Coolsculpting in TX, Abs and Love Handles. Lots of Pain for Me - Dallas, TX

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Had both love handles and the lower abs (with the...

Had both love handles and the lower abs (with the large applicator) done on Apr 13. I workout regularly, eat healthy, but my lower abs always had that little pocket of fat that wouldn't go away. The clinic I went to was having a special to buy the large applicator and get the love handles free, so I went with that (definitely wouldn't mind having those done too!) Did my sides first and it wasn't bad at all - feels strange, as others said, but more or less went numb quickly. When they took them off and massaged down it hurt, but very tolerable. Mostly like pins and needles. The abdomen was a different story. I didn't have "as much" on my abs, so it pulled both my lower and some upper - which was great by me, but it felt SO strange. Took my breath away, they actually had to take it off and reapply so I could be better prepared.

Then, as it was on for the first 10 minutes or so... I thought I was going to faint. To be fair, that didn't surprise me as I'm one of those that gets light headed easily. The staff was great, brought me water and put a fan on me until it passed. I'd say about 10 minutes in I was able to relax again, and I just read a book until time was up. Taking the ab applicator off was honestly terrible. I didn't look, so I don't know what it looked like, but the PAIN. She had to stop massaging twice it hurt so bad, and then once she was done I just laid there on my tummy for about 10 minutes until it was tolerable. They wrapped my stomach in an ace bandage before I left, and that was a huge help. By the time I left it wasn't bad at all, very numb and a dull ache. My sides never bothered me - they were numb, but only slightly tender to the touch. My abs gave me a lot of trouble. The first few days weren't too hard - I kept them wrapped in an ace bandage - but on day 4 and 5 it was really bad. I had a little burning / itching, but mostly it was a constant stabbing / cramping pain. Very sensitive to the touch (I wear scrubs to work and even that hurt) on top of that. The only thing that helped at all was ice, hot made it worse. Showering in anything above lukewarm water couldn't happen. I would say day 4 through day 10 were the worst, I even had to leave work one day it was so bad. Pain medication didn't help at all, and one night I must have rolled on to my stomach in my sleep and I woke up in the worst pain yet - make sure and sleep on your back if you experience this kind of reaction!! Keeping my stomach wrapped did help some, but mainly I iced constantly for awhile there. That is the only thing that worked. It was hard to explain the pain - I've read people say it's like cramping, and it is a little, but it was more than that to me.

The good news is that by day 12 it had subsided a lot, and I was able to function again. I didn't work out the first 10 days or so, I don't know how I would have. I was thinking it would never go away! I've been able to work out again normally since around day 12, but I do still wrap my abs because they're still very tender to the touch, and any sort of running / jumping hurts if they are not. I'm on day 17 now and my abs are still fairly numb, my sides are a little - nothing I really notice. I also had some swelling in my abs that I think has finally gone down - so no results yet. Will update in a month or so.

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