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Hello everyone, having my Mommy Makeover on...

Hello everyone, having my Mommy Makeover on Thursday so thought I would post my journey. About me: 44, happily/joyfully married with 4 kiddos (ages 3 1/2, 2, 2, and 10 months). I bounced back after my first child, and even with my twins, but after my 4th blessing …well, everything just kinda stayed lumpy, and bumpy if you get my drift. I wouldn't change a thing about all these fantastic kids, but I would and will change my body to reflect the super happy spirit inside. My husband and I met and married later in life (married 5 years…yep, we've been busy!) so I want to look my best (well, for both of us really). Given I am considered an "older mom" I don't want to roll up to kindergarden round-up w/ a walker and everyone thinking I am a Grand Parent :) I just want my outside to reflect my inside happiness (and fit back into the boxes of clothes that I cultivated for years when I was single and working and wearing the GLAM stuff - ha).

I will be having a tummy tuck with a side order of lipo and a breast lift. I wanted to see where the girls would land before I thought about putting an implant in (currently a 36 C, he estimated I would land at a 34 B - which seems tiny when I look at bras, but better to play it on the conservative side in my opinion).

I chose my PS by reference, and while I interviewed another person as well…my decision was quickly established and I returned to Dr. John Burns. I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Burns as well as his staff. They have gone above and beyond to ensure my happiness pre-surgery, so I am confident post surgery will be just the same.

Hoping this week will fly by b/c I'm getting a little antsy to be honest. Will post pics soon. Thanks!

Photos - Pre-Op

Photos - Pre-Op

One More Day!

Today is the day to get everything finalized! Starting to feel like I should breathe into a paper bag :) I know it comes with the territory but kinda just where I am today. With a house of kiddos this young (3 1/2, 2, 2, 10 months) I don't think you can ever really be "done" but I'm sure it will be manageable for those taking care of ALL of us! Wish me well, could use the support right about now.!!!

Photos - Pre-Op

Photos - Pre-Op

Photos - Pre-Op

All Done & Couldn't be happier

Went in yesterday morning at 6, surgery at 7:30 and in my room by room 3 hours later. It looks really good (to me) and the Dr. said it couldn't have gone any better. So far just very….VERY sore. But I've been up walking a lot and following instructions to a T! Again, so far my 4th child's birth (via c-section) was a lot worse than this. Dr. requested to see me on Monday, and then again on Friday to take out the drain (I just have 1 drain). After reading so many reviews I feel incredibly fortunate that things are going the way they are. I'm very groggy, so sorry If not all my sentences make since! Hope everyone else is feeling good with their own journey too, This has been worth every inch of worry and concern, so if you are on the fence - don't be…GO FOR IT!

Post Op Markings

Post Op

Post Op

This picture makes me happy! I can see the progress already!

Day 3 Post Op

Been a pretty good day, slightly uncomfortable but besides that all good. I keep waiting for it to all fall apart (given the feedback from others) but praying it doesn't! I could get used to being waited on like this..it's been a LONG time! :) But I'm sure this too will get old pretty soon. Used to chasing all our little ones and not just sitting. Trying to bend over while walking but I forget and it seems easier to be more or less up right. All of the rules and regulations are a work in progress! Plan to take a shower tomorrow (the big event for the day) but in NO hurry!! Changed dressings and all went well on that too, here's a quick pic. Sleep well everyone -

Day 3 Post Op

Another calm day. Took a shower and enjoyed feeling human again! I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, things seems to be going so well…humm? Hubby goes back to work tomorrow, it's been great having him wait on me hand and foot. He's the best, and always goes above and beyond to serve. Lucky me! I hope everyone takes a lot of pictures and logs their journey b/c it is amazing to see to body heal and turn into a butterfly! Lets ALL give ourselves a pat on the back, this isn't easy to do but somehow we have been able to muster up the courage to say THIS IS MY YEAR!

Day 4 Post Op - Visit with the good Doc.

