43 Yr Old with 4 Kids.. BL, BR, BA, TT, BBL and Lipo. Dallas, TX

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My surgery is in the morning and so I'm not able...

My surgery is in the morning and so I'm not able to provide a review yet. I am very nervous but at the same time very excited. I have done a ton of research and feel knowledgeable in the recovery process and I just hope it is enough to get through it without too much anxiety. I am 5' 6" and weigh around 160 and am in a C-D cup and am anticipating to be in a DD cup using the Mentor Silicone Gel. Dr. Harris and his staff have been very professional and have answered every question I have had over this process. I feel very confident in my decision and trust Dr. Harris completely.

Day 10 postop...

This was by far the hardest thing I have gone through; however, it was really just the first 7 days that were a nightmare. I seemed to have turned a corner after that. I am now able to walk without a walker and am even going up and down stairs fine. The main problem I am having now are what I researched as "zingers and they feel like electric shock type pains in my boobs and I guess it is the nerves regenerating themselves. It is super painful and seems to happen the most when I am in a reclining position (such as to sleep or relax, go figure). The nurse told me to take vitamin B6 100 mg three times a day, which I have done now for the last two days and it doesn't seem to have helped at all, but will keep doing it anyway. I have been back to work for the last few days but I work at home from the computer , so it has been okay. The fatigue is not near as bad as it was. The thing that is most disappointing is that I thought I would have no clothes to fit me as I would be so small after surgery -- L O L -- and I fit into the same clothes and they are even a little tighter from all of the swelling and wearing the binder 24/7.

Bilateral Pulmomary Embolisms

The day I hit the two-week mark I went to try to sleep after being super, super tired and started getting a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I knew I was not lifting anything, but it kind of felt like I worked out too hard at the gym. I then thought maybe it was from my bra. The pain got more intense and then when I would take a deep breath I would get sharp pains in the left side of my back, the same side as the shoulder pain. I then started to freak out a little bit and the first thing that came to mind was pulmonary embolism. I called the ER and they told him that I should be seen right away. I drove myself there having a panic attack the whole way. They did a D-dimer test, which was at 5000, the highest the test would go. After a CT scan, it was confirmed that I had blood clots in both lungs, one of them was pretty severe. I was immediately started on heparin blood thinner and admitted to the hospital. I spent the next seven days in the hospital receiving shots of Lovenox every 12 hours and then started on Coumadin. Keep in mind, that I am a very healthy 43-year-old who has never had any complications from surgery before having had hysterectomy and ectopic rupture. I did everything I was told to do -- started walking as soon as I could and moving my feet when I was sitting. They ran a series of blood tests and I have no family history or any type of blood disorder. This is a rare, but very scary and real risk of the surgery. Most people die within 30-60 minutes of symptoms first starting. I consider myself very lucky to be alive. I will now have to be on blood thinners for possibly four months. I had a cruise planned (for today actually) and because of the PE I had to cancel. Every little pain I have in my shoulder I fear is the blood clot. It is hard for me to be excited about my body at this point as the surgery almost killed me. I am hoping as time goes by that I will get over the fear I have and will be able to enjoy the results from the surgery. Please listen to your body -- when I thought of PE symptoms I thought of chest pain and rapid heartbeat. My symptoms were left shoulder pain and then low back pain with deep breath. I also had some shortness of breath for the few days prior, but I related it to the binder as I was wearing it pretty tight due to the amount of swelling I had.

Before and after pics up to 4 wk postop

Some pics before and after.

Regarding my "Not Worth It" rating.

This has nothing to do with Dr. Harris and his staff.. they have been amazing and Dr. Harris' work is top notch and beautiful. I regret the surgery very much due to the pulmonary embolisms and how it has changed my quality of life until further notice.. could be months or even years from what I'm told. The shortness of breath and fatigue are overwhelming. Being on blood thinners isn't any picnic either. I realize this is a rare thing that happened to me.. but if I could have a do-over, I would have stuck with my old body as at least I was healthy and active. It isn't worth coming that close to death just to look better and isn't worth giving up my health for God knows how long.

5 months months postop

Things have been going well for me. I am back to my level of physical activity I was before the PE and before surgery, thank God. It was so scary not knowing when my endurance would return to normal after the PE. I ran my first 5k since surgery and placed 3rd, so I feel very blessed to be healthy again!! My scar is fading nicely and I haven't had any further complications. I still have curves just like I wanted and will post a few pics from earlier today to note my progress.
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