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I’m a lifelong runner and all around workout...

I’m a lifelong runner and all around workout fanatic and consider myself in excellent physical shape. At 5’7” and a pre-surgery weight of 135lbs, I easily fit into size 6 clothes, sometimes a size 4. However, after pregnancies, other female related surgeries and just getting older, my tummy looked downright awful. During my annual physical, my internist confirmed that no amount of ab work or further weight loss would correct the sagging skin that collected there, let alone get rid of the surgery scars I had. My Christmas present to myself was to get back the tummy I had when I was in my 20’s and my hourglass shape. I opted for the no drain tummy tuck and liposuction.

I’m no stranger to having surgery and I do have a high tolerance for pain so this procedure didn’t scare me off at all. I highly recommend that anyone contemplating this surgery get very close to your goal weight and in top physical condition as you’ll benefit greatly from both upper body and lower body strength. I also recommend that you find the absolute best plastic surgeon available; board certified with a stellar reputation and glowing referrals. This is not the time to cut corners or try to save a buck. You really want the absolutely best for the best results possible.

After doing a lot of research I opted for the no drain, quilting stitch tummy tuck and selected a surgeon who is well known for this particular procedure. After reading about others who had drains, and having had drains for a breast lift surgery some years ago, I was so happy not to be bothered with them. I also believe my recovery has been fast and I have had very little swelling because of the no drain procedure.

The first few days at home, primarily day 2 through 4 were the worst for me. Take all your meds on time and yes, stay ahead of the pain. Because the anesthesia and pain meds really slow your system down, make sure you have a stool softener and/or take whatever you need to keep your system moving. As others have said, you really don’t want to be constipated right now. The stiff surgical compression garment really aggravated me so at my 1 week check up, I was quite relieved my doctor let me toss that out and switch over the various stage 2 garments I had purchased. I have several Veronique and Spanx items in various sizes and I switch them around which helps me stay comfortable yet keeps the compression I need for support and optimal results.

I went back to work part-time on Day 12; drove myself to work on Day 14; back full time at work on Day 19. The weekend before I was in my closet and fit quite nicely into my size 27 jeans and finally jumped on the scale and weighed in at 127lbs. I’m fitting easily into my size 4 clothes and will get into my size 2’s soon. Again, I haven’t had any real swelling at all and I feel it’s because of the no drain procedure. I only feel stiff and a bit sore by the end of the business day. I didn’t try to stand up completely straight until around Day 12 and always listened to my body: If I felt tired, I went home and got some rest. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful husband as my main “nurse” and a fabulous support staff who took care of me and the house during my recovery. My results are quite frankly – amazing. I wish I had done this sooner. My biggest piece of advice: As your recovery days click by, don’t be discouraged. Read other experiences here on Real Self for support. Each day you will get better and better and soon you will realize it was the best money you ever spent!

I’m officially celebrating my Week 5 today...

I’m officially celebrating my Week 5 today and I honestly have no complaints. No swelling; no pain or pain meds; using silicon sheeting for my scar; working my regular 10 hour days; sleeping soundly at night (and not just on my back) and I finally got my Spanx rotation down. Took me a while but I found the right smooth Spanx in small for work and it fits perfectly under my slacks, jeans and suits. Then I change over to a medium size for sleeping. Purchased enough to have a rotation so I’m not constantly doing laundry. I never understood wearing Spanx before but I love how it feels post-surgery and I believe it’s really helped in my recovery. All my clothes fit with room to spare and I’m already having some work dresses altered. I officially dropped 10lbs after surgery so I’m where I want to be. 5’7” and 125 lbs.

I truly believe I’m having such an easy time recovering because I’m in shape and take good care of myself. I know it sounds so cliché, but when people ask me my secret – it’s truly boring: I workout every single day; have never smoked, been on a healthy diet all my life and I’m a runner. The other major factor in my quick recovery is the “no-drain” procedure. No drains means healing starts right away and it’s fast.

Naturally I still can’t start up my full weight and cardio workouts yet but I’ve been walking; doing light Pilates and yoga for a week now, making sure I don’t use my core/ab area. I’m using my slant board, keeping legs bent, then using only 10lb hand weights to work on arms. Feels really good to start lifting again, even just light weights and being extra careful. I’m so tempted to do more but I’m waiting patiently per doctor’s orders. Pics of me at 5 weeks and feeling great! Also, I usually don’t announce my age but I will because I want other women to know that if I can do this, they can too. I’m 55 years old and have been rockin’ a teeny bikini most all my life. Feels great to be back again!

I am officially 8 weeks post op and am beyond...

I am officially 8 weeks post op and am beyond satisfied with my results, posting new pictures. I haven’t been a size 2 in nearly a decade and I find it fascinating that all the dieting and working out I’ve done for years couldn’t accomplish what my tummy tuck and lipo did – give me my pre-pregnancy tummy back.

Aside from my long working hours, I’m almost back to all my regular daily workouts although I still haven’t returned to my full running schedule yet. Plus I’m not lifting too much weight over my head, which is the only time I even feel a bit of tugging in my abs. My scar is thin, small and already smooth and healing nicely. I spend most of my time completely unaware that I’ve even HAD surgery which is a nice feeling of being back to normal. Finally!!

For those of you who are planning and/or still healing from this surgery, I’m here to testify that it’s completely worth it and YOU are completely worth it. The healing process may test you, but you will get better and better every single day and you will positively love the results. Hands down, the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!

I am ecstatic to report that I hit the trail with...

I am ecstatic to report that I hit the trail with my running partner this morning and did a mixture of power walking and running, completing our usual 5 miles. It felt SO good out and feeling like myself again. Then I did my regular upper body weights and cool down Pilates routine. I'm exactly 8-1/2 weeks post op. Getting my workouts back means sanity! Whoo hoo!!!

New Pictures - 3 days shy of 16 weeks. While...

New Pictures - 3 days shy of 16 weeks. While it's most definitely been a journey, I would do it again in a hearbeat! Love my new tummy!!

With the exception of really hard core weighted AB work, I'm back full steam with all my daily workouts; my blazing work schedule and busy social schedule. My main focus now is my scar. I do have a light olive complexion so while the scar is flat, it's taking time to fade. Using Palmers; silicon sheeting; and just started Mederma. I'm going to be diligent.

Otherwise - no more swelling; some tugging on occasion depending upon what I'm doing; but feeling fabulous. Dropped a few more pounds and my size 2 clothes are roomy. New clothes shopping has been SUCH fun!

Many congrats to all my fellow tummy tuck ladies and for those women still considering or pondering it - JUST DO IT! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

I will be 20 weeks post-op in a few days. I was...

I will be 20 weeks post-op in a few days. I was finally able to finish all the moves in my advanced yoga class over the weekend, including the Cobra position. I didn't stretch it out as much as I could have, but almost!
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Dr. H is a top notch, double board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in the no drain tummy tuck procedure. A perfectionist who’s committed to doing the absolutely best work possible. I knew I made the right choice when the hospital and nursing staff clicked their heels and stood at attention whenever he was around. First rate!

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