Deep Plane Facelift/necklift, CO2 Laser - Dallas, TX

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Hard to know where to start...I am 50 years old...

Hard to know where to start...I am 50 years old and have wanted to do since I lost 80 pounds 6 years ago. All the weight loss and being in my mid 40's really did a number on my skin. I had a Tummy tuck in June 2013 and LOVE IT! In fact, I went in for my initial consultation for my facelift, but my friend said, "Ask him about a tummy hate your stomach." So... I found my PS so down to earth and fun, that I just connected with him and scheduled a tummy tuck for a few months later. He has a quiet confidence about him and he doesn't try and sell you procedures. He listens to you and then repeats what you have said to make sure he is hearing you. Then, he tells you what he thinks and it feels more like a collaboration rather than a sales pitch.
I was originally scheduled for Oct 6th for a deep plane facelift, neck lift and lower Bleph. I was so overcome with anxiety I canceled the morning of the surgery!...I know, but I just freaked out. My PS was so chill and cool about the whole thing. I called him at home at 5:30 am and he just said, "No worries, come in when you can and we will reschedule." So pleasant...
So, back to what I hate about my's what we all hate when we wake up and look in the mirror...the loose neck skin, the jowls, the rough skin texture, the feeling that our faces are sliding down our bodies...I don't feel 50, I feel 35...I eat right for the most part, don't exercise as much I as should, work like a demon, don't smoke and drink occasionally. I don't want to look "old", so, I shouldn't have to...I figure I can take about 10 years off (secretly wishing for 15 years) but will be happy with 10 :)
Neither my father nor my mother aged that well. So, genetically, I am However, I have the resources to get this done. Yay! I have had botox (love it) and fillers (love) and have had a CO2 laser done about 18 mos ago and after the very uncomfortable recovery I loved that as well.
I rescheduled my surgery for 12/3 at 10am. I have been going to hypnotherapy and having biofeedback for the last two weeks so I can get this done. I know some of you will think I am nuts, (probably am), but it has helped. I went to a fully licensed therapist and loved her. So peaceful and positive and helpful. It is all about the power of positive thinking. I have CD I listen to every night that helps me relax and it is all about deep breathing and how to relax before surgery. I believe we should all do whatever helps to get us through this very daunting experience. I am less than 48 hours away and feel very calm about my upcoming surgery. Can I say I am 100% fear-free? No, but I would say 80% and that's a heck of a long way from where I was.
I think the things that are feeding my anxiety is the numbness, tightness and swelling after a face and neck lift. Well, here's what I have learned: I am still numb after my tummy tuck. Can't feel a thing over my hips and below my belly button; tightness? Well, that is what I am after, right?" and as I age it will all become loose again, lol, so be thankful for tightness; Swelling? I still have some swelling after my tummy tuck--just on one side and is not noticeable to anyone but me. I read on this site somewhere that 80% of all swelling is resolved in the first 2 weeks and the remaining swelling resolves for the most part by 8 weeks. So, if I still have some swelling for 6 months it won't be enough to make a huge difference and I will need to focus on the positive. This is a choice I made. No one is forcing me to do this. I want to look my best as I age and I have fully prepared myself as best I can. All I can do is think positive and remember how bad the recovery was from my tummy tuck...if I got through that I can get through anything. That was pain like no other, except for birthing a 10 pound baby (which I have done)...haha!
No longer having the lower bleph as my PS thinks I don't really need it right now. He has talked me into a full face laser again to improve/remove my wrinkles and skin texture. I have had that done and the recovery is hard, but I loved the result.
I hope this all helps anyone who is thinking about having this done. I have gained so much insight from this site and have loved reading and seeing all the other ladies and their progression. Thanks to all the others who have been kind enough to share their experience. You all are the reason why I have decided to share as well.


See comment below...sorry, high on Valium right now..

I am home-1st day post op

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I am home, Stayed overnight at the "hotel" at the surgical center. It was $650 for the night and completely not worth. Once the nurses found out my partner was a nurse we didn't see much of them for the rest of the night. No hot food, my partner had to leave for 1/2 to go find something hot to eat. Anyway, surgery was five hours for deep plane face lift, neck lift and FraxelCO2 laser. I have dressings on that make me look like one of those Mexican masked wrestlers from Nacho Libre, lol...I feel okay except the bottom of my neck hurts and so does the base of my in the back. Also my ears are aching. This morning the Dr came by and told me everything went great, but he had to pull me extra tight because I so much extra skin in by turkey neck area. Said I was in the top 10% of hard cases...funny. Then his staff came by changed all the dressings adn washed my hair, and replaced my occlusive face dressings and gave me a chin strap. My eyes are very swollen front the Laser. He popped some of the veins in my eyes because he didn't realize how superficial my upper eye veins were, so I ave bilateral black eyes. My lips are extremely swollen as well. Look like Angelina Jolie...haha! That won't last long. I think my ears bother me the most. I don't feel that tight under my neck because he doesn't pull tight right over my thyroid notch, so I don't have that strangling feeling. Yay! I didn't look at my face when they took the dressings off because I didn't want to be disappointed. My partner just stood and said, "Wow!" so I guess that was good. I have lots of bruising on my neck because my PS said her ran into unexpected fat pads under my chin. I will try and post a picture later but I took a Valium and am beginning to not make sense. Later ya'll...xoxo