Today was fun b/c I could get out of the house and go see my PS so he could take a peak. I washed my hair, did my makeup and found comfy clothes that even looked cute. The office made a big deal out of it which made me feel good given I've been in pi's for days. (It really IS the little things in life that makes us happy, right girls!). He took off all the bandages that had almost no "stuff" on them and then just said he was so, so happy with how things are already shaping up. He gave me another topical med that is to take the place of some of the harder stuff and so far so good. It's brand new and he asked me to provide feedback so I happily said yes. The drain (I only have 1) comes out on Friday morning and while I know it won't be super pleasant (initially), it will be worth it in the end. All four of my little ones are quite upset Mommy isn't "holding" them like usual. Confession time: this is the most and best rest I have had in over 4 years and I know it will get old but for the moment I adore being waited on, receiving great meds, and then taking beautiful naps! :) This process continues to be 1000% worth it. No true pain, just mild discomfort and already feel like I am bouncing back and will be "back in business" with the kids in a few weeks. Probably too early to try on clothing yet, but in my head I am (and loving it). I've just never had "options" before, how cool will it be to just get dressed and not have to try on 10 things trying to find something to hide this belly. I know many of you relate. I promise to respect and take care of this new body and show it off at every opportunity - ha! Hope you guys are well, feeling strong and believing in the future and all that can be.

Side note: anyone have any on line sources for swimwear that you would recommend? :) It's sooo fun looking! Sweet dreams to all...

Day 5

Not much changed today except one heck of a bowel movement. It's the small victories, right? TMI, but super important to get past this milestone. I've had more sleep in the last 5 days than I have had in the last 4 years when I started having my 4 children. I won't lie….IT TOTALLY ROCKS (sleeping, watching tv, FB, and looking at swim suits & dreaming)! One day when my body catches up with my well rested self, a rebirth of sorts may happen - ha! Just another reason to go shopping to celebrate, right! While I LOVE all the rest I sure do miss holding my babies, being out and about and being able to drive myself where ever I feel like going. All in due time (I tell myself) there will never be another rest time/experience quite like this so…enjoy! I hope everyone else is doing well and healing nicely or making final decisions for your surgery day. These are exciting times ladies, embrace what lies ahead!

Blood Clot Complications - Please Read, Ladies!

So, I had a fantastic one week and a day check up with the fabulous Dr. Burns to which he removed the 1 drain I had. No problem, it was out in a few minutes, exchanged comments on how good I looked and how fantastic his work was (is) and how I've been so fortunate to not really experience any pain/complications then made an apt. to see him in a few weeks. WELL…by that afternoon I was having chest complications, trouble breathing, talking etc. I thought I was just sore from sleeping in the recliner (I mean come on, that gets old really fast!). So about 9 pm I knew something was wrong - SCARY WROG, so we called my PS (as he had given us his cell if we ever had complications) and he advised going to the ER. I had a blood clot 10 years ago after a minor foot surgery, but was young and in great shape and it made no since why that happened. So after being on blood thinner for a few months dr.'s decided it was just a fluke. So of course this was a concern when I had my TT/BL/Lipo etc. and Dr. Burns took all the necessary complications and medications to ensure all went well. Well, it did, or so I thought until one week and 1 day PO everything fell apart. I literally couldn't breathe much and just say a few words so we put the kids to bed, called a friend and went to the ER. After AWFUL, lay flat on your back blood clot testing and hours later of waiting it was a confirmed blood clot. That was Friday night, it's now Sunday night and they are hoping I can go home tomorrow after final testing returns. I will be on medication at least a year, but likely a life time. It's just how MY BODY is wired, and no ones fault at all. I will say Dr. Burns was amazing, came to the hospital on Sat. to see me and talk to my family and work with the team here at the hospital. Since it was a weekend it was SLOW SLOW SLOW here, and Dr. Burns helped get answers when we could not. I'll be fine in a few weeks once the clot is absorbed 100% and the breathing gets better in my chest (it feels like a knife turning in my back, fun…huh)! My incisions from PS look amazing and are healing perfectly from what I can tell. But I did want to log my info just to say if you ever worry about something being "off" after surgery to immediately have it checked out. The blood clot I have/had can kill so always listen to your inner voice and protect yourself. At least now I know what I need to watch out for moving forward w/ my body and health, so in a strange way I am glad all this was brought to my attention! Hope everyone is doing well, and progressing nicely. I am still so excited for this summer and swimwear and buying new bras. Life is great, just hit a speed bump :)

