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I was hoping I had lost the weight I've carried...

I was hoping I had lost the weight I've carried since I was 18 in time to have my skin snap back up, but it doesn't look like its going to happen. I lost all of my weight working for Royal Caribbean, not sitting at a desk like I did from 18-28.
I was 315lb and 49" at my largest...and when my 48's were starting to get snug, it was a huge red flag. I'd worked out a number of different ways...unsuccessfully...but when working for RCI, it just fell off. Once I got the momentum, I didn't want to lose it. I'm now down to 213lb/35" and still shrinking slowly.

My main goal is to get rid of my muffin-top/spare tire. I'll never have "the V", or a six-pack...but I just want the flat stomach I've worked so hard for.
I applied for the UT Southwestern residency program and got accepted for this procedure, and was assigned a Fellow, so he's far enough along to do it on his own. I'm still in final "information-gathering" talks, but all is going well.

I'll keep this updated as I go.

Still waiting for my before pics (they took them...

Still waiting for my before pics (they took them on-site and said they'd provide copies).
I'm going to meet my surgeon's colleague on Friday because he's going to be out of state a few days after surgery and this other surgeon is going to take care of any issues. Also going to see before/after pics.

So now 7 days out! Getting excited :) Dr....

So now 7 days out! Getting excited :)

Dr. Roostaeian decided we wouldn't have to do much lipo since I've lost so much on my own. He may do a bit for some contouring, but not enough for it to show up on the bill :D

They gave me a list of medicines/vitamins not to take for 2-weeks before surgery (good thing I didn't, because I only received the list 1.5-weeks before my scheduled date). They also gave a list of suggestions regarding what to fix the night before so that you have something to eat after surgery. Can't eat after midnight/8hrs before surgery (I believe it was).

They're having me stay in the "Medallion Guest Suites" overnight, which is AT the hospital just in case. It is a bit pricey, but even Dr. Mom (actually an RN) suggested I do it; They have wifi, so I'll be able to access my media server at home so I've got something to watch...though the Dr. did say he wanted me up and walking the day of surgery.

Still waiting for before/after pics. The only reason I don't take my own is because they have a photo studio with diffusers and everything that I know their before/after pics will be really good...I will be taking daily after pics of my own, but their before pics look great, I'm sure.

One other thing that came up during the discussion with the Dr. was where the scar would be. Dr. Roostaeian told me I should bring in whatever I want to wear to the beach and he'd mark it so that we make sure the scar is hidden. I, personally, think that's an awesome idea!

Well, I'm home now...and both Dr.s think I'll be...

Well, I'm home now...and both Dr.s think I'll be really pleased with the results. I will say, I think the lipo hurts the most. I have had no trouble pee'ing since they took the catheter out, but no p00p yet, though I haven't been eating a lot of solid foods. They have been giving me the stool softeners, but I haven't started the Milk of Magnesia yet.

Reading the reviews and talking to people who have had the procedure have really prepared me for the pain levels, and have made them more bearable.

I still don't have the before pics from them, but I took my own just so I had them. I'll be taking post pics each day I take a shower (which starts tomorrow)and once my laptop gets back from Alienware, I'll get them posted.

Here are some pictures...while I'm thinking about...

Here are some pictures...while I'm thinking about it

I've been meaning to do an update, but have been busy. I'll try and get everything in this week...if not this week, then next for sure. :)

Week 1

I slept pretty well all week. The "sleeping" pills they gave me kept me out for a solid 4 hours. After that, I dozed in and out for a bit, but overall I felt rested when getting up the next morning. I slept in a recliner with 1 pillow under my legs, and only slightly layed back. This worked pretty well for me. During the day, I stayed in one of those recliners that can lift you up to help you stand. I think it would have been more painful to stay in a normal recliner, having to get up every few hours to walk around.

I stopped my pain pills on the Thursday after surgery (surgery was Tuesday). I never really felt any pain, to be quite honest. It may have been that they had me on the meds from in-surgery till I stopped them, but even after stopping them I never really felt any pain...and I don't have a high tollerance for it.

I had my first BM on Friday afternoon...small though it was. It was kind of a reason to celebrate :P I could get back to solid foods! I hadn't taken any of the MoM or any other fiber suppliments beyond the prescription they gave me for it.

Week 2

This week I worked from home. (Thanks boss!). I was able to set up a pretty comfy "workstation" on my couch, so that made returning to work so I could make the money to pay the other half of this thing off easier.

