29yr Old, Mother of 1, Lipo on Upper & Lower Abs Plus Flanks - Dallas, TX

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So the night before my surgery I didn't get much...

So the night before my surgery I didn't get much sleep as i kept thinking it was time to get up since my appointment was at 5 am. Idk if I was anxious or nerves kicking in.... so when I made it to my appt i had to sign a few docs and take a pregnancy test just to make sure surgery could still take place.

So I met with Nurse Deb at American Lipo Center on Dallas, Tx who is great and she gave me my first set of med to relax me for the next 30 mins. These meds began to getting feeling calm and released all anxiety I was having. The 2nd set meds were given and about another 1hrs I was ready for Dr Baker to come in and mark the areas to be worked on me. I was glad I did have the privelage of meeting Dr Baker at my preop appt a week prior to surgery.

So once I laid on the table. Dr Baker gave me 4 shots in which 2 were just above vaginal area and 2 below/slightly under boobs. This allowed access to my upper and lower abs. Then for my flanks I received 2 more incisions that were right above my butt. The worst part of getting the cuts/incisions is the needle/medicine stinging so the small section could be numb before scalpel was used. This was a quick process and the stinging sensation was over in the blink of an eye.

The real deal process started in which Dr Baker use those entry points to numb up everything, followed by laser to melt away everything and finally the suctioning of the fat. This part if process had some areas that were a little painful just because of extra sculpting done by Dr Baker to remove addtl fat so that end result is smooth, even and consistent. The entire process took about 2hrs. Which wasn't long at all. Yay!

After the nurse and Dr gave me a final look over I was bandaged and placed in my stage 1 garment. Note prior to this surgery my waist size was 33/34" now the garment I'm wearing for recovery is a 26-28" so that's progress right there.

Overall there was very little pain during actual laser lipo process with the exception of when Dr had to get close areas like my upper rib cage.

I appreciate Dr. Baker and his Nurse Debbie as they have been amazing and even called to check on me later that day to see how I was doing. They were both pleasant and professional each time I met them. During the procedure they had light music playing which was great cuz I didn't have to use my headphones to listen to my own music.

For my car ride home I remember basically nothing lol and after I got home my sis helped me change incision padding. I also took a pain pill as prescribed as my initial surgery meds were wearing off. I ate a chicken salad from Chickfila with some Gatorade and water. I got in some really good sleep for a few hrs and had a snack of green apples with peanut butter. Once my daughter got home we spent some family time watching a movie and i had some water, small fries and whopper Jr from Burger king of (not healthy i kno :( but baby steps.

FYI the prescribed pain meds work great only downside is I'm sleepy. So it's taken me several hours to write this one post....sleeping on my back and being slightly elevated with the use of pillows have been working great! Good night/day

Day 2 & 3

So getting some sleep went OK as its definitely more comfortable to sleep on my back slightly elevated by 3 pillows.

I've been taking pain meds about every 6hrs. Along with antibiotics 2x a day plus my Vit c with zinc, multivitamin and iron pills. Whew that's a lot.

I've noticed I don't have a huge appetite and don't crave sugars/chocolate which is my absolute favorite.

Leaking or draining has stopped which is great. Got to take a shower and let me tell u the worst pain is taking off this compression garment for the 1st time and this was with the help of my sister I still cried.

Shower was as good as it can get. Touching my stomach feels weird like 'phantom feeling' as I get occasional itching that I can't really reach. Had my sister wash and dry my garment while I took a shower and since it was still drying I just wore my binder which feels better than not wearing any garment at all

FYI it really does help to sit up straight and walk as much as possible as I was definitely getting stiff if I sat down too long.

My appetite still low as I had oatmeal for breakfast, soup and crackers for lunch and a baked potatoe for dinner which I ate half and then ate other half for a really late dinner since I was still up.

I can see a difference in my stomach from before till now despite being swollen a d bruised which I'm drinking plenty of water, Gatorade a d pineapple juice and being sure to limit salt intake

Day 3 not so bad so far .... just ensuring I drink plenty of fluids. Still no real appetite but focusing on eating healthy when I do. Still takin pain meds every 6 hrs although pain is tolerable. I've noticed my flanks are still itchy and I'm still swollen but 1 day at a time.

