Full Permanent inplants on top, snap in denture on bottom

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I have a bad history with dentists, and it is my...

I have a bad history with dentists, and it is my biggest Phobia, always has been. I have to be in ALOT of pain to go to the dentist, and subsequently, I have many chipped, broke of and now moving teeth. My fear outweighs any choice of going to a regular doctor for this, with recurring visits I would be come a Xanax addict. So I'm going for the full on 4, take all my teeth out in one day. I went for my consultation, and was very impressed with the staff. They were all so patient and kind, put me at ease and explained in great detail how everything worked. I'm lucky I don't have much bone loss, so my chances are good for a successful surgery. The cost is high, however fixing my teeth and the associated stress of continual visits and needles just freaks me out more, so, this is worth it to me.
So I went for my first big visit, where they did measurements, and I picked out the color and shape for my temporaries. Everyone was great, and they were extremely thorough on my medical and dental history. I also was lucky enough to meet the actual surgeon, which is not normal, but to ease my fears and get more medical history, I talked to him directly about the surgery. Made me feel much better. Now, I'm just waiting to finish getting the financing together, and hope to schedule the surgery for December, January at the latest. The thought of not feeling tooth pain (after what I expect to be a painful and slightly difficult recovery) I cant even imagine. I've been in pain for years. I'll post when I confirm my date for surgery.

Feeling safer but still freaking out

I have to say, I'm quite impressed with Clear Choice Dallas. For someone who would rather give birth than go to the dentist, they are making me feel quite at ease. I have to have 2 doctors clear me for surgery, allergist and cardiologist, and I'm glad they are being so thorough. I also want to say that CC Dallas has been so on top of things, all my doctors have already been contacted (like within 24hrs) and know what is happening. They are starting to put me at ease, but I'm still terrified of the surgery. I'm starting to have bad dreams... But the thought of having no more tooth issues is drawing me in...How am I going to contain this stress for about 6 weeks? (haven't set a date yet, but we are looking at the beginning of December). UGH.

Saved money, did implants on top, and snap in denture on bottom.

So, I've been out of surgery for a month now, and I chose NOT to go with Clear Choice. Not that I had a problem with them, its just that they quoted me a price, and then after I had to shop around, they dropped it and became all "salesy" which annoyed me. I found a surgeon, in Irving TX, that took my crappy insurance, unbelievably, and he was amazing. I went in on December 11th, and had 23 teeth pulled, and had permanent implants placed on top, (5 posts attached to a bar, its called the Bitelock) and 2 larger posts on the bottoms for the snap in bottom arch. I love the top teeth. The bottoms are more difficult, because you cant snap in the bottom teeth for 4 months to allow the posts to bond with the bone because the bottom bone is softer, so I have an overdenture until then, and I don't like it. Its not awful, but I have to use adhesive, because its not a perfect fit, at least its not painful. I cant wait until April until I can just snap the bottoms in! I only wear the bottom temp denture about 6 hrs a day, and I can chew soft foods. I work at home, so its a bit easier. I've lost weight, food has become a necessary evil, but I know that is only temporary. I've cried, been in pain, and had what felt like someone playing piano on the nerves in my upper jaw. All this is temporary. You must be patient, and it will so be worth it. I cant believe that I even did this. I was lucky in a bad way, that a week before my surgery I got a terrible access and was on antibiotics and pain meds and in SOOO much pain, that I was actually excited to go to surgery just to stop the pain. Don't let anyone tell you its easy. THIS IS NOT EASY. There is pain, swelling, and it is a long recovery. The pain may be manageable, but the way the implants feel takes some getting used to. I still sometimes feel like someone nailed a horseshoe into my upper jaw. I'm posting a pic from the night before surgery and now, 1 month later. I will update again when I get my snap in.

Waiting for my snap in dentures. 3 months and counting. I'm HUNGRY!

I'm a bit depressed. This has been an emotional ride if ever there was one. I love love love my top teeth, but waiting for the 2 post snap in to heal an be ready is really getting hard. Time is moving slow. I'm trying to keep my denture in all day, and I'm eating soft foods, with difficulty and annoyance. It holds when I talk and all, but eating is such a challenge. I've used Fixodent plus, and it works great to last all day, if I don't eat. If I eat, my denture ALWAYS slips during the meal. UGH. At least it doesn't hurt. I just keep telling myself that, and patience is hard. Its only temporary, but its still difficult. What I didn't know, and would like to pass on, is the biggest problem with getting new teeth. DISTRACTION. It will take months to get used to how this all feels in your mouth, and while your not in pain, there are all new feelings, nerve twitches, and stuff that keeps you quite distracted. I've taken too much time away from work, its been 6 weeks, and my teeth are STILL on my mind ALL the time. Patience Patience, Patience!

Gums are a fickle thing..Water Piks & SeaBond Wafer Review!

The other day, I got up, did my usual routine, and when putting in my temp bottom denture, it was SOOOO loose. Like my gums shrunk overnight. I couldn't eat with them at all, even with adhesive. I have to wait 2 more weeks to get them refit (soft reline?). I'm guessing this is normal, right? Its only been 6 weeks since surgery. Time is moving soooooo slow.

So, I tried the SeaBond wafer, for the bottoms. Wow, I got a great fit and they feel more secure then ever before. You must cut them down to fit, AND, you can't use them according to the directions. Best to press them in on a wet denture, then have the faucet on just a trickle, and lightly wet the whole strip on the denture before pressing them into your mouth. I'm still finding though, that eating anything that is really soft with a lot of particles (like a muffin) will make them slip. Eating was better with soft foods that are more solid. I hope that explained it well. Like, I could eat scrambled eggs and sausage with no problem, but chunky soup, muffins and bread are off the table.
Without eating, they would hold practically all day, comfortably. With eating, I had to change them 3x a day, (and they are zinc-free) but it was easy, quick and not real messy, the fit is very comfortable.

As for my top implant, the space between my gums and teeth, (normal with the temps) is getting a bit annoying. I have developed this kind of "sucking" habit, that is weird. However, I started using a Waterpik, and oh how wonderful, it just cleans though SO WELL. I highly recommend using one for cleaning, just don't put it on high pressure while you are still healing, (at least 4 months after).

Such a great guy, very soft spoken, and made me feel at ease. Surgery was a breeze, and I felt well cared for. Staff is excellent. I'm not completely finished with my whole procedure, but so far, I'm very pleased with Dr. Franco and his staff.

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