are gone. Dr. B calls often to check on me. Called the night before and everyday since. I went in on a saturday to be seen the next day and he didn't mind my children coming and waiting in the waiting room so my husband could be with me. I see him again in a couple of days and hope to have my drains removed. Best Dr. EVER!

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