Moving in the right direction

Now that I'm home from the hospital (4 days in for a blood clot after my MM surgery) life is moving slowly but surely ahead. My little ones certainly keep me engaged but this Momma has A LOT of healing to do so I am resting A LOT and have plenty of helpers while I recover. I slept in our bed today for the first time, you would have thought I went to the moon and planted a flag - I was just so proud of myself. It wasn't easy but the goal is to start small (naps during the day) and maybe by this weekend I can end this love/hate affair w/ my recliner! I put on some yoga pants today that are form fitting to see what I was working with and you know, I'm pretty happy so far. And the breast lift (I believe) is just what I hoped for. I was a 36c before but not a good one. Now I'm guessing I'm a 34b, PERKY, HIGH, and TIGHT 34C. Will be fun one day to get rid of all the old bras and embrace the world of "matching" cute sets. Hope everyone is doing well and being kind to yourself PRE or POST recovery!

Waiting for the magic to happen

So I didn't have just the typical surgery, mine was followed by a blood clot and days of hospital time, a stomach virus and a nasty …NO….NASTY sinus infection and I'm just ready to heal for goodness sakes. With surgery and sickness (primarily sickness) I have lost 10 pounds and while the numbers are thrilling it's been an uphill battle. Like up-hill BOTH WAYS kinda ordeal. I've had 1 day of feeling well and the others have been head-in-the-sand kinda days. I'm just ready for a change this week since it will my 4th week post. I can't seem to get used to all this change. And while I know it is great, it is also a little scary looking at it all right now (at it's most vulnerable - I'm afraid if I roll over in bed my boob will fall off - ha). Please tell me this has occurred to others as well? :) I love a good make-over and used to watch surgery shows so I would not have thought I wouldn't feel this way about my own body, but I think I am just getting reaquainted with the old/new me. Anyone else have trouble taking off bandages and not being critical? I know it's a work in progress and nothing is terribly wrong…but it feels so…I don't know…foreign I guess. I've had 4 kids in the last 5 years though so maybe getting back to just me is the underling issue :) Having a breast lift brought me down in size from 36 C to 34 B (or so I think that's the #) and it's an adjustment (not in a bad way, just in a who is THIS in my shirt kinda way). I FEEL such sensitivity w/ "the girls" and it is driving me nuts. They say that is good, nerves are reconnecting. I need to learn to be patient. My body has undergone a ton of stretching via singleton, twins, singleton and now this recreation. All will be fantastic, I'm sure of it…just a little nervous-nelly. I wouldn't have predicted this post surgery but it is where I'm at. I'm sure once a few good day in a row are had, a little soreness goes away (please, please, please), and a lot of shopping ensues - a happier ME I will be! Love reading all your stories, will post pictures this week…maybe :)

One Month Marker...

Today I am one month PO. It's been a blur, and totally consuming but I feel like things are getting better this week. It's been a long haul due to complication but as everyone states - I wouldn't change a thing & worth the struggle. Uploading a few pics. Hope everyone is doing well!

One more try….pictures didn't post

Not sure why it's a challenge to post pictures (for me) :) Operator error? Maybe :)

One last try w/ photos..

I think my firewall must be blocking everything posting easily! Trying again!



Weight is down 12 pounds in a months time. I'm not sure what is happening, but I'll ride the wave!



Retail therapy :)

Exhausted w/ posting issues...

Sweet dreams to all….

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