Extended Tummy Tuck with Lipo in 28 Days - Dallas, TX

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This is my first countdown where I'm TRULY keeping...

This is my first countdown where I'm TRULY keeping track of the days as if I'm getting married (maybe, hopefully somewhere down the line that to will happen). I'm finally clearing the debris of an obese life that was part of my circumstance but I decided not it let it be my future. I had been obese as early as kindergarten. I had never worn a size below 16. In 2008 I had gotten the lapband at 300lbs. I'm now 210lbs. I workout doing spin, dance, (ran in marathons before 2011 Knee Replacement due from years of being obese) and walking. I don't care how much I lose my stomach goes no where, it just stays as hanging skin, that's uneven with some fat in it. I've lost so much at one time I looked sick but STILL had a stomach. The stomach is a trademark in our family, and now it's time to trade it for NO tummy. I can't wait to finally wear clothes that aren't snug in the stomach. Tucking in my shirt or wearing shirts that can stop at the stomach without having to worry if you can see the "apron". I'm excited, nervous, and anxious. I've had 3 surgeries within 5yrs. I bounce back fast, it's the process of pain and physical adjustment that is hard!! I figure if I can withstand a TKR, then having this procedure done won't be so bad. lol

24 days and counting

Since the countdown, I haven't been able to sleep. I get up around 3 in the morning looking at before and after pictures. I'm looking for pictures that have my shape stomach. My stomach is so damn FLICTED!! My stomach is LOPSIDED!! I didn't notice that until I lost so much weight. I knew one side of my back had one more roll than the other, but the bottom of my skin/fat pocket is bigger than the other. It's funny because when I had gotten the lapband and realized that I would probably need a TT I just saw that as an impossible financial feet, and I put it in the back of my mind. Over the summer after having a myomectomy done. It left me with a vertical incision under the belly button. After realizing that I looked as though I have 2 booties one in the FRONT and one in the BACK. I decided I got to get this done! I went to a few consults and bam start putting my dream into reality. 24 days will be the 1st day of the rest my life KICKED UP 100 notches!! One thing I know for certain is that one change triggers other changes in all areas in your life. I'm excited to see what will transpire after healing into a brand new hot bod!! Happy holidays!

20 days!!

It got real for me when I deposited the last of the money for everything including the overnight hotel stay. I also ordered my lift recliner and prepared my area in the room of where I will have my chair. I don't know if I'm getting a wedge pillow or not. I'm still deciding.

12 days in counting

My preop will be on the 13th. The date is coming fast. I still need to go shopping for supplies. I'm thankful for the December Check in group, seeing them go in flabby and leave out FLAT makes me more excited. I notice a common post and that is the pain not as bad as they had thought it to be. All of them are managing well. I won't have drains, so that will be ONE LESS thing to deal with while recovering. No apron, no apron crease in my clothing that will be my MOST HAPPY DAY!! 12/20

One more day left!

I'm so fricken tired right now. Between work, grad school, private tutoring and preparing for my surgery, I'm just wiped out. I'm excited, it just hasn't hit me to how life will change. I'm so looking forward to it! To see a new me staring back at me. I'm looking forward to working out and having workout wear options! It will be nice to have more energy and way better core to kick butt in my workout routines. It will be wonderful to wear fitted shirts and dresses that aren't A line to hide my apron. I have been packing up my clothes to give away. I know I need to save some but I'm going out with the old and coming in with the new.

One day left for the REAL TRIUMPH!!

I have 24hrs. before my surgery. As you noticed I was suppose to have it December 20th but I almost died in the process. All I remembered is that my roommate dropped me off and I did the check in. Days later I woke up in CCU on life support. I would go in and out of consciousness scared not knowing what happened to me, hearing friends talking to me but I couldn't respond. December 26th after the 4th attempt of me breathing on my own, I succeeded and was taking off the respirator. I felt my stomach...not knowing still what happened. I didn't feel any soreness, I didn't feel drain tubes. The only tubes that I felt were chest tubes, and a IV in my neck.
I never made it under the knife. I was told I was aspirated on food. The receiving hospital said when they got me it appeared as though I had walking pnuemonia, and a collapsed lung. Respiratory failure. Yes I stopped eating after 7. I'm still not sure what happened. It took me 2 months to recover. I took the incident as a life lesson. Be thorough in the doctor you choose. Check to see if there are any cases on the Dr. It's best to go to a PS that is affiliated with a hospital. Go to a PS that do MORE than STANDARD pre-op. procedures.
After recovery I decided to go at it again, under a PS who has a track record for being meticulous before, during, and after surgery. He is also affiliated with very good hospital. I'm excited about tomorrow. Yes just a tad bit nervous however I have my eyes fixed on a better way of life for me, and I know the the Universe will support that with a DOCTOR to make sure that happens for me.
I will update this after surgery!

6 days out!

I would like to say first of all thank you ladies for your words of encouragement, taking time to read my posts, and actually caring about my journey. Monday morning, June 16th was first day of my new life. I arrived at the surgical center unnerved, relaxed and ready to get on with the show. This was going to be a testament of leading with courage in spite of the snags (in my case a near death snag). This time around it was different. I wasn't just dropped off at the surgical center as I did the time before. I actually had a great friend that made me laugh at 5:30 a.m on the way there till right when the happy juice was administered. Everyone at the surgical center greeted me with a smiling and saying "Everything is GOOD!". Then as Dr. Morales came in to talk with me and do the final markings, he explained everything that will happen in that OR and how it will give me the results I looked forward to. Dr. Morales was so sweet. The prep experience was totally different from the 1st attempt that I couldn't help to felt and knew that EVERYTHING WOULD WORK OUT!
I woke up at 11:25 to Dr. Morales saying "You do did so good in there, I'm proud of you!". Pain level was at a 20 but for a couple of minutes I had forgotten about that and focused that pain with GRATITUDE!! I was grateful that I was able to wake up moving my legs, smile and lift the cover to see my UNMASKED POCKETBOOK! It was as though she smiled at me saying "Ivana I see you girl, I can finally look up at you!!!!! Girl you are CUTE!!!" lol, lol. The waking up to this was a far better experience than waking up on a respirator. I had so many coming to visit me that the nurse had to turn everyone away. She would tell me such, and such came but I told them you needed to rest and that we wouldn't be starting all night! lol

Recovery: It's not bad at all. I'm not a complainer. I've had 4 surgeries in less than 5years. The most painful is a Knee Replacement. After enduring such a painful surgery, and recovery everything else is just getting a wax done. Really!!!! Also being single and not having family around allows for speedier recoveries than most because I have to things on my own so much sooner.

Funny recovery moment: As I sat down on the toilet, I felt a sharp pain at my hip area where my left drain is located. Blood started oozing down my leg right away. I looked down and saw a suture pointing up at me. I'm like damn, so I tried taping gauze and placed tape from my butt to the hip. A friend came over shortly after my mishap. She looked and noticed my pajama bottoms at the hip area was soaked with blood. At this point we called my docs answering service. The nurse said the drained was pulled and it happens. She suggested placing a kotex on the area with applied pressure, then tapping it up. She said it will scab. I found myself lying on my side, with my friend prepared to be a nurse with plastic gloves, neosporine, and a pad. Everything is good, I found a way to pin up the drains without hurting myself.
I'm going to share photos. They do look bad. I changed the dressing myself, so excuse the messy job. Also I look HUGE! lol But I can't to see the progression as I get smaller. The shots were day taken day four.
Plano Plastic Surgeon

Dr. David Morales from Baylor Hospital did the final, successful surgery.

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