Co2 Treatment - go for It: 28 Yrs Old Waiting for Results - Dallas, TX

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I had been researching ways to treat my teenage...

I had been researching ways to treat my teenage acne scars for several years now. I had done the fraxel treatments a few times and I did see some improvement, but of course like us all, wanted even more. After carefully considering the Co2, my dr finally approved me for it. He was a bit skeptical at first because my skin tone is a bit darker since I am of Latino descent & was afraid of hyperpigmentation. However, I'm pretty light so he did a test spot and it went well. My scarring was mostly on my cheeks & temples. I just got it done today & I am so happy I got this done. My dr & nurse were amazing! I will keep you posted on my day to day healing.

Day 1

Today is my first day. The treatment was not bad at all! Much less painful than I expected. The worst part to me were the numbing shots. Once you get through the 1st few, it's ok. I would recommend asking your nurse to numb you really good! I barely felt anything at all.

My face is pretty swollen right now & very red. I didn't have any bleeding. It burnt the first few hours in which I took 1 pain med & applied a cold compressor, but now it's fine. As of now I feel good. I Just keep applying my aquaphor and just resting. I don't even need pain meds!! More to come.

I decided to do Co2 for my teenage acne scars on...

I decided to do Co2 for my teenage acne scars on my cheeks and temples. I found the REALSELF website, read the reviews, and it made me much more comfortable about my decision. I am on day 4 and it's going great!

Day 1

My face did swell tremendously after the procedure. However, I did not bleed like some photos I saw. I would recommend heavy amounts of numbing shots. My nurse gave me loads of shots so I barely felt a thing. The shots will be the worse part of it all. After the procedure, my face did feel like it was on fire. But cold packs really helped. I took my meds and slept for like 3 hours.

Day 2

This was probably the worst day for me. My face was irritable and turned very dark red. It was also still pretty swollen, but not as bad as day 1.The Aquaphor really helped make the irritable sensation go away.

Day 3

My face started exfoliating and peeling a lot. The dark red began to literally fall off. My face was even less swollen and I was almost able to look semi-normal.

Day 4

I actually got to put on makeup today and go out in public. I've already had people notice the difference. It's a huge difference. Photos to come!!

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My dr's nurse was exceptional in helping me feel safe & answering all my questions. She even held my hand during the procedure. My dr was calm, professional, & very caring. He is extremely smart & seems to do what's best for his patients.

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