35 Years Old, 3 Kids, Much Needed Liposuction of Abdomen, Flanks, and Bra Line - Dallas, TX

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Hey Realself! I am so excited and a little nervous...

Hey Realself! I am so excited and a little nervous to finally get liposuction.......Yaaaaaay! Ok.......so after 2 years of thinking about doing this I finally have a surgery date on Oct 14 at American Lipo Center in Dallas with Dr. Thomas J. Baker. I had my free consultation on August 4th with his nurse Debbie. She was very nice, informative, attentive, and answer all my questions. I didn't feel rushed at all during the consultation. I asked her to show me pictures of Dr. Baker's work he performed. I didn't want to see pictures in books in the waiting room of other doctors work. She showed me pictures of before and after results from a few patients with body styles similar to mine and I was impressed with the results. The only thing I didn't like was that you don't get to meet the doctor at the consultation. But, I was able to see his work and I was satisfied with what Debbie showed me. I didn't make the decision to go with Dr. Baker right away because I had another consultation set up with Dr. Wilberto Cortes. Dr. Wilberto Cortes office is in the Houston area and I was very interested in liposuction with fat transfer (the hourglass procedure). I have seen results from other Realselfers and pictures on his website and they are very impressive in my opinion. I emailed my pics and did my consultation via phone and email to Dr. Cortes office. So, I got the quote from Dr. Cortes a few days later for $10, 500 for liposuction of upper/lower abs, flanks, thigh and fat transferred to buttocks and hips. But, because of my schedule and finances I couldn't get the procedure done by Dr. Cortes in Houston. So, that brought me back to my decision to go with Dr. Baker at American Lipo Center here in Dallas. The cost for the procedure is a very affordable $3750 for my liposuction to the upper/lower abdomen, flanks, and bra line. Dr. Baker doesn't have hardly any reviews and he is a young doctor. But, after researching as much as I could on him with the help of Texas Medical Board, a Realself review from Newwoman15, and my consultation with Debbie, I feel comfortable about my decision. So, my journey begins........yaaaaaay.......I'm super happy!

Pre-op Appointment

So..... I went in for my pre-op appointment on Sept 30th at 5am! It was really early for me but I was wide awake. Debbie met me and 2 other ladies down in the lobby and escorted us up to Dr. Baker's office. I paid off my balance for the procedure and Debbie checked my blood pressure and it was high 153/94. She told me to make sure I take my blood pressure meds the day of surgery. I hadn't taken my blood pressure med that morning because it was so early. So anyway, I finally got a chance to meet with Dr. Baker. He examined my abdomen and told me I had great skin. He answered all of my questions and told me that he would get as much fat out as he could. He look much young than he is.......he was born in 1983 so he is about 32. But, he looks younger than that but he was really nice. And, I think he's gonna do great. He told me the hardest part of the procedure is the numbing part. He said that's the part that they usually don't show on the videos on YouTube or reality shows. I was given a small packet with pre-op instructions to start a week before my procedure. A few things from the pre-op list that stood out was to take your blood pressure meds as prescribed the entire week before your procedure and the day of your procedure. Also, to drink plenty of water for the week leading up to the procedure but avoid drinking a lot of fluids the day of the procedure. Dr. Baker also prescribed 5 medications with the verbal instructions to get the prescription filled and bring them with me the day of the procedure and Debbie would tell me how to take them. I was prescribed Keflex (antibiotic), Lorazepam (sedative for anxiety), Atarax (itching), Tramadol (pain), Norco (pain). I was surprised that I was given so many meds but Dr. Baker said some of them will be given as a cocktail of meds before the procedure to help me relax and feel comfortable. I was happy about that! I also asked him about getting lymphatic massages after the procedure and he said that would be great and that it would help me get better results. He said they would refer me to someone that do lymphatic massages during my post-op appointment. He said that the lymphatic massages are optional but would be great if I could get them done. I left the office feeling even better about my decision and I can't wait until Oct 14th. I posted more before pictures.......I am hoping to see an improvement of the appearance in my back. I told Dr. Baker that my back is my main concern. When I do diet and exercise it's hard to lose the fat and rolls in my back.

Surgery Cancelled

I decided to cancel my procedure after seeing the results of two Realselfers (bunny28; newwoman15). They both had their procedure done at American Lipo Center by Dr. Baker. I spoke with Debbie and told her that I didn't feel comfortable with moving forward. Both of the ladies I mentioned above pre op and post op pictures looked the same. Hopefully, over the next few weeks they will start to see better results. And, Debbie said it was probably just the swelling and the results gets better over time. But, as of right now I don't feel comfortable with what I'm seeing from other patients. I paid $3750 and I was refunded $3250. So, I did pay a $500 cancellation fee.
Dr. Thomas J. Baker

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