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Exactly two weeks from today I will be (by choice,...

Exactly two weeks from today I will be (by choice, may I add) undergoing a full Mommy Makeover. I will be having a Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, and Lipo to the flanks and back. It's impossible to try to explain the endless amount of different emotions I am going through. I am scared, happy, excited, anxious and a nutshell, I am FREAKING OUT! I keep fighting off the many thoughts that go through my head everyday trying to get me to back down from going thru with this surgery. And it doesn't help that I am a Director for a women's Fashion, Beauty and Health Company, so I get the endless amount of comments from hundreds of women both Good and Bad but at times even Ugly. Today's comment from one very wealthy, trendy and happening Fashion Editor was, and I quote her, "Honey, it's not a good sign to be doing this surgery this year, when you have lost both your Fiance and Father. " Lol, yes she is correct in the fact that 2014 has not been a Lucky year for me. But I am of the mind set that: IF NOT NOW, WHEN? I waited far too long to do this for myself. So I Invite you to follow me on this Journey of mine where I will be very detailed, very honest and very graphic. I will post pictures as well as videos and I will also be doing a lengthy video diary that I am doing for my company since so many of our clients (and they are all women) want to know the ins and out of this experience. Hopefully it can help a lot of women thinking of having this type of surgery done. Stay tuned.

One week to go!

One week from today I will be on the flat side. The vast emotions that are raging through me are so intense that I cant even describe them. Lucky for me that my period decided to come today. I am glad it did because it would of made things worse if I had to deal with my period on top of healing from my surgery. In the next few days I will be posting the before pictures.

Regarding weight loss

It's really frustrating that the doctors are always saying that we should be as close to our ideal weight as possible before surgery. However, that seems to be such an unrealistic thing to achieve. It seems, at least for me, that as much as I tried to lose wight, the stress of thinking about this sugery only made me gain weight. No matter how hard I tried to eat well and excerse, the scale would not move downward. If anything, I actually gained weight. I am at the heaviest I have ever been. I am 30lbs over my ideal weight. ugh!!

Tomorrow Is the DAY!

Super nervous, I have been really really scared, and in all honesty, almost talked myself out of having this surgery. However, after I went in for my pre-op and met with the doctor and the nurse, I felt a lot better. I hope I get some sleep but who this time tomorrow, I will have a better body! (God willing)


The overall fear I have (besides something going disastrously wrong with the surgery), is that my surgeon makes my incisions go upwards on the sides. I hate that look. I also worry that he won't make a straight line. I have seen some incisions that end up crooked. I don't want that to happen to me and I hope and pray that Dr. Pollock really concentrates on giving me a nice thin, straight very low scar that doesn't rise on the sides. The things I love about Dr. Pollock is that he really goes very low in the front with his incision ( I love that about him) I also really love his belly buttons. Of all surgeons I have seen , Dr. Pollock's makes the very best Belly Buttons!


Hi friends,
sorry I have been out of the loop on RS it's just that I had complications after my surgery and all hell broke looseI I requested to stay at the surgery center for two nights. Well on my second night I started having chills and tempetures of 98 -99 degrees. Got transported to the nearby hospital by ambulance and stayed there until Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday morning I took myself to the emergency room with severe nausea and was admitted again and released today. During all those days in the hospital, I became a lab rat. They tested for every possible complication and got more IV's stuck in me and more blood taken out than most people get in a lifetime! The stories kept changing from day to day and doctor to doctor at the hospital. One day I had a collapsed lung and the next I had an infection. I was also ordered to have blood transfusion and that's when I freaked out! The only time I see in movies that people get blood transfusions is when they are about to die and this is the only way to save their lives. That's when I just called my mother and said my goodbyes and made her promise to look after my two kids. Haha, I can laugh about it now because I feel so much better but I really saw my life pass by right in front of me for a split second. All in all, this is why I say how important it is to be in the right hands when you are going under. Dr. Pollock, visited me almost every day and on the day he couldn't his father came to see me. All along what dr. Pollock kept saying was that I had no infection and it was just that I needed to expand my lungs more by breathing into that breathing machine they give you at the hosp.and by walking more but all those idiots at the hosp kept making everything seem bigger than it was running from test to test and stressing the hell out of me! TO this day I swear to you I have not seen my incisions! But I assure you my ass is known by hundreds of people at the hospital all claiming "wow, your doctor did an amazing Job" So all the hospital employees Dr. Pollock gets from viewing my naked ass I want a cut! Dr. Pollock always remained calm and kept me informed and called me, visited me so I am really greatful to him for that. Shoot, I even joked to my daughter (the first time I was released ) when she said you are feeling better, I said of course, all it took was for dr. Pollock to show up in a suit at the hospital and that cured me! (inside joke ..... everyone that knows me, knows I have thing for men's suits, I even have a board on my pinterest all dedicated to mens suits!) I had my daughter laughing with that comment! When I get the courage to take a peek I will take pictures and post them. I will also analyze what went wrong and put a post specifically about that here to show the ugly side of surgery , the ones we know could happen but think they never will to us.


Hi everyone, Today marks a week and 3 days post surgery for me.
So today I went in to get my stiches removed. It is also, the first time I have visited my doctors office since the surgery took place. I was expecting the process of removing the stitches to be painful, however I only felt one sticht as it got pulled and it hurt just a little bit, no big deal. The stitches inside my belly button I did not feel whatsoever. In fact I did not even realize the nurse had taken them out because I was busy talking away! I love the nurses at Dr. Pollocks office. Kim and Casey are so sweet and patient. Kim had to still cover my nipples and I am afraid to remove what she placed so I will only load up pictures that I can show without me having to remove the tape and gauze. I am Absolutely loving my Breast Lift so far. I am keeping my fingers crossed that as the swelling goes away that the breast size remains as close as what I have now. I had to take a picture of the real test in knowing If I have at a minimum a D size and that test is the showing of cleavage. and OMG! I do! I absolutely do have great cleavage! Today was also the first day I am wearing my own CG. Up to now I was just washing and reusing the Binder that was provided by my doctor. I love my CG! I felt so much better right away once I put it on. There is more ease of use, more compression and covers all the way down to include my mons pubis which needs compression to get rid of that mount of swelling that ends up there and takes the longest to go away. In a couple of days when I get the couragae to see my TT incision I will post the pictures. I am working little by little to get there by wednesday. SO on wednesday you should see both breast and TT pictures. Other than that, I am feeling great. I go to the mall everyday and walk around for hours.


Today marks my third week since I had my surgery done. I have not made any comments on the tummy tuck itself because I dont want to make an opinion at this time because I am very swollen. All I can say is that I hate my incisions. The position of the incisions was the number one most important factor to me and as much as I annoyed my surgeon not to make my incisions rise up on the sides, and after making sure he understood I did not want the incisions going up on the sides (I thought we were both on the same page and he understood my preference) I still ended with the incisions going way up on the sides. Needless to say, I am not happy with the TT surgery right now. I am praying and hoping that after the swelling goes down and my stomach gets flatter that the incisions will go down a bit. However, I doubt it, because prior to my surgery another patient of my doctor who was also upset with the position of her incisions told me that she was told that within 3-6 months the incisions would settle downward but a year later and she still had the incisions exactly as she had them right out of surgery. I am really unhappy about this outcome, specially when I flew in to discuss the incision placement a couple of times to make sure I ended with the incision placement where I wanted. Now I don't know what to do, because my bikinis don't cover them so if the Embrace Scar therapy doesnt make them look better I might have to re-do the TT again just to fix the placement of the scar. Bummer : ( We will see, in 3 months time, if there is no improvement than I will decide what my options are.
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