51 Yrs. Old Remove 35 Year Old Baby Fat. Dallas, TX

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I have had only one child and the fat after her...

I have had only one child and the fat after her birth has pooled on the bottom half of my stomach and I want to know what it looks like not to have fat changing the way my clothing is suppose to look. I am having my lower and upper abs, flanks and bra line. I expect to have a flat stomach, no more love handles and no back fat. I was told by the nurse that since I have fat with additional skin that I could have a lower lip or hanging skin left over - I am dreading this more than I am dreading the procedure.
I have been waiting a long time to afford Tumescent Laser Liposuction and I know no matter what the turn out I am going to be a new woman.

Pre-Opt pic's 8.18.15

I have chosen to share with you what I look like post-surgery. I have never opening-ly shared with anyone how I look unclothed or why I need to have this fat removed to feel mentally healthy about my body in 36 years.

Post-Op 8,19.15

Ok, so I had the surgery and let me first say that I was wigged out on Tuesday night 8.18.15 the evening before surgery. I was really worried about the final out come but more importantly I was worried about the risk and pain. I had to be at the doctors office the day before to get me pill cocktail that would make me woozy, Dr. Thomas Baker at American Lipo Centers in Dallas, TX, doe not use anesthesia, so I would in an induced state and able to feel the pain of having the Laser-scope inserted into my body over and over again. I remember hollering or screaming out in pain and calling for Jesus to deliver me from the pain. The I remember the nurse Debbie, saying that I was doing fine and that I would be ok or that it was ok. Either way it hurt so bad I wanted them to stop but I was in a semi-conscious state. I do remember her telling me to open my eyes so that I could see the fat oozing through the tube into a container.

When it was time for Dr. Baker to do my back I remember standing up and feeling the instrument going into my back and moving around again I cried out. I have a low threshold for pain and this could be the reason that it hurt more than I thought imagined.

After the procedure I was awaked and told that it was all over and in a few minutes I could get dressed. Actually, Debbie the nurse helped me into the compression garment and padded me with pads to catch the leaking until I got home. By the time I got home it was time to start changing the pads, which by the way I was told to by super absorbent maxi-pads, ad bed pads to catch the leakage.

The once the meds wore off, it was time to change the pads and that's when the hell began, I was in so much pain from the moving of the pads replacing them and trying to get comfortable that my friend-girl who was helping me said that I was crying and speaking in tongues. Now this I do remember! My skin hurt so bad that I wanted to be put to sleep.

The next morning I had to go back to it was hell all over again as Debbie and I pulled the compression garment down to look at the incisions and Dr. Baker could ok the progress, I screamed at the pain.

The next two days were terrible my skin felt as if it was on fire, I couldn't sleep or get comfortable at night, would not recommend getting back done at the same time! Driving, walking, sitting, going up and down the stairs and if anyone touched me it felt as if my skin was on fire.

Today as I write this it is 4 days post-opt 8.23.15 and I am still in pain skin hurts dreading taking off compression for cleaning, I had to finally put band-aids over the incisions in order to get some relief from the pressure of the top of the compression garment and my bra rubbing up against the open wounds under my breast. The ones on my back were healing but I had to cover them up as well. Tonight as I write this I am feeling better but only until I have to walk or to put on the stomach compression band before I go to sleep.

I do not see a lot of results yet but others say they see some. I am swollen and praying for the day that my skin stops itching, burning and feeling numb. Also I have a cotton ball in my navel daily to keep the shape round?

The pictures I am posting show what the garment looks, like the after affects of leaking and the swollenness of my body after the procedure.

51 yr.Old ----5 days Post Opt

Ok its the 5th full day after Lipo and I am taking garment off to wash, and shower.

I look at the photos and feel like WTH? I look the same!!!! After the pain the worry the cost and I kook like I did before the procedure.
Ok, I realize that 5 days is not an accurate time to gage results but I have been looking at yoyr pucs and some of you look better immediately.
I sent doctor a "I am worried you missed the fat' letter with this group of pics and waiting for his response.