Intial post op bruising

So day 2 I was able to remove my garment to shower and took some initial pics to track my progress. Definitely some bruising. I'm glad incisions are really small.

Can't wait for swelling to go down so I can see more realistic view of what my final look will be as I still need to get my umbilical hernia corrected as my next surgery.

Real Day 3 Post op

Today I noticed I'm a little more swollen than yesterday. Still bruised on my flanks so this morning I drunk 2 small cans of pineapple juice instead of the 1 can I did yesterday.

It was easier today to remove garment so I can shower. My skin is really sensitive to touch still which I expected since this is a healing process. Good news was today I didn't have to take that many pain meds. Only once in the morning and one before bed.  The one I took before bed helped since I did my first 5 min self massage  and after it was done I definitely felt better and my skin felt less sensitive to touch that it didn't hurt as much when pulling my garment up. Progress! Excited for the baby steps lol. We shall see what tomorrow holds...

Day 4 - small update- sorry delay apparently Ive got my days off

Not much of a change with the exception the first half of the day my stomach was flat and I should have taken pics but was really tired all day today. Second half of day I've been swollen despite drinking plenty of water and watching salt intake.

I'm about to remove my garment and do my 5-10min massage which I'm so ready for cuz yesterday I felt so much better afterwards and slept great. Tomorrow morning I'll definitely take pics.

Week 1 - Post Op Follow up w/Dr

So had to start the day off with an early morning appointment at 5:15am in which I met with Nurse Debbie initially. She is pleasant and all smiles as always which is a great way to start my day since I'm not typically a morning person.

As I was in the waiting room there were 2 other couples there. One couple for the pre-op and the other for her actually surgery day. It's funny cause the fiancé of the woman who was going into surgery came out and asked me some questions for his fiancé to get a real idea of how things may go. I was honest and advised that it may get painful near the end since she was getting the same areas done that I had and that first day or so she was going to be extremely sore and to make sure she is getting up and moving and not sitting still to long. This is what has personally helped me out. He was grateful for the info and went back to his fiancé as they were awaiting surgery to start for her. Meanwhile the other couple her husband asked me some additional questions for the days afterwards and how the pain was. I did explain that each person pain tolerance is different but that first 3 days were probably the worse for me and now at my 1 week I'm just primarily sore and swollen.

Now back to me and my actual follow up. So I met with Nurse Debbie aND after going thru some preliminary questions and verifying what I had done she took a look at my progress. She said my incisions were healing nicely. Yeah me! She stated I was still pretty swollen and showed me how I need to massage myself using the palm of my hand and really pushing deep versus just massaging lightly the surface of skin. Afterwards she did pad the side of my garment where my flanks are and at the very top near braline to prevent it from creasing my skin permanently. She also showed me how to pull my skin on stomach up after garment is on to prevent wrinkles. I love how she is really caring about me and my actual results.

I'll have a final follow up in about 7 weeks and of course I'll be posting pics today and continually going forward to track my progress. So far so good .....

Day 7

So today was my 2nd day back to work as I have a desk Job and let me say today was a little rough on me by the afternoon due to my flanks being so swollen that my skin was actually tight.

I try to make sure I go walking on each of my 15 min breaks to help my healing and alleviate the swelling I seem to be getting from sitting too much. Once I made it home I took a prescription pain pill for the 1st time today since my sister help give me a much needed massage the way Nurse Debbie showed me today. Talk about relief ahhh it was so needed and will make sure I continue to have my sister do them for me versus trying to do the massage myself. My sister didn't take much heed to my pain and massage me thru my wipers here and there ...gotta love her but she knows I'll be helping her out when gets her lipo on Nov 4th by Dr Baker as well.

Day 8 - 10

These last couple of days I've seen some progress in my swelling going down which is great despite I'm still swollen. I think the massages are definitely Heloping with that along with with minimal salt intake.

