Invisalign: The crooked road to straight teeth. :)

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I had my attachments and tray one put in yesterday...

I had my attachments and tray one put in yesterday. Am feeling very ambivalent about it! I didn't have any personal cost to it because a dentist I know did it "at cost" for me (awesome) and my insurance covered the entire amount. The only downside of getting something "for free" is that I didn't weigh in on all the non-monetary sacrifices of it. For one, I am currently feeling very self-conscious. I have buttons on ALL of my front teeth, top and bottom and it is way more noticeable than I thought it'd be. I also have a major lisp and do not smile "naturally" in them. I also despise taking the super tight trays out; it gives me anxiety. Finally, it's a major bummer I cannot drink Diet Coke all day like I did before. However, I know that is a habit that needed to end anyway.

So, I have spent the past two days unfortunately regretting my decision. I am praying that as I get used to it more, I'll feel less awkward about it in social settings, that my speech will get better, and that I'll become more comfortable with the appliance.

My back story is that I had braces for 4.5 years in junior high/high school. I have a very small mouth and fairly big teeth. I had every procedure/appliance known to mankind, or so it seems including multiple extractions, gum surgery, the key/lock thing on the roof of your mouth to expand your bite, head gear, etc. I did wear my retainer, maybe not quite as much as I should have, but pretty well. However, one of my main problems, an eye tooth receding, began happening while I was wearing my retainer! They tried to add a little piece to keep it from falling back more, but it didn't work that well. So, I'm wondering if that orthodontist did a correct plan to begin with.

Anyway, my teeth or not horrible, but that one eye tooth drives me crazy, I have several bottom teeth that are crooked, and back up on top, what has concerned me the most is that my one of my two front teeth is starting to really push forward compared to the other. I was told that I should have 21 trays, so 42 weeks of treatment. That is, if everything goes as planned, of course.

So, I jumped on the chance to fix it all.

I'm REALLY hoping this is worth it and that I feel less depressed about it after a week or two. Someone tell me something encouraging, lol.

Almost Done With First Trays

I am about 1.5 weeks in my journey and am less depressed about it overall currently. I feel I am adjusting better to the trays, but I am dreading the change to tray set number two. I'll be doing that on Tuesday evening. Wish me luck!

Before Pic

Thanksgiving 2013 with tray one in.

Day Two of Aligners Two

So, I made my first switch over on Tuesday night, right before bed, at about 10 PM. I actually got them in just fine, and the tightness was oddly enjoyable. I guess just feeling it tight makes me feel excited for progress in moving them. Anyway, woke up around 7 AM and took them out without incident to brush. They were fairly sore, but not as bad as I thought they were going to be. Except when it came time to snap them back in. Holy moly, I almost cried. The pain, especially once my bottoms were back in, was insane. But only lasted a couple of minutes and then I was okay. However, I was terrified to take them out again and I didn't until dinner time--about ten hours later! I was starving. I guess between then was enough time for my teeth to adjust because I got them out and back in with 1/5 the pain, thank goodness. Am now on day two and really, they fit great and while I have soreness, it's not that bad and at least the new trays aren't eating up the sides of my mouth or tongue like I was worried about.

I was doing the math and realized I have to change to tray four on NYE. Are you frickin serious? Talk about bad timing, lol! Way to ring in the new year!


Halfway Through Treatment

So, I've been very MIA, haha! I got used to my treatment and therefore decided I didn't need to write anything about them, lol. I am officially halfway through treatment--tray eleven of twenty-one. Of course, I may have an extension, but in theory, I'm halfway. I've had two buttons pop off, but have had one fixed and am going to get another re-bonded in two weeks. Had some sanding down a few weeks ago for a few of my top middle teeth. That was not fun and she may do a little bit more at my next appointment. I took a pic so I could see my progress and I uploaded it so you can see yourself. The main thing I see is my bottom teeth or shifting, but right now, there's actually space in between teeth that used to not be there, so I actually don't like it that much. My dentist said she thinks it'll fill in once everything's in place, but if not, we can sand my teeth a little to have them close in on each other more. Hope everyone else's journey is going well!

Attachments are off! In final stretch!

Well, it's been another half a year since I last posted! Sorry! We did a re-analysis during the summer and ended up getting a mid-course correction that extended my procedure time an extra three and half months. So, instead of being done in mid-September, I will likely be done December 30th. I got my attachments off yesterday because the two last overcorrection tray movements don't "need" the attachments. Wow, it's so good to see my real teeth again!! I had 17 attachments so there was a lot! I've attached a pic. I am pretty pleased with the results other than small black triangles between three bottom front teeth, and that I also have malocculsion, which I hear is fairly common. The triangles can be "fixed" via bonding and the malocculsion we are going to see if it works itself out after I'm wearing the trays less. My dentist has also cut off the back of my last overcorrection trays, which she says will often help you settle back into your "bite" so we may use that for a while instead of going right into retainers. Anyway, cheers to hopefully being close to being done!

Finished Product Pic With Trays In

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