Acne Scars- 1st E-Matrix Procedure - Dallas, TX

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Had my first E-matrix procedure from the National...

Had my first E-matrix procedure from the National Laser Institute in Dallas. Everybody was very nice but nobody could prepare me for the procedure. The procedure was very painful and there was no numbing cream given, which I would definitely think that would help. It felt like a needle puncturing my skin everytime, but if it helps i can deal with it. I was told it would feel like a bad sunburn- it did, a really bad sunburn, my face was on FIRE!!! Keep in mind I've never had any procedures done before. I was told to take some regular Benadryl, which I did when I got home along with some Advil. The "fire" went away after a few hours, the Benadryl knocked me out so I slept great through the night. Today is day one post procedure- there is no pain, my skin feels dry and tight, alot of redness and I can see the "tracks" as well. I was told I can wash my face now, and I was given some post procedure moisturizing cream. Im a little worried to wash my face, I dont want to remove any skin or scars prematurely that will inhibit my healing process.
I can see my scars are less visible but I also think thats because I am swollen and red. So we will see once the swelling goes down.
I have paid for 2 more procedures, hopefully they will be easier since I know what to expect now. I didnt got a lot of post treatment instructions which I wish I would have or at least given me a piece of paper. I dont know what to expect except redness and some scabs, maybe peeling. They also mentioned something about avoiding hot showers cause it will reactive my face and it will burn again?? So if anybody can give me some post op instructions, or suggestions or what to expect that would be great.

Thank you :)

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EMatrix post op day 4

The redness and swelling are pretty much gone. Now my face is very dry, itchy, and peeling. I just keep moisturizing and I'm wearing light layers of neutrogena mineral powder. I am also using a post laser procedure gel from The Laser Institute of Dallas after my procedure. It's hard to see the results but I have had a few compliments that my face looks smoother :)
The Laser Institute of Dallas

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