46 Years Old Wanted to Add Fullness Back to my Face and Lips That I Have Lost over Time and Weight Loss - Dallas, TX

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I had been noticing that my face had lost its...

I had been noticing that my face had lost its volume in many areas, including under eyes, cheeks, chin (looking too prominent ) and deep folds around nose and thin down turned mouth. I saw fat transfer and started researching it. I chose my Dr for many reasons. He is board certified, He was in my price range, he didn't use anesthesia, (I like that idea of being partially awake), He is a craniofacial surgeon for children who have birth defects ect.

Added pictures to my review

It will be a week since my procedure tomorrow. I am adding photos so you can see what I look like so far.

BEFORE picture without make up. Had fat added to cheeks, folds around mouth , mouth and chin

Picture from 15 years ago

I was hoping to look more natural and fuller like I did 15 years ago.

Went to the Doc for my one week visit.

I met with the Dr and told him my concerns about the size of my lips. I didn't see any of the the swelling going down after 1 week. He seemed to be pleased with how everything looked and told me the second week should make a difference in the swelling. He told me to start messaging my bottom lip (it is especially large) to help break down the fat at a more rapid rate. I will post some pictures soon to see if it is working. I meet with him again in a week. It is hard for me to comment on the rest of my face, since my lips have been such a source of concern. I hope I don't absorb too much in my face.

2 weeks after procedure

My lips have come down a bit. Hoping they come down a little more. They are a little crooked but I am messaging them to try to even them out. Dr seems to be happy with the results overall. I am wanting to wait to see how everything settles in the next few weeks before I say wether I think it is worth it or not.

Newest picture 2 weeks after procedure

Newest picture 2 weeks after procedure

Here is the latest.

Almost 2 months post fat transfer

Well I am almost 2 months post fat transfer procedure and wanted to give an update. I did the fat transfer to fill out my face and help with the tired and sunken look I was experiencing. Most of my post procedure comments revolved around my lips because they were so BIG. The rest of my face didn't really look much different compared to my lips, so I didn't talk much about those areas. I can say now that my lips are almost back to their original size. I have very minimal change to my lips. I would like them a slight bit fuller ( go figure) but they look better now then when they were HUGE and crooked. The rest of my face looks slightly better. I would say the change is minimal and wish I had bit more fullness overall. I go back next month to see the dr and maybe I will be able to tell more of a difference with their before and after pics. I am still not sure the change is enough to outweigh the cost and go through the entire experience, but I am waiting for the 3 month appt to really make my final decision. I have to say I would not want to be overfilled, so I think there is a fine line as to how much fat to add. It is not an exact science or outcome. It was too expensive to take extra fat out and store it ( not in my budget). I would have to go thru the entire procedure again to have more fat added.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

The Dr seemed great. The office has been very nice overall. I had my procedure done 4 days ago and have to admit , it was more painful then I expected. When I was done I knew I would be swollen and messed up looking. I thought everything looked ok except my lips were freakishly large. The Dr said they would be swollen but 4 days out and I can't tell that they are going down at all. I hope my face doesn't absorb too much of the fat elsewhere because it will not be much different then before, but my lips look HUGE. I will upload pictures as soon as I can but wonder if anyone else has had this experience? I have read that the lips absorb a lot of the fat and that they will go down some, but not seeing any evidence of that happening as of yet. My family burst out laughing when they see me and these lips! They can't help themselves. I did have a lot of pain in my lips the night after and next day after fat grafting. That was on Friday and I had the procedure on Thursday. I expected the office to call and see how I was doing and was going to talk to them then about the pain but they never called. I usually don't need to take pain meds much after the surgeries I have had ( gall bladder, hysterectomy, etc.) but my lips were really hurting me. I called the office around 3:30 pm and got the exchange service. I talked with the PA right away and sent her pictures from my phone. She said everything looked ok and to keep taking highest dose of pain meds and ice them. I had been icing them but starting using lip balm because they started cracking due to how large they were and the swelling. They peeled like crazy and the lip balm helped tremendously. Nothing else has hurt terribly just tenderness. I wake up everyday hoping they will go down but it is not happening. PLEASE tell me that they are going to shrink. I am so embarrassed and have to go in public to a school meeting tonight. I go back for the follow up on Thursday and can't wait to ask the talk to the Dr about this issue.

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