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You make my dreams come true as You Make Me Feel...

You make my dreams come true as You Make Me Feel So Young!
Not sure how you feel about it? Are you a little mixed up? Hiding from your reality? Don't know what to do? Do you feel yourself going around and around and upside down? Is the magic gone from your life? Or are you throwing your hands up in the air? I feel so young ! Thanks to the miraculous workings of Doctor Chris Himmelheber in the Dallas office. It has already been 6 months since my Life Style Lift procedure. A lot of changes! This one was the first step of many more to come. An awakening in the surprise treasure of feeling Young at Heart! A lasting kick to my ego! I feel like dancing the night away and playing hide 'n' seek and picking up forget-me-nots! Oh what Joy I am feeling as I see the looks and hear the many compliments. I'm told that I have a glow about me. 

I have noticed that when people are around me they just start to smile! I think I must be contagious! As that is the crazy thing that I do ! I can't keep from smiling! I think I am finally understanding what others are seeing in me! Not only physically but mentally as well! It is a lasting feeling that you can't take away from me. I didn't realize just how much I needed a lift in life.. It must be something I missed along the road or did I misplace or just loose it? I have been in a rut! I didn't call it living, I just existed. Are you hiding from your reality? My self esteem was damaged I needed a kick start! I felt that a madness had taken control of how I was feeling about myself. This Cinderella was afraid that I was going to crash and burn and turn into ash! Cinderella had lost her Que Serra! Serra! . Or maybe I just missed placed it? I desperately wanted it back! I didn't know how to find it! Oh If I only had a brain! I needed rescued from the deep dark forest of uncertainty and madness that had established it’s self within my life. Was it my age? Or was there more to it? I felt that I needed a key to unlock his mystery! 

Then suddenly, from out of the blue it came to me in a dream the song Young at Heart! I recalled from my past the uplifting song, and how It had uplifted me to places I had never been before .I soon realized that the song was the light directing me to the fulfillment of my needs. A guiding light, that pointed the way to the beginning of a renewed outlook. But like most god things the song soon lost some of its magic for me as life became even more difficult. I began to crave something more. It suddenly dawned on me that what I craved was a new out look on life. I asked a friend what should I do? She said get a Lift! A Life Style Lift! What a brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of this sooner? I didn't hesitate or do any research as I just took my friends advice and made the appointment. I just knew it was what I needed to do! . 

 After making the appointment. Cinderella had a few weeks to ponder her decision. I felt that the stresses in life that I had been under had caused me to age faster than I had anticipated.I didn't like how my best feature, my eyes, were beginning to look droopy! I also felt that my jaw line and forehead had begun too show signs of aging as well. I made a list of questions and concerns to ask my doctor .I felt prepared, but nervous as this was going to be a big step for me, not only financially but mentally as I had never done anything life this before! I never imagined that I would be even considering such a procedure. I always felt that I would just grow old gracefully and embrace it! Really? Naaahh!! What was I thinking! I didn't realize then how important my self esteem and out look on life would affect how I was feeling about myself. I had high hopes that I would get a good doctor. My only concern was that I didn't want to get a One Line Wonder and be all messed up! 

 The day of the appointment arrived. I had a long drive ahead of me and it had been sometime since I had driven in heavy traffic. I arrived 10 minutes early but with a small mishap. I had managed to spill my Strawberry slush on my skirt! I was distressed as I couldn't go home and change. There wasn't enough time! I was fortunate that I had worn a long jacket to cover my exposed self as I had to remove my skirt as it was literally soaked .After leaving the bathroom, my frustration caused me to inadvertently enter into the post op door of Life style Lift.Oh If I only had a brain! I was the only one there- but I did see the desk where I was told when I made my appointment to sign in. A little latter I kept seeing people coming in with some sort of mask on and an attendant would call their name and they would go off into another room and not come back! Abracadabra! I just thought that they must have had an earlier appointment than I did and were still being looked at! I had no idea how big their offices were. I had waited for what seemed like a long,long time! I was beginning to wonder will I ever get there? 

 But I wasn't too worried as I was in a big city doctor's office and realized from past experience in Doctor's offices that sometimes you have to wait awhile before getting seen. More time had passed and I suddenly realized that I had waited there for 3 hrs before someone in a surgical mask entered in and informed me that I was at the wrong door! This silly mistake caused me to not meet with my doctor on that day. I was upset with myself for not realizing this sooner! I was asked if I wanted to make a new appointment, but I declined as I didn't want to make another stressful drive the next day. I felt some confusion as I was rushed through the process. But I was so very grateful for the informed attendants and nurses as they were very helpful to me in making what became a stressful situation much easier. . Their kindness and upbeat attitude made up for my unpleasant mistake of entering into the wrong room. I have to wonder if I am the only one who made this same mistake? Or was it just my strange set of circumstances? Or is it because I don't have a brain? I would suggest for the new patient that you place some catchy cute signage stating which room you are in and which direction you should go! Some changes you have control over,others you don't. 

But You can pick how you handle it. So live in the moment as the moment may come and go. You certainly don't want to miss it! You only live once! You might not get another chance! I highly recommend getting a new lift in life! A Lifestyle change!. You'll be surprised at the changes you'll be feeling in your heart and the outlook that you will have. I don't know about you, but I want to remain Young at Heart. I highly recommend this new way of feeling about yourself. Don't wait ! Don't hesitate! You don't want to be left like dust in the wind! Or even worse forgotten! Or be the one who gets the boot in life! So don't close your eyes or refuse to see that Life is short! So why not come join me in a Coconut tree! Where way up high, life is sunny and the sky is blue! Or rather if you live in East Texas like I do, an old oak will have to do..