I did notice that the padding on my sides was creating indentation in my skin which has me nervous that those will be permanent if I don't find something different. After some research I opted to get an abdominal foam board that covers flanks. I'll receive this on Tues 10/13 so I'll keep yall updated if that helps.

My soreness is minimizing and I've stopped taking any pain meds. Yeaaaah me! The massages my sister helps me with are still painful/tender in areas especially when it's knotted. I also noticed I have some slight itching in my flanks but the kind of itch that u can't reach and that's part of the healing process so it's not really bothersome.

Other than that I'm excited that in a few days I'll be 2 weeks post and all the real pain I experienced my first few days is a distant memory. I've attached a comparison pic of me preop vs day 8 post op

Day 11-15

Days are going by fairly quickly. I've managed to reach my 2 week post op mark. I've been wearing my garment and my binder religiously. I've also bought myself an lipo board to help with additional pressure since the first 3 weeks are critical in the healing process.

The lipo board I've only worn on day 12 which was all day and then day 15 only at night while sleeping. In my personal opinion the hard lipo board that I got should only be worn at night so you don't get indentation in ur skin from all the movement your body does during the day.

Still swollen but definitely way less soreness. I'm doing my massages every other day with the help of my sister. Nerve pain or skin hyper sensitivity it minimal now which is great! Haven't been taken any pain meds since day 11.

During the day since I have a desk Job I try to get up and walk a lot and am still walking on my 15 min breaks which helps. I do notice that my skin is tightening as I can actually feel the skin tightness especially on my flanks right now. Flanks are still itchy some nothing super noticeable.

I can now see my abdominal cuts and my clothes are definitely fitting so much better when it comes to my shirts as when I look down I don't see a belly pudge. My coworkers, family and friends have noticed my results even though I'm still great.

Next week my goal is to start doing a little more cardio on an actual treadmill. Still watching my eating and portion control. I've been slacking on my water intake this week which is not good but I have been taking all my vitamins.

Will post pics shortly.

Day 16

Pic update only.

Day 16 - Day 25

Time seems to be passing kind of quickly as I have manage to make it thru 3 weeks post op. Yay me! What Ive noticed most in my healing process is the skin tightening and actually feelin it tighten throughout the day. Im also still swelling as the day progresses which can be a little irritating but hey really can't do anything about that except continue my water intake and limiting salt intake.

Oh not sure if anyone else is going through this but the slight burning sensation that is ovwr in amatter of seconds I now get when I move or turn to fast very noticeable in my flanks area. Ima chalk it up for now to the skin tightening and healing process.

I haven't increased my workout regimen and will be starting tomorrow to walk on treadmill for an hour and then in next few weeks add in strength training. Slightly excited lol but for now im taking things slowly and listening to my body.

I'm still doing the massage not daily but every other day at this point since I'm not really getting as many lumps or knots that I was experiencing my first 2 weeks.

I'm still wearing my garment all day and my white binder at night and then every few day I wear my ab lipo board when I sleep. I don't wear lipo board long since it's still leaving impressions in my skin which I hate. :(

Other than that I'll be coming up on my 4 week post op on Thursday. Almost 1 month down can't wait till I'm 6 mos post. They say results get better with time.

For now here are some pics of my first 3.5 weeks post op

ahh time...6 weeks post

Days running into each other. Not many drastic changes still small improvements as my skin is still tightening and I'm still a little swolllen. Good thing is no more lumps and bumps but I do get massages almost every other day and will start to stretch those to every 3 days. Pain is gone just some itching still on my flanks area and slight skin sensitivity. Progress!

Started working out nothing too major just cardio and will be starting some strength training as well. Definitely listening to my body. Keeping up my water intake and eating good for the most part but I have been slacking on my vitamins.

Still been wearing my compression garment daily however I've ditched my white binder and replaced with my black latex Columbian waist trainer which is so much better since the white binder kept creasing

In a couple days I'll have my 6 week follow up appointment and will do a mini update at that time
Dr Thomas Baker

Dr Baker was amazing polite and professional. I was taken back a little at how young he looks but none the less he has done an amazing job and I have definitely recommended him to my sister and coworkers that are planning to get procedure to go to him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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