This week my first "complication" showed itself. Dr. Roostaeian had been relatively aggressive with my right breast incision and brought it up to the joint between the back of your arm and your back...that area that stretches a lot when you move your arm around. Unfortunately, this is also where my under-binder (the one that's basically like a zip-up undershirt) ended. This caused some rubbing, which split open the incision a little. It won't be a HUGE issue once it's all healed, as it's in the back of my arm, so relatively hidden.

I tried to sleep in bed one night propped up, and with 3 pillows under my legs, but this wasn't such a great idea. For some reason this caused my muscles in my legs MAJOR pain when standing still or keeping my legs straight for the next 2 week. At first we thought it may be a clot, but it has since subsided. I don't recommend the whole propping up your legs with pillows under the joint thing...it was very painful.

I went in for my first followup on Wednesday (8 days after the surgery) to have my drains removed and check on everything. The drain removal process was basically snipping the stitches that held the tubes to the holes, then pulling the tube out. A bit weird if you don't have a strong stomach...I was only able to feel 1 of them slide out. I did ask about the swelling in my abdomen area...it feels like a balloon, and since I can't feel anything in that area right now, I can't tell if it's swelling or my muscles (which Dr. R suggests it is). Another thing we still weren't sure about at this point was how my areolas were coming along. Apparently my left one bled a bit more in the OR, so Dr. Roostaeian was worried about it from the start. More on that later. In regards to the binder rubbing under my arm, Dr. R approved the use of just the abdominal binder rather than both it and the undershirt-style binder.

Week 3

I returned to work this week...still walking like an older gentleman :P because of the pressure I felt at the incision points and how the binder was pulling on everything. I didn't want to cause any more of the incisions to come apart or be larger than they needed to be. I paid for the upgraded incision tape to keep the incision to a minimum, and I was already having a slight issue with my main abdominal incision. The back side of the tape had folded and stuck to itself a little and tore my skin right above my pelvic area. At the time it was scary, but it has since turned out ok. Overall, I'd still do the upgraded tape based on how the incisions did turn out. They're healing up nicely.

Tuesday of this third week, I felt that my shirt was a little wet, so I went to check on my left areola and it started leaking. I squeezed about 2oz (dunno medical measurements) of puss and blood out from behind my areola. I was pretty sure this wasn't a good sign, but Dr. R said it was extra protein from my body trying to rebuild itself. Throughout this week, the areola went from looking ok, to better, then just took a dive. By the way...this is only the left one, the right breast made it fine. So over the next 2 and a half weeks, I spent 15 minutes, 3 times a day draining fluid out of my breast as my areola died and started falling off. I have since lost it, and it's healing up ok, but it's going to look a little weird if you're conscientious about that sort of thing. It should heal up as a round scar, which you can then tattoo over or around to hide.

Week 4

This is the actual week I had the areola removed...not that most of it hadn't already fallen off. This is also the week that my breast started draining from the incision just below the areola. :( At first it didn't concern me so much, but I didn't know that the fluids were eating away a little bit at the inside of the incision. Since this started, it opened up quite a bit and is larger than I'd like, but I'm just going to have to cross my fingers on how it turns out. Dr. R has suggested maybe looking into Scar Revision in about 6mo, but we'll have to see where I'm at then.

Week 5

This week was pretty uneventful. My breast has stopped draining, and my areola is healing up well (I guess...never seen anything like this, and couldn't find pictures anywhere). Before it stopped, I did have another spot on the breast incision start leaking a little; about 1" to the right of where originally started. :(

Week 6

No more binder! w00! I hate that thing :P Wish I knew what purpose it was serving...on the medical level. I also got approval to start using my Mederma. Not that I know what it would look like without it, but with the Mederma, good parts of the incision are turning out REALLY good so far. Even some of the bad parts are turning out ok. I hope it continues this trend.

1 Year Update

Everything is going great! The scars are taking longer than I would have liked to heal, but they are healing, none the less. I used Mederma in the beginning, then moved to vitamin E ointment, and finally Vitamin E Oil. I think I saw the most progress with the Oil, but at this point I'm just waiting for the redness to fade from the tape tearing my incision earlier on, and the breast removal scars...though they don't matter as much since I still have half a nipple on both sides...that will always be visible.

Overall I'm still happy, it's WAY better than it was, but it'll never be seemless.

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