36 yr old female tired of being overweight need a positive change- Dallas, TX

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I am 36 yrs old female and looking to do Vertical...

I am 36 yrs old female and looking to do Vertical Gastric Sleeve. I have done a lot of research on this and really excited to get it done, My date has not been scheduled yet but I am looking into having it done by Dr Kim in Dallas. As I do more research i am very exited to get the procedure done but I also scared what if the weight does not come off. I have been on so many diets and workout plans that I now have stubborn weight. I dont want to be let down.

Finished paper work for GAstric sleeve

I just finished all my paper work for the sleeve I am hoping to hear back from the doctor soon. Today I am at 298 lbs. I hope this surgery works for me. This is my last hope.

Some fears that are in my mind

I am scared that after the surgery I will never be able to eat pizza or pasta again? I come from a foodie family even though I won't eat as much as them but I still want to enjoy the taste of my Indian food.

Appointment is around the corner

After a few months of communications the doc office of Kim bariatrics emailed me saying the won't accept me as a walk in patient. Instead of getting upset and eating. I started calling and speaking to the local surgeons. I am happy to say I found a really good bariatrics surgery location in my town. My surgeon appointment is around the corner.

In this appointment I will meet the surgery team and be able to ask all my questions. I will meet the doctor, meet with the Phycologist, nutritionist and be placed on a 4 week diet prior to surgery.i am counting the days till the meet and great I am so excited.

36 and Single, Need to Reinvent Myself-surgery is Scheduled I Am Freaking out

I am 36 and single, I have been over weight my whole life according to india standards but according to American standards I have been chubby. In the past 10 years I have gained a lot of weight my HW 301. That is what has gotten me to take this drastic step and go get surgery done.This afternoon I got my surgery scheduled for July 6 and I am so scared. Questions like am I doing the right thing? Will the surgery work for me?what will I look like after? Those type of question are crossing my brain Right now.I am scared????????????????????

Starting 4 Week Pre-op Diet

I started my 4 week pe-op diet. My start weight is 298.

I am looking forward to see how much I loss on this pre-op diet.

I really like how dr curry has the pre-op diet layer out I have a verity of satisfying foods to eat. All the guess work is removed. On what I can and can't eat.

4 weeks and I get sleeved. Very excited

All Sleeved :)

I got my Gastric sleeve done on Wednesday July 6, Everything went well. I was Nauseous the first 48 hrs while the air was coming out of me. Other wise I am on great pain killers that are knocking me out. I have started walking around my neighborhood and it feels great. Only thing that is upsetting me is after the sleeve i have gained 4 lbs and i am not eating anything. I am trying to get 64 oz of liquid in me which I am close to doing with no issues. I am not sure if the weight gain is because i am swollen or what it is.

Now that i have done the sleeve i am waiting to see the weight come off.

2 week post op

Sw 285
Cw 268

I am losing weight slowly but surly. I have realized everyone's body loses at a different rate. I am happy I am loosing weight.

I am 2 weeks post op. I feel great I am ready to...

I am 2 weeks post op. I feel great I am ready to go to work.

Sw 285 Cw 268 I did hit a stall when I went from liquids to purée food. But even though I hit a stall I loose inches and once my body has caught up, I start loosing weight again. I really have to watch what I eat because a lot of stuff makes me sick and I get full quickly.  A lot of people say there cravings are no longer and I totally disagree. I still have cravings and to satisfy them I eat what I crave but I purée it.

Cincinnati Bariatric Surgeon

I recommend this doc his staff was amazing throughout the surgery. When I got out of the surgery I had to ask if it was done cause I did t feel a thing.

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