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I'm a second time patient with Dr. Nathan Long\ of...

I'm a second time patient with Dr. Nathan Long\ of Cosmetic Procedures Clinic and I decided that I wanted to lipo my abdomen and a small area of my flanks with a fat transfer to my butt. I had two consultations with him to make sure that he'd had enough fat to transfer, and also to confirm the price of $1,700 (fat transfer) and $2,000 (lipo) as I'm a returning patient. My invoice was printed and my date for 4/21/15 was set. About a month prior to my procedure I called with a few Q's to reassure myself that I was doing the right thing. My main questions were:
(ME) "Will it be an issue if I change my mind about the fat transfer and just decide to do the lipo?" (Receptionist) "No, that's fine, it would just mean that the time frame would be shorter."
(ME) "And at that time I'll just pay the quoted lipo price of $2,000?"
(Receptionist) "That's correct. You can decide up until the moment you walk in that morning."

Fast forward to 4/21/15....
I tried calling the office several times prior to my arrival to let them know that I was no longer interested in having the transfer as I'd realized that it was impossible for me to not sit down for 3wks. They never answered the phone, no worries, the receptionist had already let me know that it wouldn't be a problem so my husband dropped me off and headed back to work.

I told the receptionist (Yadi) that the transfer would be a no-go for me, but that I was still going to have the abs and flanks lipo'd at the invoiced $2,000 price. She said she had to go and check... interesting.
She came back and told me that Dr. Long was giving me a discount as a returning customer and that if I wasn't going to do the fat transfer then he wasn't going to honor the originally invoiced lipo price.
WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?!?!?!! I wasn't about to be bullied into a procedure.
I reminded the receptionist that an invoice is a quote, and then I reminded her that I'd spoken to her and she'd confirmed the price wouldn't change without the transfer. She then went on to say that he'd perform the lipo for $2,980. My husband is gone, and I'm sitting in a office haggling over a price that had already been agreed upon. I was upset as I hate surprises, I'd been on the schedule for almost two months, I'd taken off work, and inconvenienced my husband to get me there on time.... #teamtoomuch

I asked the receptionist if she would speak with Dr. Nathan Long and ask if he would be willing to perform the procedure for $2,800 as it was a huge inconvenience to me as the information that I was given A) wasn't correct and B) shouldn't have been refuted due to an otherwise greedy doctor. I told her that if he weren't willing to meet me at $2,800, then I'd go ahead and pay the $2,980 as I'd already scheduled this day and a lot of things in my life.
She left the room to speak with him....
When she came back she informed me that Dr. Long was now "very flustered and was no longer willing to perform the procedure at all so I should go on home".
Uh huh... you read that right girls. I asked for a bit of clarity, as I couldn't really grasp how this was an issue on his end as he was getting paid the amount that he was requiring and I was already on the schedule. She replied that "all this back and forth about price has him flustered and he feels like there's bad blood and tension so he's refusing to do it today. He said that this is throwing off his schedule and that you should reschedule for another date."

Girl bye. There were so many Q's floating in my head at this time I couldn't even get them all out.
1. You mean to tell me that this SURGEON who operates on a daily basis is "flustered" over a 5min conversation about money???
3. You mean to tell me this SURGEON is refusing my money?
4. You mean to tell me that this SURGEON has had me on the schedule for weeks now and doesn't give a ^%$# about inconveniencing me, my time, and my coins???
5. You mean to tell me that this SURGEON thinks that I'm gonna nod my head and smile, walk up outta here, and RESCHEDULE WITH HIM AT A LATER DATE???
I posed all of these Q's to the receptionist and asked her to have him come out and speak with me. I explained to her that confrontation didn't have to be bad, but that as a patient I needed and deserved clarity because it seemed like there was more going on...
Needless to say Dr. Nathan Long refused to come out of his office to speak to me.
Yes, you read that right girls.
Dr. Nathan Long, the surgeon, the doctor, THE BUSINESS OWNER refused to come out and address me as his patient even after I offered to apologize for my last minute decision to not do the fat transfer.
I've never in my life hunny... talk about rude, disrespectful, selfish, and inconsiderate. For my first procedure with Dr. Nathan Long everything went fine. He was very nice, very humble, and he did a great job on my arms and upper back. I referred several friends to him. Now that was back in 2012 but most people don't change like that... or so I thought.
At the end of the day I politely wrote down the upcoming available dates, called my husband, and left.
I would advise all of the DFW ladies that Cosmetic Procedures Clinic's prices have skyrocketed and apparently you don't even receive half decent service from the practitioner or his nurses. They choose to disregard your printed invoice as well as your time. Dr. Huertas of CosmeticGyn is located off 75 and his pricing is $1,500 for one area of lipo.
Dr. Nathan Long

One word sums up Dr. Nathan Long- COWARDLY. I've never known a person that won't come out and have a conversation with their customer/patient. Two people don't have to agree on a decision, but it helps for each person to voice their frustrations/thoughts and at least clear the air. This "man" is a rude, disrespectful, coward who will not give you the common courtesy of having a conversation.

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