two post op photos

day one post op

Post op day 3

Well, the occlusive dressing came off today. My partner took if off because we are iced in today. Swelling from Laser and surgery has begun in full force. Stuck at home with no cable or internet due to a faulty modem. Using lap top now because my partner as a mobile hot spot on her iphone. Feeling fairly miserable today. Just sort of achy and the laser on my face is particularly uncomfortable. Texted my doc today...iced in here in Dallas so no formal visit with PS. Told him that I can turn my head from side to side fairly easily and maybe he didn't pull me tight enough? He assured me that he did and he thought he had pulled me too tight because I had some much extra neck skin. He said he is very happy with the result that he could see during surgery. Anyone else feel that way within three days post op?...I think I am being super paranoid,

Post Op day 4

Feeling okay. Tired but swelling seems to be better. Can open my mouth a little better to eat. Still a little uncomfortable. Upside? Lost 3 pounds lol...Got cabin fever as we are iced in here in Dallas. No TV or internet since Thursday night. So went to Blockbuster and bought a bunch of movies. Skin wise? Red as a beet from the laser. Swollen but slightly better. Numb to almost the middle of my cheeks, feels very weird. Skin feels a tight as a drum. But, I am on my way to a great result (or here's hoping)...Ears feel weird, but I do have feeling in them. I was under general anesthesia for 5 hours. Still feel tired doing even the smallest things. Onward and upward...:)

Post Op Day 5

Took a shower and washed my hair. Felt great! Wore me out. Texted my PS and asked if I needed to wear the chin strap while we went out today. He said I could lose it for a few hours. Yay! Went to lunch, went to two stores in the mall and was physically all done. Completely exhausted. Back in bed now to take a nap. Put my chin strap on and feel more contained. My question is does the chin strap really do anything. I would to have ruined my neck lift because I am not wearing it enough. Opinions?

Post Op Day 6

Went in for first Post OP visit as we were iced in until today. PS is very pleased with result and told me that he put me in the top 10% of patients that he took so much excess skin off. In front of my ears about 1.5 inches and behind my ears from my neck lift? about 2.5 inches. Removed the sutures from in front of my ears and told me the others were all dissolvable. Also, told me he pulled me a little tighter than normal because he knew I would be disappointed if I didn't look "tight". Said he ran into a problem with my the chin incision. Apparently I had a couple of fat pads that he didn't' expect to find and cutting them out caused a lot of bleeding. But, he thinks he was able to get out a lot of the fullness under my chin. Told me it was probably genetic. There is already an area behind my right ear that does not want to heal. He said to leave it alone and it will probably be okay. He gave me a before picture that I will post later and everyone of his office staff was amazed by the difference. I don't have my phone right now but will post pics later tonight. My skin is still beet red from the laser. My PS told he put it at almost the highest setting to get rid of all the wrinkles. He's funny...So, far I am pretty pleased.

Photos of post op day 6

Taken last night after I cleaned my face


For anyone following my progress, although the pics might look painful they are not. I have not had any pain medicine at all in the last 4 days.

Forgot the "best" before photo

Day 9 Post Op

I think I have hit that day where I feel a little down. Looking in the mirror and wondering who is the person staring back at me...sorta of feeling overwhelmed by what I did. I still feel completely exhausted by the end of the day. I have been off work for 9 days and am used to endless energy. I remember this feeling from my tummy tuck back in June and am just trying to wait until it passes. I read somewhere that you should never rush a face lift to fit a planned event. Well, that's exactly what I did. I have a graduation to go to on Saturday morning and with all the bruising and red skin from the laser I feel like I look like hell. I know that I look better but again, I thnk I am just having a down day. I am adding some photos and hope that they help someone going through this or thinking about doing this.
I don't really have any pain. My ears are a little tender but nothing bad. I don't feel as tight and I can turn my head fairly easily. I don't have that "hanging noose" feeling that some on here have had. I like wearing the chin strap but I don't wear it all day long and at night I take it off if it bothers me. I am still sleeping somewhat upright and have not slept on the "sides" of my face at all. I have not iced my face at all. I am using Arnica cream for the bruising and taking Bromelian as a supplement to help with the bruising. I just took these photos, so I look pretty tired. I am using a TNS cream given to me by the PS to help with the healing from the laser. I am cleaning my incisions with an antibiotic cream. I will try and post pics of the incisions behind my ears as soon as I can get some help taking them. Hope these help.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Loved him for my tummy tuck. A few little problems that we are waiting before I have a some scare revisions===very minor. Will review fully after my face procedure.

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