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About 3 years ago I was fast asleep when my old...

About 3 years ago I was fast asleep when my old house burned down due to an electrical heating problem of which insurance payed for a new house for my family and I and my fraxel procedure. I thank a higher power that everyone made it out alive with minimal injuries. During the fire I received 3rd degree burns all down my left forearm and upper arm of which none were crippling just left a nasty deep and pink and red scars. My wife is not bothered by it but I was because when I wore short sleeve shirts I would always get the "Oh my god what happened?! I'm so sorry!" when out in public or the business place.

I made an appointment to the local cosmetologist and once the I showed the doctor what I wanted done she immediately frowned. She then informed me that fraxel would be the best choice because I may need up to 8 appointments for results and that fraxel (or any laser)may not even work for such deep scars. At first I was hesitant but decided to book 3 appointments spacing them out 1 month each.

The first time - Ah what a breeze this was compared to the upcoming appointments! She put some numbing cream on (took about 20 minutes) and then I had to sit there for an hour while waiting for it to numb good thing I brought my phone! In to the laser room. I put on some glasses and she gave me a tube that shoots out cold air for me to control. It felt like a cat scratching you only 5 times in row. (and that was the lower of levels) After wards it only hurt for about 30 minutes after but leaves some gnarly red marks at the sight of the procedure.

The second time - A tad bit worst as the first time. Felt like a dull knife cutting me back and forth during the procedure. Pain lasted about 30 minutes also. Redness stayed for about a week and was very sensitive during that week(couldn't go to the gym).

The third time - I went in there dreading the procedure because my doctor told me she was going to put it at the max settings. The pain was indescribable. My heart rate went up and I began to sweet during the procedure. I have a high pain tolerance and I felt as if I was about to pass out. I was about to just pull my arm back and ask for a break but just then she said it was all done. Very painful and stayed stinging for about an hour so I took some advil.

Since that last treatment it has been 6 months and my scarring is looking better and better each day. It is no longer pink and red but it is the same color of my skin.(tanned and caucasian) The scar is still slightly shallow but not nearly as deep as it used to be. I am very pleased of the results and my scars are only noticeable from close up and it looks about 60%-75% better. I no longer get starred at in public and people don't remember me as the guy with the burn scars. I would highly recommend fraxel to my friends or someone I know but be forewarned - it can get very painful!

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