The Quest for Thinner Thighs - Active and Petite but stubborn fat! - Dallas, TX

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I am a 36 year old mom of 3. I'm 5'3" and about...

I am a 36 year old mom of 3. I'm 5'3" and about 120 lbs. I work out regularly (mix of weights & cardio), and couldn't find many reviews of people my size who were having Coolsculpting done on their inner thighs. So I'm putting this out there to help others and also record my progress. I had originally considered having inner thigh, outer thigh and love handles areas done. But my husband thought it was best that I try one area at a time, since it's not exactly cheap. Just to get my inner thighs done was $1400. To have all 3 areas treated, it was going to be close to $5K. I thought it would be better to see what the results were for just one area first, considering the costs.

Oh, and I've also debated lipo for the last couple years. I just haven't been able to get where I want (close to pre-baby) on my own with working out. I told my hubby it is depressing and discouraging to be putting so much work into your figure, to know that no matter what I do with diet and exercise, these problem areas are never going to really go away. Some of it is genetics and some is just from having 3 babies and getting closer to 40. (ugh) I think my quote from one plastic surgeon to lipo all the same areas was around $5-6000.

So anyway, yesterday I had inner thighs done. The worst part was when the machine suctioned the tissue up. That was uncomfortable for maybe 5 mins, then I was able to relax and just watched some Netflix until it was over. It was cold but honestly it didn't hurt at all once it was numb. When the hour was up, she used this Z wave or Zimmer or something like that. It was like an ultrasound wand that she rolled over the "butter sticks" that were my inner thighs at this point. It made a clicking noise and felt like she was popping me with a rubberband over and over. Not that bad. Then she massaged it for maybe 30 secs. Then we did the second leg.... and it was the same process again.

Overall, it was totally no big deal and I would say not painful. I took a couple advil yesterday when it was over, just to take the edge off.

Today my thighs are a little sensitive, but mostly numb. She said there would be swelling for a few days and then could get a pins and needles effect later. We shall see.

She told me legs take a little longer to see results.... that around 6 weeks I should see change. I sure hope so.... it's not like I wasted a ton of time.... but it was a lot of money. I am cautiously hopeful!

Day 2 Post Inner Thigh Coolsculpting

Today it's feeling like a big bruise on each upper, inner thigh. It's also numb-ish feeling. Kinda like my csection scar.... like the nerves need to wake up. I wouldn't be surprised to start getting that tingly pins and needles sensation at some point over the next few days. While they're sore, I can still wear normal jeans and workout pants with no problems.

Oddly, I also feel like I'm retaining water for some reason. Have kept up my normal diet and workouts, but feel extra bloated. I am actually trying to drink MORE water, in hopes of helping to flush the fat cells. Don't know if it helps, but it won't hurt either!

1 week post

Not much to share. Thighs look the same. They feel kinda puffy and tingly but that's it. They were feeling like a bruise (but not visibly), but that kinda has subsided.

The last few days I've been feeling very bloated and just super fat.... In my abdomen but I haven't had anything done in that area. Not sure what the deal is. Don't know if this is part of my system flushing the dead cells!?! Time will tell.

2 weeks post-coolsculpting inner thighs

Took some new pics today. I tried to take them from the same angles as my "before" photos. My feet should be the same distance apart. I am not sure I see any changes yet. The aesthetician said to give it 6 weeks, so maybe it is just too soon. Also, I think the photos are distorting my belly button b/c it looks huge in these pics. I have kept up my normal work out routine. My diet hasn't been great, but it's been about the same (well, plus maybe a tad more sweet calories b/c of Halloween!)

4 Weeks Post

Here are some updated results at 4 weeks post inner thigh coolsculpting. I don't see or feel any HUGE changes, but I think I can tell things are a bit smaller and the bulge is smoother/smaller in my upper inner thigh. I don't feel a big difference in clothing, but I think maybe they're not rubbing together as much when I walk. I am still hopeful for some further changes....

Overall I feel good about it right now. There is still some numbness in the spots where they placed the applicators. No tingly nerve pain or bruising at all.

I am trying to remind myself that I should only be expecting subtle changes.... after all, this was my least invasive option for change, with no down time, no needles, etc.

The aesthetician who did my coolsculpting said to wait till 6 weeks for full results.

5 weeks post

Just updating with a few pics. Trying to stand in the same spot with the same lighting in the same clothing. I've even been standing on a rug with a pattern so my feet are the same distance apart! I think I see some changes.... ;)

Side by side comparison pics

Here I am before coolsculpting and here I am at 5 weeks post. Tried to find comparable images for side by side.

And apparently I have lost all of my tan in the last month too- hah! Mostly it's the lighting.

Oh and I should say I have not changed my workouts at all.... those are the same. Mix of cardio and weights 4 days a week. And as far as diet goes, it's probably been worse with Halloween candy around my house and now thanksgiving!

3 months out

Well, I'm at 3 months out. Here are what I'm assuming are the final results. A little change.. not a lot... and for $1400, I don't think it's worth it. I don't regret doing it.... it's just not enough change for me to do this again. I think I'd prefer spending money on lipo or a trainer or something else, hah!

I do notice that my pants don't feel quite so tight in the very upper inner thigh area. That is nice. But again, it's a subtle change and wasn't as good of results as I was hoping for.
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