Ps. I know I'll be turning another year older this week and I feel like I'm moving forward closer to being unforgettable again as I have always been As I celebrate my birthday on this memorable weekend! I have to do a double take as I'm surprised and thrilled with joy as I look back and think about how I felt before and the way I feel now! I sometimes have to pinch myself when I look in the mirror! I see my reflection in the mirror and smile as my pleasure is doubled from who I used to be! And I ask, Is that me that I see? And suddenly realizing that it is the renewed me! Oh what a treasure I see! I'm sure you don't want to be the one who is forgotten and left behind without a lift! No one wants to carry their own boots and saddle. So why not grab life by the horns! So that you can ride in style with a new Life Style Lift! Just ask this Cinderella if fairy tales really do come true! He made my dream come true! And Yes! It can happen to you too! I have High Hopes that the best is yet to come! Thank you Dr Himmelheber for being my Prince Charming.

All I can say is Thank you Doctor H ! You made My Dream Come True!

A treasure of surprise as this Cinderella received a Prince Charming! Some one to hold her slipper! Some one to watch over her to make sure she was going to be alright. A true blue gentleman! He appeared to be so very happy and excited about his love of his work. He seemed to have the “world lassoed with a rope, all the while, hanging on a rainbow, with the rope relaxed around his finger. His expert knowledge about all of the available different procedures convinced me that I needed the Life style lift. After the surgery, my skin within a few weeks felt like a new born babe! I was in effect reborn again as I felt so young that I even felt like a tot running across a meadow picking up forget me nots!

Loving this afterlife!

My Birthday celebration 6 months after surgery

A play list of songs

My play list of songs that made me think of my experience from my LSL--- I hope you like and enjoy!
Young At Heart by Frank Sinatra
Abracadabra by Steve Miller Band
You make my dreams come true by Hall and Oats
Ive Got you Under my Skin ---Frank Sinatra
Hope ---Jack Johnson
More Than a Memory---Deja Vu
I'm a little mixed up by Diana Krall
Madness by Muse
You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra
Must Be Something I Missed by Kenny Chesney
Another Memory---Wilson Philips
Too Marvelous For Words by Frank Sinatra
High Hopes Frank Sinatra
Magic Man by Heart
I Feel a Change Comin on by Bob Dylan
Dust in the wind By Kansas
Stay by Rihanna
Anticipation by Carly Simon
Wrapped up in You By Garth Brooks
Wake me up ---Nora Jones
Can't you see--Marshall Tucker Band
Hope by Jack Johnson
Doctor My Eyes by Wilson Philips
Up Around the Bend by Creedence Clearwater Revival
I Get a Kick Out of You by Frank Sinatra
Coconut Tree-- Willie nelson& Kenny Chesney
Stories Don't End by Dawes
Living in the After life By Eric Hutchinson I recommend This should be the next theme song for Life Style Lift
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OOOHh nooo! If I only had a brain!

Sorry not really an update been having computer problems! ugggh-- It is bad when you are attempting to wrap things up! I noticed that one of my pictures had disappeared! Like Magic! So I borrowed a wand and abracadabra! I think I'm all set again! I will update when I have a new picture by the end of the month. Thank you so much! Cindy Barry

Sometimes you feel like a nut! but have you ever felt like a vegetable?

Coming out of our Idiot! from Head to toe. Check out my new ride! Me and baby blue

Springing forward

Killeen Otolaryngologist

The meeting with my Doctor: I was assigned. to a Dr H .I was surprised and some what confused when I first saw his face! He looked so young! I was expecting someone older! But my trepidation soon waned and became a blessing, a true treasure of surprise, as this Cinderella felt that she received a Prince Charming! Doctor in My Eyes tell me what you see? Is this a surprise? It is for me! Dr H explained what was happening to my eyes as well as my chin and forehead! He answered all of my questions with a gentle touch. His demeanor bode such an excited joy of confidence that he seemed to have the world lassoed with a rope, all the while hanging on a rainbow, with the rope relaxed around his finger. I got the strong impression that this guy really knew his stuff! I could not have hoped for anything better. His expert knowledge about all of the available different procedures convinced me that I needed the Life Style Lift! A chin implant, Removal of the skin on my eyelids that caused my droopy eyes and laser across my face. After the surgery, When I awoke I Was All Wrapped Up. I certainly didn't feel like I spent the day at the beach! I felt up and down and all around and even upside down! I felt tight and couldn't breathe! I was experiencing claustrophobia.This was one of my concerns and questions that I had asked Doctor H. I quickly recalled what Dr H had told me to do .And guess what? It worked! I felt no pain even though all I took was an extra strength Tylenol! I just slept a lot! The only hard part for me was all of the wrapping and not feeling that I was getting my hair clean enough! I kept washing my hair over and over and over again. The truly miraculous discovery that I noticed was my skin! Within a few weeks it felt so soft to the touch, like a new born babe! I was in effect reborn again. Not just physically, but mentally as well. I felt so young that I wanted to run like a tot across a meadow picking up forget me nots! All I can say is Thank you Doctor H ! You made My Dream Come True!

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