When looking at pics I notice that for African American's the incisions leave what looks like burn open wounds. Is this common or am I just seeing the worst.

I unless U see drastic changes these will be my last pics for a while. I haven't had any comments about pics or my post, and I notice your responding and supporting some of the others! No words of encouragement or interest for me?

New Woman 2 Weeks post op!

Ok, here are my two week pic's worried about my navel and the fact that I a crease and if you look at lower tummy and compare it looks the same. However sides look smaller, if you look closer flanks are still bruised and hard!

New Woman - not sure why pics upside doen

Ok! These are my three week photos and for those who have more fat on tummy or have had a child or with stretch marks you will have an idea of what yours could look like. I have been worried about how the skin on my tummy and navel is going to look afterwards and now I can see at three weeks after taking the cottonball out of my navel that there was trauma to the navel. The dark areas are dry peeling skin and it appears that the cottonball didnt prevent the 'Donut' from appearing and ad you can see I am pulling it so that you can see it better. I asked Dr. Baker about it and Debbie responded that he had to work aggressively around the navel to get the fat. I assume that is why there is trauma. I am still swollen!? I certainly hope so for mysake I sure don't want this to be my end result! Because as you can see there are what appears to be fact dimples on my stomach.

Let me say this: I did not do any research on Dr. Baker, I saw his work on someone esle and thought he does great work! and the price was right!

I just hope that is true! Maybe if your considering the procedure you should research your Dr. thoroughly before making the decision. Debbie said my BMI was kind of high. Does that mean I should have dieted and loss 15-20 pds first? Don't know but at one clinic I called they said it was too high! I am beginning to think it was because I can not see the contouring as of yet!

6 weeks and no signs of sculpting

I am extremy uhappy with my procedure, at 6 weeks there is no sign of scuplting, I am still looking like I need liposuction, I wanted my lower tummy gone as you can see from photos it is still there. As a matter of fact at six weeks I am still bruised and sore if I accidentally bump into something there is pain if I lift arms to stretch there is pain and I still have nerve prickling attacks daily.

7 weeks

I was told when I talked to Dr. Baker by his nurse that I should now wait 10-12 weeks before coming back for my post-op. Well let me say this I dont think its going to matter how long I wait I will not look sculpted and the back fat, lower tummy fat and the contouring will still look as if I need Lipo...I am beginning to wonder if Debbie performed my procedure instead of Dr. Baker because when I spoke to him she spoke for him and there are only the two of them in the office and the procedures are performed overlapping which could cause rushing and lack of attention to details like removing my lower tummy fat...I know no fat was renoved because it is still full and it was never sore to touch or nerve problens it feels full and normal...thats why I had procedure in the first place I now look like I just lost a little wieght...so disappointed.

7 1/2 weeks Post-op

After writing my comments earlier I decided to take pics this morning after looking at results of women who were larger than me and they look great! I have not gained any wieght and I look like I need Lipo!

I met with Dr. 5 months after post-op discussed...

I met with Dr. 5 months after post-op discussed dissipointing results and was told that they are a fat removal service and as long as he can see that the fat is teduced de has done his job!

I asked why didnt you tell me that I needed timmy tuck instead of Lipo? said he was sorry that we didnt have discussion

Asked him what is end result he stated as long as there are no lumps of fat I cant help you we refuce fat only!

Dr. Thomas Baker

Dr. Baker is nice enough, he schedules too many surgeries at once and I believe he rushed my surgery, and because I was not fully sedated I experienced far to much pain and he stopped! He admitted that His job is to remove fat he is not a scuplting Dr, and if he can see some fat reduction he did his job! His suggestion is that I get a Tummy Tuck but he did not suggest it before I had the procedure with him! In other words he knows your going to be dissappionted and doesnt care! I do not recommend American Lipo Centers Anywhere in the Country!

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