44 Year-old Tired of Eye Bags - Dallas, TX

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I have been told I look tired way too often (for...

I have been told I look tired way too often (for years now and even since high school). And the truth is, I do. While good sleep helps, or has helped to diminish, them, the aging process has made sleep hardly a factor in how my eyes look. The bags under my eyes that make me look other than I feel and am. My eyelids are totally out of sync with rest of my facial features and skin. Looking so forward to finally getting rid of them with Dr. Paul Pin.

More, better pics of current eye bags

I really hate that Real Self doesn't allow you to add pics to the original entry. I thought I had uploaded 5 pics to my initial post for this treatment but realized I posted only two. Now I have to post the rest as an update when all I am doing is correcting a mistake. (I read their rationale for disallowing edits but I think pics need not fall under their "concerns".)

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty: details about my procedure

Someone asked about the procedure Dr. Pin will use to correct my bags. Having verified with his office staff, I learned that my procedure is called: "transconjunctival blepharoplasty."

Here is some quoted material from two or three doctors on Real Self:

"Lower eyelid treatments commonly use an incision beneath the lash line to remove and reposition the fat deposits that form the unsightly bulges. To reduce the risk of recurrent bags, the lower lid muscle is usually tightened. In younger patients it is now possible to remove fat from the lower lids by employing a procedure known as transconjunctival blepharoplasty. This facial plastic surgery procedure consists of making incisions inside the lower eyelid that leave no visible scar. This procedure works best on younger patients whose skin is elastic."

"So much lower is the complication rate with transconjunctival blepharoplasty that I (basically) never do it any other way. And most of the time I'll also combine it with a skin pinch."

"The thinking is simple: get the fat from the inside, get the skin from the outside, and leave the middle structures alone."

"The transconjunctival blepharoplasty is my favorite approach to lower eyelid surgery; I use it more than 90% of the time. It allows for easy and safe access to the fat that can be either removed or repositioned over the cheek bone. It reduces the risk of the eyelid pulling down as it heals (ectropion). Another benefit is the absence of an external incision, but this may not be the case for everyone."

"After the fat is removed, the skin that was being tensed out by the fat can either retract back nicely or wrinkle. In the presence of this wrinkled excess skin, a small procedure called a skin pinch will take care of it. This does leave an external incision just below the lashes but heals remarkably well. Even with this 2 step approach, I believe that it is safer and the results are great."


Day of: 8 hours post op

Details of operation and day of to com??

Details about day of surgery and pic of next morning

????Immediately after procedure: no pain anywhere around 1pm
????A few hours later at home: ate four crackers and Greek yogurt around 3:30pm
????Later in the early evening: felt nauseous, almost through up; ate two boiled eggs and four crackers, followed by a little rice about two hours after that.
????I felt really gross with respect to drugs day of BUT POST OP DAY 1, I feel GREAT, eyes looking good with swelling and a little bruising but not much yet. I hear it can worsen quite a bit days 2 and 3. Still, I look and feel much better than expected at this point!!!!

24 hours or so after surgery

The bruises are coming in as expected and maybe some more swelling. That said I think I can already see prelims of improvement?????????? Positive thinker????????


I woke up feeling great overall yesterday, day 1 po. That said, all I could get myself to injection was a cup of coffee with cream in the morning, no appetite whatsoever. I finally ate a small healthy salad with a good amount of protein, some crackers for lunch around 2 yesterday. I later forced myself to eat a chicken taco (corn tortilla). I felt quest between lunch a little after the taco. Went to book store with boyfriend and threw up a little in the bathroom there. Got home and threw up a massive amount of what I'd eaten. Slept for an hour and then threw up a lot more. Maybe I'm having a reaction to the pain killer? I e stopped taking that. My poor 8-day old boobs were put under pressure each time I threw up.

Day 2 pic: upon waking up

Day 4 with and without makeup

Doc said I'm where I should be with respect to healing! Got meds for nausea! Turning yellow, he says green is next and then back to normal.

Correcting Makeup for Eyelid Surgery

I found this at Target. It is the NYX: Color Correcting Concealer and it is for all skin tones with sIx colors/shades (yellow, green, lavender, pink, plum, light brown). There might be some online tutorials on how to use it most effectively (I'm just winging it). It gave me good results. .See my last update for the difference it made for me.

7 day update with and without makeup

I'll post some thoughts soon.

Corrected Day 7 pic

Day 3 and Day 7

Comments coming soon.

Looking better everyday

I admitted that for the first few days I was really concerned about the weight my eyes looked. Of course, I had just come out of surgery and read that there was bruising and swelling for two or three days that were specially intense. I just think it's human to worry. The next three days were OK but I was still iffy about my eyes wondering if I would really have results. While I chose a very well respected plastic surgeon with top ratings in the city, I guess I just like negative thinking that to me. I'm happy to show that each and every day my eyelids are looking better and better. I think this might be quite normal. So just hang in there if you were going through your first days or week even.

Three month update for eyes

Three month update for eyes here I am at about three months. I have naturally dark circles under my eyes and that cannot be help with lower eyelid surgery when you're just trying to get rid of bags. Make up helps a lot. I also have I guess what some would consider hollow eyes but I did not try to get those fixed. My doctors pretty conservative. I think I look better overall but I definitely noticed the hollowness or fat loss from my lower eyelid area and the dark circles even more after the surgery. It took a lot longer than I hoped for with respect to seeing the results.

Still seeing improvements after eyelid surgery

I must admit I sometimes wondered whether the surgery was worth it. At the end of the first month I didn't think so. Even into the second I could stand how hollow my eyes looked; nor did I like how my dark circles were more prominent. Today I can say I absolutely love my results. It just took longer than I thought for my eyes to get to where I wanted them.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Good bedside manner! He didn't try oversell me anything like another doctor. Will add to the review at a later date.

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